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#651 Posted : Thursday, December 13, 2018 12:53:39 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: SWE gaming Go to Quoted Post
Sooo, after testing fortune island and driving the new M5 for a while, I cant say that im happy with the work. First of all. The textures of the car is SOOOO BADLY DONE. its like you just stress fixed it to get it done and put it out. And the other thing is that it got IDENTICALL sound as the m5 f10. If you listen to audio of m5 f10 and f90 then yes, same engine same type of sound but the burbles are sooooooo much louder at m5 f90 even when its stock that it makes it sound like a whole different engine PLEASE FIX THIS.

I hope yall really fix this. Me and my whole group is VERY VERY dissapointed in the making of this m5, we've been waiting such a long time for it to come and when it finally comes we're meeted by a m5 f10 but with a really bad facelift. The doors are catastrophically done and the textures aint even done properly. And then again the sound. Wow. A disgrace turn10. I really had my hopes up for this one but no you let us all down again by stressing it out and just copying the sound of the m5 f10 and doing horrible textures instead of doing it with love and passion so that it turned out like it was meant to.

My group is ( forza horion 4 sverige) on facebook and we have around 1k members growing everyday. We are all very very dissapointed and im representing the whole group in this post.

fortune island is a big letdown, Not only is the map extremely small but the cars that came with it was horrible. The only car we we're a little bit excited over was the F90 m5 and it turned out ****. Yall just doing cashgrabs and its not a secret anymore that the devteam doesnt put love and passion into the game. Fortune island was a big proof of that.

A big no no and a big dissapointment. I hope a dev reads this and really fixes the sound and textures of the M5 ASAP.

You will be losing customers when you keep working like this. Put some love in it and us players also will do the same.

Sincerely a truly dissapointed customer since FM1.

If you've been disappointed since FM1, then why are you still here?

Rules of troubleshooting:
1) Have you tried turning it off and on again?
2) Is your Internet working?
3) < Check here for service issues.
4) If all else fails open a service ticket and/or forum post.

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#652 Posted : Thursday, December 13, 2018 2:01:10 PM(UTC)
They changed the Delta S4 or the upgrades to it. Sounds louder and meatier.
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