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#1 Posted : Thursday, June 14, 2018 10:10:23 PM(UTC)
All features mentioned in the wish list are considered equally important and are not listed according to their importance.

1. Turn Indicators & Hazard Lighting On/Off Toggle

2. High Beam Headlights And Fog Lights On/Off Toggle (Flash Headlights to start racing a Drivatar)

3. Convertible roof up/down toggle to drive with top up or down (for select cars)

4. Unique Real Life default horn for all cars (previously all cars had the exact same horn in Fh3 which is not great tbh)

5. Car Manufacturer Rim Styles

6. Car Manufacturer Paint Options (some cars like the 2017 Ford GT, and Centenario etc do not have color choices in the game but they do in real life)

7. Car Manufacturer Interior Color and Trim Options

8. Car Manufacturer and Custom Brake Caliper Colors

9. Optional Manufacturer Performance Parts for cars (if available - For example: M Performance Parts for the 2019 BMW M2 Competition)

10. Detailed Interior Lighting (Ambient Lighting, Infotainment Screen, Hazard Button Lighting)

11. Custom Crate Engines for hot rods, retro muscle and tuner cars

12. Real Story Mode (let the hero actually talk and not be mute)

13. Turbo Whine and, Transmission / Gearbox sounds

14. 360 degree Cockpit steering mechanism till wheel lock

15. Actual Paddle Shifters / Stick Shift Moving Animation (the hands of the Drivatar never actually interacted with the paddle shifters/gear lever in previous Forza games)

16. Tire Wall Stripe Size, Color and Text Options (previously available only in Hot Wheels Red and White Forza Text)

17. LED Underbody Lighting Options

18. Drivatar Customization (Face Type, Hair Styles, Skin Tone, Gender, Body Size and gender-specific Outfits )

19. Custom Wide Wheel Arches

20. Cop Lighting and Siren Upgrades

21. Custom License Plates and Customization Feature

22. Race Track, Stadium and Parking Lots within the Cities

23. Multiple Metropolitan Cities in game with Larger Downtowns, Cabled Bridges, Overpasses and Road Tunnels (Surfers Paradise was the only city in FH3 and it was really small)

24. Tire Profile Size Options

25. Lift Kits & Off-road Tires for Pickup Trucks
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#2 Posted : Thursday, June 14, 2018 10:57:15 PM(UTC)