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I can't wait to play this game, it looks perfectly gorgeous and sounds beautiful, I can't believe the details in this as a born and bred Englishman I was wondering though if it would be possible or worth it for the team at Playground Games to add the following cars maybe in a future DLC

Ferrari FXX (2005)
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (Normal Veyron)
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport (Topless Normal Veyron)
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse (topless Super Sport)
Jaguar E-Type Lightweight version would be great especially on the British roads they are very rare and there was a great documentary on youtube where Jaguar made the last remaining Lightweights a few years ago.
Shelby Super Cars Ultimate Aero

I really miss the Ferrari FXX 2005 as it was a beast and a great looking car and woul dbe awesome to see it against the FXX K and the Veyrons, I'm not sure what is what with them because Test Drive Unlimited 2 had them all apart form the grand sport vitesse so they are obviously not tied to Gran Turismo and to be fair the Grand Sport and the Grand Sport Viteese don't seem to be in any games and I have enver seen all the veyrons in one game and I for one really think it would be something special to drive around in the Grand Sport 16.4 in the late summer sunshine of Autumn on them gloriously crafted Great British Streets.

I would be really interested to see what everyone else thinks, I know it could seem to some people like a lot of Veyrons but they are iconic and it would be a feat for Playground games to include them all into this game as no other game/company has from my recollection

I think to be honest this would be a fantastic car pack or if they were split up into lots of packs by the way what ever happened to the Ultimate Aero from games??

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Ah sorry thank you for that. :)