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Rank: Driver's License
#1 Posted : Friday, October 6, 2017 10:58:13 PM(UTC)
In trying to troubleshoot a nagging framerate issue with one of my friends' X1 in multiplayer, we discovered that it was linked with being in Party Chat. If he was in a Multiplayer Race in game chat, it would run fine. But if he was in party chat, his framerate would become very erratic, often hitting "slide show" rates. My X1 would run a little laggy in Forza MP while in party chat, although not to the same degree he was seeing. I did see his car skipping around on the track - once we even teleported into the same spot causing a big collision. Switching to GameChat, both our games ran fine. This happened whether we were in the same game or if he was in a hopper in Party Chat with us in an entirely different game.

Perhaps this is the reason we are being forced into gamechat?

Hopefully, T10 can troubleshoot this issue, because having to be in GameChat to run MP is kind of breaking things for us having to abort MP every time someone joins the party who doesn't have FM7. :(

His box is in the Preview Program (OS build 171003), mine is on build 170920.