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#1 Posted : Thursday, April 12, 2018 9:33:25 AM(UTC)
So, I've just read the news that Fernanda Delgado "accidentally" announced FH4, and that its going to be unveiled at E3 this year.
Shocker, I know.
But some articles are speculating that the next installment might not be made by PG because they're rumoured to be making a new RPG game. *cough cough* Fable *cough cough*
Initially, I wondered if people could grasp the idea gaming studio's could work on more than one game at once.
But I've actually starting contemplating if the development process of the next Horizon installment would be impacted by the fact PG COULD be working on 2 titles, considering the RPG rumour hasnt been directly addressed.
But if this is the case, obviously they'd need to have half or some of the team working on the new RPG title, while the rest worked on the new Horizon.

Considering that all previous Horizon installments have had Playgrounds 100% focus, splitting the team to be working on 2 projects simultaneously, would it impact the development of the next installment?
Theres a lot to consider, the RPG rumours started floating in around October so how far in the development stage is the RPG, and of course H4.
Is there only a small team working on the RPG until H4's release, or did Playground get so far in H4's development before starting to move more team members over.

I just hope with the team working on 2 titles, it wouldnt majorly affect H4.
Am I the only one thinking this? Kind of feels like I'm worried about nothing and H4 will be as good as ever
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#2 Posted : Thursday, April 12, 2018 1:48:32 PM(UTC)
Could you provide links to the articles you've read about this? It generally helps these kinds of discussions if everyone is on the same page.

I haven't heard any of this news myself, but it would be a bit of a shock for a studio known for making AAA open world racers suddenly turned around and made an RPG. Stranger things have happened, I know, but other than the open world part there isn't much overlap at all between these genres. Unless a bunch of the people from the defunct Lionhead studios joined PG specifically for such a project.

On the topic of major studios working on more than one game at once, it isn't surprising at all. Different phases of a game's development process require different skill sets. Early on it's all about writing, planning and prototyping, but once this phase is finished and the content creators get their hands on fleshing out the game, the planning part of the team is largely freed up to begin the process on a new game. Same thing goes for the bugfixing/polish stages where the content is largely done, and the testing team gets to work breaking things so players won't.