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#1 Posted : Friday, September 28, 2018 11:50:16 AM(UTC)
I'm having issues with the start of my races, as well as starting from any standstill. I've only had this issue with AWD cars such as the TTS and the Stradale. When on a flat surface, when you accelerate from a standstill, the car will rev to about 3500 RPM and then stop, before finally accelerating. This loses about 1.5-2 seconds of time. It revs much in the same way that the car will rev when you hold the e-brake and try to rev without holding the clutch down. If you're on a hill, you can forget about going. The car will not accelerate and simply sits there, revving. This is alleviated by switching to auto or manual w/o clutch, or by holding the clutch down and revving over 3500 and then releasing the clutch. Is this perhaps an issue on my end, or is it a problem others have faced?

EDIT: It appears to not be based upon AWD cars. After I swapped my TTS for RWD, the issue persists, though now only on uphill surfaces.

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