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#1 Posted : Tuesday, August 15, 2017 10:43:24 PM(UTC)
While me and a bunch of us are well aware Forza 4's life is coming to an end sooner or later, we're not going out without a few good battles. While a majority of the remaining guys are still kicking it in the drag and drift lobbies, a group of us felt that B class races were totally underrated, and by far one of the most competitive classes in Motorsports 4. While A class has its group of usuals still duking it out, B class kinda got left behind for no good reason. Therefore we are organizing B class lobbies on Sunday night. We're not going to run a points series, as our main intent to keep it fun and open for everyone to join. Whether you're a long time hardcore frontrunner, a newbie who just wants to hop in and see what it's all about, or a seasoned vet, everyone is welcomed.

We will have some car regulations to keep it fair, and we'll be flexible with the rules if needed.
Track selection is by random, and all assists will be available for the less savvy.
All we ask is the basics.
If faster drivers are approaching you, keep it clean and don't block them by dirty driving.
If you exit the track, re-enter with caution so you don't ruin the race for others.
I may put up some prizes for fastest lap, best battle, closest finish, etc.

If you're unfamiliar with tuning or don't have a B class car available, I will put up some B class cars on my auction for you to get for an affordable price. All cars with come with tunes/paint that are special to that car. If you want something specific, feel free to ask me to set you up with something free of charge.

We'll be holding these get togethers every Sunday night, 7pm Central time, and we'll run practices by random days. If you got any questions, feel free to send me a message. Gamertag: SpencerMA71R

Hope to see you there!