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The Official VDL rules.

Car build rules:
Every Competing car must meet the following:

Horsepower: 400 - 650

Legal Class: A & S
Drive Type: RWD
Engine Position: Front
Tires: Stock, Street or Sport

Tuning rules:

NO positive camber on the front tires

Teams do 3 vs 3 battles over the course of 3 sets, each drifter must compete in 1 set.*
In a set, 1 player will go head to head against the other, tandem battling over the course of 3 corners.
A set consists of 2 runs, 1 leading run for each drifter, (closest Performance Index to 600 leads first) three corners will be judged in favour of the drifters, the drifter with majority corners wins the run.

In the event of 2 tied corners or a tied run, the run will be restarted, if ties recur this process will be repeated until there is a winner.

After both sets have been completed the team with the most sets win the battle. In the event it is 1 - 1 there will be a sudden death set, the 3rd drifter will compete in this set.

*(If sudden death is not required the 3rd drifters do not need to complete a set)


There will be ONE spectate judge, which both team MUST agree on.

The judge will be responsible for each corner/entry run.

Each CORNER will be judged on:

ANGLE - The degree in which the car is rotated, the higher the degree the better.

LINE - The better the line the smoother the drift should be, the smoother the drift the better.

SPEED - The drifters speed should play a part in the judging, if they are seen as to slow this should go against them, If a drifter is seen to be comprising angle for speed this should go against them.

GAP - The distance between the doors of one car to the other, each car should be as close as possible, if the gap is big this should go against them, if it is small that is good.*

CLIPPING POINT - Each track has clipping points the drifters should get as close to them as possible with out going beyond them.

*(Gap can be ruled out if the following car is lagging, this is for the judge to decide ONLY)

(Overtaking is not judged and has no effect on the result, unless the drifter overtaking comes in contact with the leading car, if this happens he will loose the run. The lead drifter has the right to defend, and must not be compromised during an overtake, if they are the person overtaking losses that corner)

Each ENTRY RUN will be judged on:

(Entry runs are only included on certain tracks and will act as the first corner.)

SPEED - The speed of the drifter will be have to be just right on entry runs. they will have to have sufficient speed to run along the line at high rotation with out, spinning, stalling or scrubbing.

ROTATION - The higher rotation of the car on entry the better, this should be with out spinning, stalling or scrubbing.

LINE RUN - The line marked out as the entry run should have the rear wheels stick to it as long as possible with out, spinning, stalling or scrubbing.

STALLING/SCRUBBING - Each drifter while doing an entry run should not be seen to stall or scrub. this means that if they stall they will lose the corner. If they have to excessively scrub of speed or excessively brake this will be classed as scrubbing, this should go against them, if they are deemed by the judge to have compromised the following or leading drifter they will lose that corner.

Spin-outs/stall rule:
If a drifter spins or stalls they are in titled to 1 re-run (per drifter & per set).
This however can only be used if a result can NOT be declared. for example is only 1 corner is complete.
If 2 corners are complete the run stands.

The 50 Roll:

Drifters must drive between 47-50mph during the 50 roll zone for each track. anything above and below is a Illegal run and must be re taken immediately.
There is a small leeway of 3 mph over 50, but must be returned immediately. ( The judge should be looking at speeds)

No overtaking during the 50 Roll!


If contact made by the follow car causes the lead car out of a drift the following car will lose the run.
If contact is made by the follow car and the lead car is not compromised the run will continue and the follow car losses that corner.

No Overtake Zones:

There is NO overtaking from the beginning of the 50 roll to the first corner.

Clipping Point:
Clipping point area will be the white line on the edge of the track. if there is no line present it will be the closest part of the rumble strip or the edge of the track.

Tire Drop:

Tire drop is when a drifter over shoots the clipping point and ends up with a tire or more over the white line.
If a drifter tire drops they can no longer be judged on clipping point putting them at a disadvantage.

For outside clips drifters are allowed to drop ONE rear tire, the closet tire to the clipping point will be judged, if the tire that was dropped is closest this should go against them, if it is the other rear tire this should have no effect and that tire should be judged.

Additional Rules.

Lobby Rules:
1 spectate judge ( Must be host)
3 drifters from Team A
3 drifters from Team B

(Spectators are allowed with the agreement of the teams and the judge, they MUST NOT talk or influence the judge, the judge can ask them to leave and halt the battle until they do so, or back out and kick them).

Paint & Livery (VDL only)

Each drifter must have the VDL number box on there car located at the top of the doors. ( clearly displaying team name or abbreviation in the bigger box and the drifters VDL number in the smaller box.
Each drifter must have the VDL window strip located above the windscreen

Complaints and battle issues

Rule 2. If you have an issue, please tell the track staff member. The track staff member should then resolve the issue inside that battle lobby. Once you leave that battle lobby, your opinion will not count and your team could be penalised* if you express it.
Rule 3. (VDL only) if a problem still stands save the replay and send it to one of the contacts in the official thread and it will be put under investigation.

*( Tournaments only)

Penaties to be aware off
No number box = -2 league points
Incorrect details in number box = -2 league points
Use of unregistered member = -5 league points + plus 2 league points awarded to other team
Delay of competition = -2 league points

Unable to battle due to other team = +2 league points

Track staff members must try and resolve the issues at hand. You must be polite, try not to argue back and keep your cool. most problems that occur are tire drop related, and contact related. You must ensure the drifters that they understand the rules that they are drifting to, and should they feel that they are right, though the rules clearly state they are wrong, ignore them.

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#3 Posted : Sunday, January 26, 2014 7:28:27 PM(UTC)
It's setup really good man :) should be a lot of fun

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#4 Posted : Wednesday, January 29, 2014 12:41:58 PM(UTC)
When is this going to take place?
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Originally Posted by: BEEMERSTEIN Go to Quoted Post
When is this going to take place?
This is just a general rule set for people to drift by.
But the rues are made for VDL which is a teams drifting championship. you can find the main thread in the main part of the drift lounge with all the details.

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#6 Posted : Saturday, February 15, 2014 5:03:22 PM(UTC)
Rules updated, Entry Runs added

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#7 Posted : Monday, November 24, 2014 5:21:35 AM(UTC)
I am interested in joining
up if I can if so where and how can I do that
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#8 Posted : Monday, November 24, 2014 7:08:46 AM(UTC)
Think this ship may have sailed.

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#9 Posted : Thursday, December 4, 2014 3:20:53 PM(UTC)
Yeah it did, was a tournment for teams that had not switched to xbox one at the time, so all done and dusted now.
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#10 Posted : Thursday, April 16, 2015 3:19:07 AM(UTC)
Dude you have to start a new season I'm looking for comp since VFD isn't doing it anyone know when D1GP starts