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Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Monday, August 21, 2017 2:54:12 PM(UTC)
Well, I bought this game and played career until the game said "download this app so you can get the car you need in order to continue your career" Great.

Well that was just a short version of it.

I bought this game. It wouldnt download. My computer would not allow me to update. So I re-installed windows --> problem solved(after a while). I talked to microsoft and they told me " Sir, there is nothing wrong with Microsoft Store, It must be this app" . I've tried for 2 days now. No Luck what so ever. So I don't know if I've come to the right place or wasting my time. I got the game refunded but wants to buy Horizon 3. But I won't do it before this "hub" thing is over.

Any help?