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#26 Posted : Monday, July 23, 2018 8:41:59 PM(UTC)
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We actually need an uploading system like GT Sport where you can save photoshopped or illustrated SVG files applied into the livery editor, not the vinyl editor you have for FH3 and FM7. It is still uncomfortable making 500 layers and spending one shape for more than 60 hours.

This needs to happen. The complete reset to the livery editor, which would also mean no design importing from previous games. Yeah, it would annoy a lot of people to get their previous work eliminated for good, but in the end it would benefit more people, because this current cumbersome system favors only people with a LOT of free time. Talented people would still be able to do awesome designs even with the new tool-set.

Will it ever happen? Probably not.

The thing is, it is awesome to see people use their D pad/control stick to design such arts in their cars. But in the end, that amount of time you spent comparing to amount of time you spend in tablet are equal amount of skill except time consumption and annoyance of controls plus limited layers are being in the way. You get like limited layers for FM7 where it was 3000 on left/right/top as 1000 on front/back while you throw in some art that you may like that takes away 2000 of the layers will bring consequences unable to add in more logos.

SVG is a bit different. You can basically bring it in as one layer of that file and it will save more space for the car from rendering layer by layer. The reason car designs take longer time to load is because current layer system is rendering way too much.

Considering how GT Sport has less performance than Forza series at the moment, they did one thing right about artists freedom to do whatever, and that is their upload/import livery systems.

Not everyone has luxury of their time to design their one side of their car for 2 weeks. Most people paid the game to drive, and enjoy their design (as in both). I feel like most people who spent too much in designing got tired of driving in this simulator.
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#27 Posted : Thursday, July 26, 2018 6:06:51 PM(UTC)

As according to this youtube, GT Sport does this very simply where you can upload/convert images through your user account and still make their awesome livery design for your car.

I am not sure why this is very difficult... again I still understand that there are many of those who are out there preferring to design their own, but other people who wish to apply images they prefer on their car (as long as its appropriate) should not be punished either.
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#28 Posted : Friday, July 27, 2018 10:14:08 PM(UTC)
Some proper sorting is needed too, right now I have over 100 liveries that I have made and it's so messy. Custom groups/folders for cars, liveries, layer groups and tunes would be awesome.
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