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#1 Posted : Sunday, July 15, 2018 8:51:17 AM(UTC)
Currently, one of feature in smartphone that is better than console is it supports gyroscope to provide additional control. I think xbox controller should add support for gyroscope so that you can quickly control the view because when you are driving it is just not intuitive to turn your view by stick.
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#2 Posted : Sunday, July 15, 2018 8:59:32 AM(UTC)
Except that the Xbox controller does not have any accelerometers, so I'm not sure how they would be able to do that.

Only PS4 and Nintendo Switch have motion sensors in the controller.
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#3 Posted : Monday, July 16, 2018 2:39:11 AM(UTC)
it is so sad that the gaming control did not have any improvement in the past 10 years or so. maybe we need to wait for Sony, Nintendo or forthcoming Google to make improvement.
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#4 Posted : Monday, July 16, 2018 2:55:32 AM(UTC)
While I do prefer the Xbox 360 controller to the Xbox One (mainly because the triggers are stiffer on a 360 controller), I will say that the impulse triggers are a HUGE improvement, especially for racing games. Nothing on PS4 or Switch has quite the feel of Forza on a controller. The ability to feel the rumble in your individual fingers is super helpful and probably some of the most impressive haptic feedback I've ever felt.

The Xbox One controller is also the most ergonomically pleasing controller of the 3. The way the bumpers and triggers seamlessly blend into one another makes it easy to use the inside of your finger for the bumper and the tip of your finger for the trigger. They've also massively improved the D-pad (though its still lagging behind Nintendo, who has been the king of the D-pad since the NES) and the placement of the Home button is brilliant as well. PS4 is still stuck in the 90's with their awful DualShock design. Even most professional PS4 gamers buy Xbox-shaped controllers for PS4 because the DualShock was proven very early on to be a terrible design for most game control schemes. It's also telling that Nintendo's Wii U and Switch Pro Controllers are both shaped like the Xbox controllers.

Sony and Nintendo might have gimmicky stuff like touchpad and gyros and speakers and lights, but to say Xbox has not innovated their controls at all is just plain wrong. They simply put money into the parts people would actually use, rather than a bunch of nonsense that rarely gets put to good use.

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