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#151 Posted : Thursday, November 29, 2018 1:51:18 AM(UTC)
Since a lot of people asked in this thread about QuickTune support for Forza Horizon 4:

I'm happy to announce that QuickTune H4 is finally available for both iOS and Android!

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#152 Posted : Monday, February 4, 2019 7:04:43 PM(UTC)
I use them both...only as a starting point..then I fine tune it after like 5 to 10 laps ..then I know what it really needs...knowing what individual parts do..like bump and rebound,springs,sway bars.... Ect..tire pressure..and so on...takes time to learn it but once you learn that...car is set for your driveing style....WORD
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#153 Posted : Tuesday, August 25, 2020 10:43:23 AM(UTC)
My first post here on the forum, just joined, but been lurking for a bit.

I am fairly new to Forza and was reluctant to allow this game to take more and more of my time. I really wanted to just buy tunes, which worked out good till I turned off all assits and wanted to adjust my brake bias.

So I started tinkering with builds and got Forzatune. I was not very happy with the results and was fiddling with sliders way too much, and not really getting anywhere.

Then I got Quicktune 7. Ended up emailing Fifty and he is very quick to respond and help out. He built me some tunes to try and which were great handling but again I wanted to set my own brake balance so needed to build my own cars. He answered my questions about the app and I have been mostly using the recently introduced balanced tune. He know recommends it for multiplayer lobbies jumping track to track, unless you want to make one for each track, which of course would be ideal. But I am out to save time here, and drive more, tinker less.

Anyway, I did my first decent build on a 73 Holden Manaro Class C 500 PI for later use in leaques, and using Quicktune balanced with standard diff settings and front brake bias (these fit my style better using a controller, but medium diff and standard bias are default in balanced) I was very happy with the tune, did not change anything. I was testing it at Yas Marina North Cork Screw and went from number 158 to number 99 with a time of 106.081. Yes that is a long ways from number 1, but I won't be putting in that kind of time.

Well that is my experience, YMMV.

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