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#101 Posted : Sunday, December 16, 2018 8:45:19 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Vaporisor Go to Quoted Post
Think we are getting on same page. Your examples are a great selection of pictures. Your concern is actually one I have myself. It is why I made comment in first place. I enjoy screenshots and do em for myself. Is frustrating when I enter and feel a lesser picture won. But I love to share anyways. In a way, I find it more disappointing when somebody doesnt put their entries in the forum

Good, you feel my pain.

Back to entry comparison. The inside window pic would be a tough win for me. Unfortunately the limited interior detailing spoils it. It was a great idea, but the blockiness and foreground would spoil it for me.

I agree with your point, but you still cannot deny the originality of that picture, thus already making it more eligible to win instead of that weird Honda Civic on snow picture.

Next comment is the one you shared. Your last one you said "lost twice" so not sure if you meant entered it twice which isnt allowed by rules. But constructive criticism, when I saw it posted for entry, it was just too much blue to my eyes. An interesting and definititely noticeable image with a fresh artistic perspective, but just too harsh. That is a personal visual taste.... Also, I dislike tilty cam.

1: "If you wish to use an existing saved photo you will need to unshare and then reshare it with the proper description for your photo to be eligible for the photocomp" You can. Someone actually won by reusing an old picture that was previously entered in older contests.

2: "Too much blue" Ok, that was done on purpose but ok.

3: It was meant to look like a "vector" style picture.

Don''t like it? That's fine. Here are 2 more pal. Entered in the same week:

Still lost.

4: Personal taste? There we go.. subjectivity.

As for why that one was the winner? This will also lead into the discussion of my picture. It can just depend on the person judging. I suspect that different people judge. Sort of a bit of in office positive interaction. "Okay! We judge this week" as a form of enjoyment in the workplace. Perhaps a few each just pick a picture. So the reason that one won might be it just captures horizon. While the others are amazing portraits, they dont share "horizon" and that might be why they liked the snow.

... ? What? I cannot compute your explanation. So having snow, hiding a car and ruining a picture is capturing "Horizon"? You need to see old winners all the back from Forza 5-6-7 and horizon 2-3.

Same for my pic. A portrait of an astra doesnt really speak to a viewer about the game. The story for that one is I was fresh to game, difficulty is up and have that race and is that close with me just passing. So I win by like 0.01 seconds on a slingshot. I want to watch replay, get to that point and think it is amazing! So I play with camera and positioning and such. Get it just right.

Mate that is just the story of your picture...

So in terms of setup, that is a near impossible shot. Perhaps in multiplayer with a team on voice I could try and replicate with other cars, but even with wheels and pedals, getting positioning right would be tricky and probably not exact same. Forward and reverse? It was a slingshot. Further back, I am not in position. More forward and the blue car drivertar isnt. That is the only moment that existed. Keep the lighting natural and just adjust the focus etc to give the sensation of speed I felt while racing.

1: You sure about that? I challenge you to take a picture like my "Too much blue" shot.

2: I can replicate your shot in less than 10 mins, in single player.

We all have different tastes. To me, I loved it and it is even my in game/xbl avatar now. A rare moment that captures a larger than life bit of immersive gameplay. If your playstyle is different, it wouldnt seem like that to you. If the judges have similar playstyle to me, then it can say more.

No no no. Again, think objectively. Ok fine, you are someone who likes epic moments? Ok, find a picture that actually looks epic and well done. Luckily this week they actually did it. Here's one:

This picture is fantastic: rare, nice lighting, good use of car, good camera position, good use of motion blur. Nobody cannot deny how good it is.

The winning shots must be picks that no other shots can replace them(At least almost). We must be to a point where we say: "Ok, winner picks are really nice this week, it sucks that some did not win but that was really close!" Not: "Why that shot won over that one.. That doesn't make any sense?!"

So in that, I do not feel it could be made better. It is what I sort of meant by less can be more. Like your mustang, too much can detract depending on how you view things but that is just taste when overall. If I tried to recreate that race pic, I doubt I could ever get it as good without losing that "in the moment" feel. Which it was. It was something that wasnt intended, but was able to be captured which many of my pics are. Some I stage and do multiple takes while others wont happen again :-)

I understand that your picture serves, or I believe it serves, as a commemorative picture, but a lot of players won't feel the epicness that you have felt during that time. Some people like me will be like: "Oh ok a picture with two cars racing to the finish line, but where is the rest? You got the story, but where is the editing that should make it REALLY stand out?

I am against to anyone using personal taste subjectively. If you see a picture that simply looks trillion times better than another one, just choose it.

If taste becomes a big problem, which is at the moment, then there should be rules each week about the "style" of the entries: Epic moments, Livery showcases, Artistic, Realistic, etc.

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#102 Posted : Sunday, December 16, 2018 9:11:19 AM(UTC)

How/where did you do this one? I like it and might want to give it a go myself.
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#103 Posted : Monday, December 17, 2018 2:36:46 PM(UTC)
I pretty much lost all motivation to even play Forza, let alone participate in any contest since this never got resolved.

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#104 Posted : Monday, December 17, 2018 2:36:56 PM(UTC)
First, I guess to contest feedback subject:


I really would like to see as part of the rules, posting the pic. The thread is rather disinteresting to look at when it is just a pile of posts saying:

GT me
CAR highest value on auction house

Having the pics up will definitely create more strive for improvement and competition.


Open theme contests. Nothing specific, just a general like "Fun in the Snow", "Sunsets" or "Close Race" which leads to this discussion below and before.

As for the debate with the snow. It is a tough one. I feel that the poor foreground detracts for the bar one. That a good photo for horizon is about a car in the environment. The car isnt the sole part of the pic, environment is worth consideration to, be it studio style portrait or a race/action shot. Personally, I think there were other, nicer pics. But I think it is still a case of too much of the same thing.

But like the jumping jeeps, Need to be new be new without being novel. The jeeps jumping is novel, but does it offer more? Perhaps a different angle to give depth or? To back to the astras, we have the dilemma of tastes again. There is plenty of adjustments made for color and contrasts, lense effect etc. But they are all mixed in to create that "feel" of a race to the finish, or was what I tried to express. Perhaps the judges picked up on that because we have similar views with the game?

A different way to see what I am saying is last weeks stream where they announced custom route winners. Their comments on my track were exactly what I was going for. So It was focusing on something that the user also could take away from it.
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#105 Posted : Wednesday, December 19, 2018 8:05:18 AM(UTC)
@Co Pilot

It's good to see your post in relation to FM7 not being in the spotlight now with FH4 out. I have taken part before in monthly photo contests and I still would like to see FM7 photo contests to be available. I personally enjoy the Forza Motorsports over the Forza Horizons. They do need to sort out the gallary showing no photos. I'll keep up to date on this thread and hope we get FM7 monthly photo contests and also get to view our shared shots asap. Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to fellow racers!

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#106 Posted : Wednesday, December 19, 2018 2:27:53 PM(UTC)
Hello everyone! first of all, I love these little competitions! it's good to see what an amazing work the community can do!

i was lucky to be on the winners side in the last competition, liverycomp8 on FH4 (LeFlying with a McLaren Senna) I saw the message in game saying that I had the wheel spins, credits and the ford capri FE but nothing showed up in my game? no wheel spins, no credits, and no car?
is that normal? do I need to wait a bit more or is it some kind of bug?

I hope someone knows how to help me on that one.

keep up the great work and dive safe ;)
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#107 Posted : Wednesday, December 19, 2018 8:39:14 PM(UTC)
Probably an unpopular opinion but here I go:

1. Eliminate the 'Achievable' status of Legendary such as Download count.
2. Host a new Competition where Photographers/Painters submit their most dedicated pieces of work.
3. No 'Winners' limit, then have Turn 10 / Playground Games select peoples Status (e.g. - Pro, Elite, Legendary etc).

It eliminates people from paying others to download their stuff just so they can get the 20mill sell limit. Again; probably an unpopular opinion but now it's out there!
Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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#108 Posted : Thursday, December 20, 2018 8:46:42 AM(UTC)

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Learning on English. If you don't welcome person like myself, just leave me alone. Thanks.
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#109 Posted : Thursday, December 20, 2018 9:07:39 AM(UTC)
One thing I'd like to point out: You cannot update the description of a Livery after it's Shared.

In order to do so you need to Unshare the design, then reshare it with a new Description.

Unfortunately, doing this also means that your design loses its current download stats, ratings and "rank" within the search results algorithm.

To that effect, I don't think Race10, Fantasy11 etc. should be mandatory for contests anymore.

I think the Gamertag/File Name/Car Name should be enough for somebody from Turn 10 to look up designs.

On a related note, how are contest entries judged? Do the people who vote look up each car in-game, look around the car etc., or do they simply look at the photos we post in the entry threads and make a call?

If it's the latter, then the quality of a photo may have an influence on the success of a livery entry, when (I believe) a contest should be judged based on the livery's qualities in isolation.

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#110 Posted : Friday, December 28, 2018 10:15:43 AM(UTC)
Is Livery Comp 11 for FH4 not happening this week?
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#111 Posted : Friday, December 28, 2018 11:37:34 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Cook45 Go to Quoted Post
Is Livery Comp 11 for FH4 not happening this week?

Probably not, Christmas break and all that.
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#112 Posted : Sunday, December 30, 2018 2:42:51 PM(UTC)
Its possible this discussion has bled out ten days ago, without beeing resolved.

My suggestion:
I would really like to see the "contest" renamed to "top picks" or something.
Just to end the discussion, both for liveries and photos.

change the text:
All submissions will be judged by members of Turn 10 Studios & Playground Games. Liveries will be judged anonymously so that voters do not know which liveries belong to which players, making the judging as fair as possible. The top 10 liveries for each category are chosen as winners.

All submissions will be reviewed by members of Turn 10 Studios & Playground Games. Liveries/photos will be liked anonymously so that voters do not know which liveries belong to which players, making the selection as fair as possible. The top 10 most liked liveries/photos for each category are chosen as studio picks.

This would eliminate the debate about the way entries are judged, if even judged.

The way the "competition" is currently described suggests there is a sort of a panel(studio) that judges entries based on certain predetermained parameters like complexity, estimated time spent making, or finishing quality, attention to detail etc.

Looking over the past couple of weeks the proces seems to be more like.
Hey i like this picture/livery.
-Hey i like this picture/livery too.
Thats a winner.
Without ongoing discussions about the creators choice for camera angle, hue or choice for a certain color or diffculty to make a certain logo.

Im sorry if people feel offended by the idea they won because their work was liked.

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#113 Posted : Friday, January 4, 2019 3:42:58 PM(UTC)
I don't want this post to sound like sour grapes... just curious as to what's going on.

The last Forza Motorsport 7 Livery Contest (liverycomp53) just ended. In the rules, it says that the top 10 entries in each category will be picked as winners.

Because most people seem to have moved on to FH4, there were only 6 entries in this Livery Contest. 5 winners were chosen, and of course, everyone won except for me. Again, I'm not looking to whine or complain about it, but I can't figure out what I've done wrong.

I have a thread in the FM7 Paint Booth forum, if anyone can give me some feedback on my designs and let me know what the problem is, I'd love to hear from you. I know I'm not the top designer on here, or not even top 10% or anything, but it's tough to be singled out like that. I will be entering another design in this week's Livery Contest. I'd rather not waste my time entering if it's pre-determined that everyone will win except for me.

I'd have to go back and check, but this exact same thing happened in a previous week as well. If anything, the design I just entered was way better with stronger logo work. It's almost like I'm missing something really obvious, so if anyone can let me in on the secret (if there is one) I'd be happy to listen.

Again, no sour grapes. I love participating and producing designs, even if it's just for myself. A little bit of feedback would bring me to the next level I guess.
Thank you.
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#114 Posted : Saturday, January 19, 2019 4:51:04 AM(UTC)
From the winners list thread;

FH4 Photo Contest 12 Winners Now with voter feedback from the studio!

FRT Gustavo - Realism, focus, and well done, not over the top color contrast

XxPAPAxGT3RSxX - Simple and clean, reflective, realism - The tree branches and their shadow add the needed touch to make this stand out

FRT Murallha - The darkening along the edges of the photo are not over done, and make the center pop while complimenting the shadowed car

RlGOS - Color contrast, timing, and the feeling of electric air the photo gives off

KeenLionRoar - Very realistic, action packed shot. Really screams "rally!"

JeffyCann - Great display of particles, which isn't always easy. Another great action shot

Paddock720 - A great display of depth, detail, timing, and synergy. Extra props for showcasing well known work from other artists

LuxusFrontier - Classic, detailed, and sleek. The constant back and forth between stark detail and background blur keeps its interesting

GameRain2K - Fantastic mix of focusing on the car, giving the viewer a real sense of the warmth outside, and a unique shot angle

Hawkman59 - Action packed, great particle and reflection and display. Really gives you the sense of where the car is going next and the control it would take ti get it there

Nice, more of that please. Some reasonings as to why livery designs win would be nice too 🙂
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#115 Posted : Saturday, January 19, 2019 1:23:30 PM(UTC)
^^^ Agreed. Voter feedback from the studio is a great touch. As is highlighting the best photos of the month on the Forza Monthly stream. 🏅

Who said CoPilot and Turn10 don't read what gets written here? (Well, no-one to my knowledge, it's just a figure of speech) 👍🏻
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#116 Posted : Monday, January 28, 2019 12:55:33 PM(UTC)
Can we have the contests photos posted directly on Facebook? It's much easier.
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#117 Posted : Friday, February 1, 2019 2:49:21 AM(UTC)

It is good to say that the gallery does work. Since getting FH4 for Christmas and playing it daily, I can say that it is one of the best Forza's I have ever played. Everything has been done to perfection. I enjoy the music, photo capture quality, seasonal changes, graphics, emotes, clothing, multiplayer events, and the choice of career events to do :) The developers of the game have really nailed smooth transition from solo to multiplayer and vice versa. It is the first Forza Horizon game I like over the Forza Motorsports. Hope everyone is well :)

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#118 Posted : Wednesday, February 13, 2019 9:57:57 AM(UTC)

Opener, this is my last post in the forum on this subject. The following is a compilation of complaints, and feedback for improvements regarding the routecomp2. At seeing my name, am sure you who know the situation already know what this is about. For those that don't, the winners for routecomp2 were announced. 5 out of the 8 winners were not entered in the contest.

"(I'm now locking this thread as it's answered and no further discussion is needed. If we do have another Route Creator competition, I'll make sure moving forward that the rules are changed to reflect this clearer)" from a link shared later, but is part of the reason I feel this post is important for me to share.

I think the best way to open this feedback post is to try and express the impact that this decision has had. From there, I will comment and offer ways of improvements for the next routecomp and should similar situation arise in the future. Despite my statements elsewhere in frustration, I do love route competitions and if there is another one, would love to enter it again if these concerns can be addressed/considered. I am sorry if the format of this writeup hops around or repeats.

@RetroKrystal, I am sorry for what might have come off as aggression and confrontational behavior in the earlier comments. But what must be understood is that there is a lot of time put into making these routes. I was extremely frustrated because I was very confident in these tracks, and like NFS had said, to lose to ones not even entered? Well.... It isn't really possible to explain in just a text format how negative of feelings that has created to the whole event. Best way I can describe it is that without exaggerating, the decision to include routecomp1 has completely countered all the enthusiasm and motivation that the routecomp1 feature and my routes showing in the community championships had created for me. It is a worse feeling than just not winning.


To open, lets start with the contest itself:

Situation 1:

You know what? Nothing but positivity at the start here. We had clearly defined rules and objectives. Opening post had tips to what was being looked for. It created a focused bit of route creation. Feedback to questions and concerns were prompt and addressed. I had private messaged a concern due to a case of similar track entries. Prompt response.

Recommendation: Absolutely nothing to recommend for everything leading up to Feb 2. It was a solid good time and it had everything I wanted in a route creation contest. This format with more specialized objectives and themes doesn't just go for routecomp, but liveries and photocomp? Try it out. Creative people love being challenged. It also promotes innovation and variation for the creative community as new things are tried plus it helps encourage involvement since it prevents contests from becoming stale.

Situation 2:
The winners
This is part of a wider point to address and we received a more detailed answer to it in a link a bit further down. Summary is 5 of 8 entries were not entered into the contest. So this rendered obsolete the above praise unfortunately since these winners did not fit the rules/themes or any other aspect of the contest presented to the players.

Recommendation: Before making changes such as these, be sure to inform those that have entered. It allows concerns to be addressed before it has become an issue. But please, don't just go and do it. Can you inform those that are active and entered into a contest of any changes to eligibility and entry before it is done, then give those who have legitimate entries adjust.

Impact: I had limitations on my tracks due to the aforementioned rules, themes and guidelines for entry. If we had been informed of the issues with the current level of entries, and rules changed (such as five minute max being removed or changed, or any other request or information) I would have gladly updated my tracks. Address, give players time to revise, then continue with the plan. But instead, myself as an active participant was punished/handicapped.

The explanation post:


The following complaints/suggestions relate to the more detailed points that addressed the concern

Situation 3:
As mentioned to you on Twitter, within the second competition we felt that only some of the races were appropriate for what we were looking for to show on stream and there wasn't as many entries compared to the first competition to choose from.

There are actually two things here. Not as many entries, and looking to show on stream. So now there is a better visual of the situation. What is intended, and we understand is the following roadmap.


But the outcome didn't connect like this. From start:
PRIZE OFFER>Just credits, a car, wheelspin and featured in game. The featured in game for all of us players is just a tab at a start point. Nothing more, nothing less was expected.
ROUTES>All who wanted and knew made routes. It is natural that some just are not sufficient to what was intended. There will always be a range from good to bad. But the players who came in active and entered should not be affected because others did not.
REWARDS>Like prize offered, fun bit of prizes. The only thing any winner expects is to have it show up on a tab at the start point.
CONTENT IN GAME>So like above. Anything else is separate from the contests. Championships, streaming and the like all are separate from the contest. Nowhere that I know of is the in game content entirely restricted by the forum contests.

PRIZE OFFER>No recommendations. They are great
ROUTES>There was insufficient routes. Give players feedback. Focus on supporting activity, not punishing. Extend deadline, we would understand, increase maximum allowable entries, loosen rules, promote more events. Going outside the rules for entries should always be a last resort. That is a big portion of the concerns expressed. Those winning entries were not within the contest rules either. If the valid entries are not fitting with what is desired, communicate that, and let the players revise their entries to fit what your intentions for entry are.
REWARDS>Guess said already. If the intention is that the winning entries will be also streamed and other content outside of features, communicate changes to the reward. This will earn more entries and again get the players and contest hosts onto same page. Also note that it has never been stated how many winners were going to be chosen. If there was only one winner per season, none of us would have known it was originally planned for two. The only rewards that are of concern is what is given. The quantity since unlisted is all at your choosing.
CONTENT IN GAME>Connected to rewards, if there isn't much listed within the contest, that gives free reign for the hosts to do as they will outside the scope and will earn nothing but praise from the community for bringing in more player created content. Championships, streams etc. in regards to rewards were all outside the scope of the contest. So if the contest did not supply what you wanted, still pull from other sources for whatever you will. Keep it separate. The contest is a contest, the stream is a stream.

Impact: The result was that decisions affecting those in the contest were made based on aspects that were not part of the contest. It also did not give the active entrants the opportunity to assist the contest hosts in improving it. Had the deadline been moved to the 9th and it stated that they would like more entries? I would have been all over the forum promoting it. Give route creation tips, etc. As said above as well, The contest had no relation to any streams or other extra content. The source for those could be gotten from anywhere because those were never a prize. So those five out of contest winners could have been used exactly as you intend for them to be without affecting the contestants. In fact, we never would have even known.

Situation 4:
"Because of all of this, we therefore had to choose some entries from the first competition to fill the gaps, especially as we decided to feature more races.
If we can, we try to feature as many as possible to give all the opportunities. The rules do state 'The number of winners each contest is subject to change.'"

Like addressed above, number of winners subject to change.

Recommendation: Keep in mind the scope of the prize. Not many entries, four winners instead of eight.

Impact: Similar and related to previous, the result is that the outcome was favored over the participants. Those who were active and invested the time were penalized instead of an attempt to accommodate.

Situation 5:
"Alongside this, we also had some issues with some of the races within our system as we take them into a Dev build for stream purposes."

This one I had not considered, but is one that had me almost just deleting all my routes altogether. I logged in, I looked at my stuff and decided no because that removes fun from players who have know knowledge of this issue. This is a situation that is 100% out of the community's control. It invalidates players not because of a rule, or number of people entered, but simply an auto lose due to technical difficulties.

Recommendation: Just tell us "Due to the development build we are using, there will be a delay on choosing winners. In the mean time, xyz are being selected as featured races and to be used in an upcoming stream, but don't worry! Once we can get all your tracks tested, we will announce our winners!"

This ties in heavily to above. To ensure a positive community interaction, give more rewards and split it up. It keeps the planned schedule for integrating player content into game and events, while maintaining the integrity of the contest.

Impact: Really? I don't know what to say. "You lose because we cannot load your track"... My mind is just blanked from that. I don't know what to think. Entrants completely booted? I preferred the "we chose to" Whereas just have more winners and split it up for what is needed to create content and the posting as features would have had everybody happy. It would create enthusiasm with having all the more featured events.

Situation 6:
"Sorry that this has confused many of you."

This is sort of representative as to how we are viewing things differently. Yes, there was confusion as to what happened, but the confusion was not what caused the issue. It was the outcome. This is why this long post has been made. Why we have contacted and made posts of it. This is a compilation to try and explain the point of view from those of us who invested time into it. Routecomp2 has easily around 20 hours of my personal time invested into it. The submitted routes are not the only routes. Many were scrapped and revised to try and match and offer to the best of my abilities and knowledge what it was that was being looked for.

And the complaint. The above situations were not a case of I didn't win because others were better. It can only say two things. Either mine were so awful you had to go outsourced, which I do not believe or that my work just had no value and meaning since wanted something different than what was requested. I put all my effort into supplying the best product to match the request and was proud of the work I had done. I was enthusiastic and excited with confidence of having more successful tracks. Of seeing other entrants winning tracks and racing them. (so glad emerald won at least). But instead, am told "nah" I don't want that.

That hurts, it really does. It isn't that I am confused, but the effort I put in to make something for you who host the contest, for the other players in the game and for the other entrants? You just... tossed it in the trash because you felt like having something else/it didn't work. And not just mine, a wide group of people. Longterm what does this mean? Fewer entrants this time, those of us who are most active discussing and working with people behind the scenes to feedback and assist other route creators. They leave and now that is even smaller source of participants and knowedge/skill for next time.

Hopefully if/when there is a routecomp3, keep separate or clearly state the full intentions and requirements of the track. Keep separate the contest part and the usage part. Please do not compromise one for the sake of the other.

Impact: Personally, I really am having to think positive to want to make any more routes or enter any future contests. Not because I lost. But because from no matter how I look at it, it was just a case of those of us who were active participants had our work tossed in the trash. That the participants were not the most important part of the contest. Only what could be gotten from it.

We who were most supportive, most active and most enthusiastic are the ones who get binned for reasons all outside of our control.

Anyways. This is my last post on the subject unless there is a request for further discussion. But please next time do consider the impact of the people who have communally spent easily hundreds of hours of personal time to supply the requested content.

EDIT: Even more flabbergasted, just posted a bit ago in an updated thread unless I never even noticed?
"The winners won the Ken Block Suit & Hat, Quartz Regalia & HON Prelude"
I mean what the heck? You had even completely different and additional prizes? Why wasn't the contest left entirely alone. Message person with streamable track "we decided to feature your track and potentially use in stream. Here is a prize"
Done! Everybody happy, I mean. Wow..... after all that writing. This makes me completely speechless... Am done. This is just uhh.... wow.

Edit 2: Even bigger double picard facepalm thought. Why is forza staff streamability even matter? Do the streams make more money for the company than selling the game or DLC?

This might not be obvious, but more people play the game than watch your streams. Shouldnt good racing in a racing game have been the top priority instead of impressing a tiny number people who wouldnt care anyways? I mean come on. Compare how many people play the featured and community events vs who actually watch the streams. Balance what probably has more value in marketability.

It is a racing game. Maybe prioritize what is the best tracks for... I dunno.... Racing?

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#119 Posted : Wednesday, February 13, 2019 11:03:47 AM(UTC)
@Vaporisor … give it up mate, this has taken far too much of your time already. You could write a whole book on 'how to run a little contest' but you'd be wasting your talents, when she hasn't got a clue how a basic competition works .. it's waaaay over her head, she just cant see what is wrong.

anyway, I'm done

PS .. don't go throwing out any old raffle tickets, you just never know who's doing the draw
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#120 Posted : Saturday, February 16, 2019 8:44:56 AM(UTC)
I'm still happy I won this last route creator contest, but I'm curious as to where I'm supposed to mention what car I want as a prize (I was hoping for the Forza Edition Ford Capri). I've looked but haven't found anything, can someone point me in the right direction?
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#121 Posted : Saturday, February 16, 2019 10:20:45 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: EmeraldSundisk Go to Quoted Post
I'm still happy I won this last route creator contest, but I'm curious as to where I'm supposed to mention what car I want as a prize (I was hoping for the Forza Edition Ford Capri). I've looked but haven't found anything, can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi hi! Am glad ya won too. Said it looked fun ^.^ Last time we were messaged to our forum inbox when they were going to give out the reward cars asking which we wanted. It wasn't right away so might be a week or so more.

Side note, last thing I wanted was my comments to make you or any of the winners to feel bad. Were selected for a reason and earned it!
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#122 Posted : Thursday, February 28, 2019 8:06:04 PM(UTC)
A request:

Can the Forza Motorsport (@forzamotorsport) Facebook photo album "Forza Horizon 4 - Weekly Race Livery Contest Winners" be updated with my winning designs from weeks 11 and 12?

I would like to share the photos directly from that album with some people that I interact with on Facebook. Not an emergency... but it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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#123 Posted : Monday, March 4, 2019 7:33:05 AM(UTC)
Still wanty know how you select contest winners - spent more time on my Fiesta liveries (which are 98% accurate) than the lazy c**** making Monsters or Momo liveries and yet I'm not picked ? You reward lazyness or being a bloody 12 yo ? It's absolutely f**** awful that.
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#124 Posted : Monday, March 4, 2019 8:48:01 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: ParanoidDoge Go to Quoted Post
Still wanty know how you select contest winners - spent more time on my Fiesta liveries (which are 98% accurate) than the lazy c**** making Monsters or Momo liveries and yet I'm not picked ? You reward lazyness or being a bloody 12 yo ? It's absolutely f**** awful that.

Not a fan of "momo" either, but it's good that it's not always the same ones that win and that everyone has a chance.
As long as it's done with passion and we spent time on it.

It bothers me more to see a livery copied 200 times out of 200 different cars be winning, no originality & no difficulty.

Nothing prevents republishing his livery the following week, that's what I'm going to do because I have no livery ready.

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#125 Posted : Monday, March 4, 2019 9:50:48 AM(UTC)
I am running a Rivals based competition in a club called Katumi74.

The competition involves club members taking part in the Race Discipline Rivals which are picked on a weekly basis. The aim is to win as many of these weekly events over 12 months and the member who wins the most will win a brand new XBOX ONE X, second place wins an Elite Controller, third place wins an XBOX Design Personalised controller, fourth place wins a £60 game voucher and fifth place wins a twelve month Game Pass subscription. The only rule is that you have to be a member of our club Katumi74 on Forza Horizon 4. We are now onto the fifth week of our year long competition and this weeks event is Ambleside Sprint - Rare Classics. Feel free to join our club and take part. My gamertag is newfineart and I am an Admin in the club. I am fronting the prizes myself.
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