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#1601 Posted : Saturday, February 9, 2019 3:03:43 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Power strocker Go to Quoted Post
Focus on the optimization, correction, refinement and detailing of the FREE PLAY mode.

Making it a player of championships customized by any player.

Choosing as many tracks as you want, the tracks you want, how many cars you want, the cars you want.

Scoring each race and rewarding the end of the "CHAMPIONSHIP" created according to the points added.

Absolutely this.

Having played loads of Gran Turismo on PS1 & 2 back in the day I got an Xbox specifically to play FM7, as the reviews said it was the best racing game - and I wasn't disappointed.
However, I have no interest in being rammed off the road by 14-year olds in online races, so if Turn10 want to keep me interested there needs to be a way of somehow extending the single player mode indefinitely, and I signed up for this forum to make exactly this suggestion.

FM7 needs User definable championships/series - your choice of circuits, cars either by class or division, and all the other variables from Free Play races. Series Points just like career mode, XP and CR as usual. Endless fun, and as it's basically just a collection of free play races it shouldn't be too hard to implement.

Until then, I'd settle for being able to save a track list for use in free play so I don't have to keep re-setting-up the race to get the circuits I want.

(Also why is there no CR bonus for winning a series?)
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#1602 Posted : Monday, February 11, 2019 12:46:40 AM(UTC)
Loved FM4 and 6.
Just got round to trying FM7 again after failing to get into it on release.
I like that rivals is back but it is a bit pointless unless it populates lap times automatically from race laps and other activity. It's lame to have to find and select each version of each track and then set a time.
Also it was good to choose your rival from the leaderboard.
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#1603 Posted : Tuesday, February 12, 2019 12:32:22 PM(UTC)
Another reminder that lapped cars should be ghosted out.

I do a lot of Forza GT endurance races. Just had another on Suzuka West. I was in third setting laptimes around the 01:15.8 whilst the leaders were doing low 15's.
About 12 laps into the 18 total, the leader left the race. Then one lap later the other guy ahead of me was by standing still by the side and then left.

All was made clear when I caught a pack that was being slowed down by a guy in the Nismo who was going slow on the narrow straight, but just fast enough to not be ghosted out. He was swiping left or right, taking out people who were trying to get past.

A bunch of guys, including me got damage. Luckily had enough of a gap to make a second stop and still get first, but a lot of people got wrecked by that one guy who was 8 or 9 laps down at the end.

Next race was Virginia at night. Guess who was waiting for the leaders to lap him to take swipes at them on the straights...

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#1604 Posted : Wednesday, February 13, 2019 1:11:45 PM(UTC)
An option to get a players tuning setup by clicking on them in the lobby or leader board like before.

Race laps should populate across to rivals.

Normal hopper races are too short, 2/3 laps is a bit pointless. Four or five laps of a track like hockenheim or bathurst is sensible imo.
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#1605 Posted : Wednesday, February 13, 2019 2:17:21 PM(UTC)
I can't help but notice how much work has gone into stopping the corner cutting/chicane cutting and kudos for solving a big problem.

It has created the other problem though where beautifully crafted tracks and environments have had their realism destroyed by the tire walls that seem to be strewn everywhere. It's immersion breaking and also it's race ending when you miss your braking point in a sim damage race. It's not too bad hitting a legit piece of the environment, but when you know that if it weren't for the cheats that wall wouldn't be there it's annoying.

Please in future versions of the game can you get a time penalty, or forced pit penalty for corner cutting/chicane dodging? I know it must be must be much harder to implement, but the "extra tire walls" that are everywhere really are a mess.
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#1606 Posted : Wednesday, February 13, 2019 2:38:51 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Munster26 Go to Quoted Post
Please in future versions of the game can you get a time penalty, or forced pit penalty for corner cutting/chicane dodging? I know it must be must be much harder to implement, but the "extra tire walls" that are everywhere really are a mess.

I don't disagree with your main points, but with your example of missed braking point and getting damage hitting the tire walls, in your scenario you could be indistinguishable from a cutter, and thus get the pit or other penalty anyway.

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#1607 Posted : Thursday, February 14, 2019 1:49:03 AM(UTC)
Hi, please add with the next game update to the Forza 7 career mode the following modification. A cup icon on each race and series summary in the career menu, instead of the simply 'checkmark'. So I could see what place I have reached on each race and then in the whole series. For example icons for, first place a gold cup, second a silver cup, third a bronze cup icon, further place numbers 4th, 5th, 6th....24th place. It would be really great to check out the history which place I have got in each race and series.
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#1608 Posted : Thursday, February 14, 2019 11:36:09 AM(UTC)
Would be nice to have rotating multiplayer hoppers -

Every 3 Hours change up the current multiplayer hoppers we have for the "class" multiplayer hoppers only.

Some ideas: Randomize the below hoppers

Class hoppers 3hrs then switch -
Division/Open Class Hoppers 3hrs then switch
Division/Homologated Hoppers 3hrs then switch
Division/Stock Hoppers 3hrs then switch

Also - I feel once race regulations are a thing there should be a separate group of hoppers avail that follow the same outline as above - however this new group of rotating hoppers use the penalty system and possibly force hardcore mode? or maybe force view/sim steering? just a thought - but i do feel that not ALL multiplayer hoppers should use the penalty system and there should be another group of hoppers that utilize this system. It can be fun for some to race and NOT use the system. The same way it is fun for some to race and USE the system.

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