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#1 Posted : Wednesday, March 28, 2018 3:07:49 PM(UTC)
Does anyone run drag races on Forza? I'm puzzled and I wondered if anyone could help?

I built a Chev Nova with a blown 7L engine and was running under 10s ¼ miles at the airfield, but at Sonoma it was about a half second slower, and at Hockenheim nearly a full second slower.

I then swapped the engine out for a derestricted 5.9 racing V8, went online and won a few races. I was running under 9s at the airfield, but again slower at Sonoma and Hockenheim.

I did feel with the faster set-up I was short of a bit of grip at Hockenheim, especially in the right lane, but not that much. Does Forza simulate different levels of horsepower due to altitude and temperature conditions, or is something else going on?

Can anyone help?
Rank: Driver's License
#2 Posted : Friday, May 4, 2018 8:07:05 AM(UTC)
The airfield has the most grip due to the additional rubber simulated from the airplanes landing/breaking; it is also a grooved surface (=more grip). Sonoma and Hockenheim both have less grip than the airfield, but also have different grip between the two of them (I forget which has less, I think Hockenheim).

I typically adjust my gearing to compensate for the difference in grip, so I have less wheel spin on the launch; after setting my suspension and tire pressure.

Less grip = gear for top speed (means less torque to the wheels at the launch, reducing wheel spin at the launch)
More grip = gear for torque (more grip, help out your launch and 60 ft their ***.)

Also, for 1/4 mile races, I tune my gearing to only use 1st through 3rd; the car should just hit the rev limiter as you cross the finish line. Furthermore, I use manual with clutch; it gives you the shortest shift time. I run mid to high 8's with my Nova with the 5.9L racing engine, at the airfield.

Also, check out my post: https://forums.forzamoto...-Racing-in-Forza-6.aspx