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#1 Posted : Friday, October 6, 2017 1:18:17 PM(UTC)
My Forza installed but won't start. The store said I met all the requirements, and I am running an AMD Radeon r9 M295X that DXDIAG is showing as D3D 12 and certified.

When I start it, I get the Error Message. When I click continue, it does something for a bit and then just shuts down with the Crash Report logged. (Both are included below.)

The lady on the XBOX support, as Windows kept transferring me there, said it should work when they fix the server problem. However, I am wondering if it won't because I have the most recent driver 15.301 for the AMD R9 that is in a Bootcamp Macintosh, but I cannot install AMD's version 16.

Does anyone know if it should work, if not optimum, or should I ask for a refund? Does anyone know about this server problem and when it will be fixed? Does anyone know how to force install version 16 into a Bootcamp Windows 10 Professional?

I don't have an XBOX One and do not have plans to get one until it's replacement comes out.

Error Message:
We're sorry, but it looks like you may be unable to launch the game due to the following:

- Please update your graphics driver (Code AP301)

Crash Report

<UpTime Value="0.000000"/>

<CameraPosition Value="0.000000,0.000000,0.000000"/>

<D3DDeviceName Value=""/>

<D3DDriverVersion Value=""/>

<D3DDeviceVendor Value=""/>

<Build Value=""/>

<TrackId Value=""/>

<ReportId Value="{A2FEC3AA-BAC0-45B3-8D88-A3FC2845C4CF}"/>

<SelectedFrameRate Value=""/>

<SelectedQuality Value=""/>

<Reason Value="TDR"/>

<ReasonInfo Value="0xffffffff887a0020"/>

<StackTrace Value="0x7ffbf06f6466,0x7ffbf070a07d,0x7ffbf0679c58,0x7ffbf07090fe,0xec1739,0xf5e843,0xf7f5ea,0xf60dbd,0x1020fe4,0x1024cb2,0x3f9de2,0xd08a23,0x7ffbedd02774,0x7ffbf06d0d51,"/>

<VRAMBudget Value="0"/>

<VRAMUsed Value="0"/>

<VideoSharedBudget Value="0"/>

<VideoSharedUsed Value="0"/>

<DateTime Value="2017/10/06-16:59.43"/>

<MemoryUsed Value="3164753920"/>

<MemoryLimit Value="19294420992"/>

<D3DError Value="0x887a0005"/>

<UIScene Value="0x00000000"/>

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#2 Posted : Friday, October 6, 2017 5:55:36 PM(UTC)
Try to use DDU to uninstall your graphics card driver, then reinstall it. see if that works. otherwise something is either wrong with your graphics card or windows installation.