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#1 Posted : Thursday, November 16, 2017 12:46:51 PM(UTC)
Hey everyone,

I'm really hoping that someone has some insight on this issue. I just took delivery of my shiny new Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base and Xbox One Hub, however when attempting to use my CSR shifter with the correct PS/2 to RJ12 cable, that Fanatec support told me would be supported, I'm having some major issues in game. At this point it's unplayable with the H Shifter. Note this happens in FH3 as well.

Sitting at the line, and after calibrating the shifter as outlined in all of the Fanatec literature I've seen, my gear indicator on the in-game HUD will actually "flash" between Neutral and random gears when it's in neutral. When I shift into 1st gear, I'll see if flashing between 1 and N. With Sim damage on, letting out the clutch results in complete annihilation of my gearbox.

I haven't tried the H shifter with any other games as of yet (as this just occured last night, might load up PCars and try it there) but has anyone ever seen this issue before? If so how did you solve it?

Any insight is much appreciated.
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#2 Posted : Thursday, November 16, 2017 9:43:06 PM(UTC)
Turns out the fit on the RJ12 connectors on the back side of the wheel hub are not perfect. If you jiggle the connection, you'll get intermittent communication between the shifter and hub. I remedied the issue, and all is well.