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#1 Posted : Tuesday, August 14, 2018 7:51:40 PM(UTC)
Here are some things that i say need improvement from FH3, i want to see what you guys think.


I hope there is no FH4 version of the goliath in which the best way to get money is to spend hours upon hours farming it. In FH3 the most common way to get millions of credits was from 6 lap+ goliath races that took nearly a hour each. This is completely unacceptable and boring.

Too Much Money

The value of a ferrari or lamborghini was nearly worthless in FH3. Getting 10,000 - 20,000 per average race meant you could skip 60%-75% of the cars and go straight to buying a quarter million dollar supercar within a couple hours or one day of ownership, which means lots of cars are fairly worthless. This is also why the auction house is clogged up with supercars selling at half value. Make it so owning a bugatti meant your in the top elite of players who is seriously rich. Make owning a Ferrari means your mid or nearing late game. Make a use for all the nearly 75% of cars in the auto show no one uses in FH3. The YouTubers who get all excited for there wide body kit cheap BMW's are truly a minority in this case. Give value to these good looking cars.

Then there is the elite painters, who use that status to buy and sell mazda RX7's for 10 million each. After a couple days of doing this, it is left some with upwards of a billion in credits. For elite status people, money is way to easy to get.

I know its a arcade game, but giving everyone the ability to get super cars with ease ruins the whole value of them.

Auction House

As i just said, its a easy goldmine for any elite status.

The auction house has lost its purpose. In real life buying and selling cars for a 10,000 profit would be nice. In FH3 for mostly all players that is junk change and a waste of time. Juts go do a 5 minute race for the same amount.

Going into the autoshow i constantly see supercars selling at half or the lowest possible bid just to get rid of them. Supply and demand, if everyone finds it easy to own a supercar, the value quickly dwindles. Its the reason the auction house takes a little while to unlock, because every new player within a couple of races could easily flock there and get mid game cars for quarter price.

It is also filled with people trying to get rid of the barn finds, forzathon cars that have been reused for the third time, and mostly unsold cars.

They should display the average auction house price under the autoshow price. You would be surprised just how worthless most cars are.

Car Packs

Can we please not have this in FH3? these quickly ruin the value of cars, and the auction house usually gets flooded with them. In most of the car packs i see its only 1 or two of the cars that actually sells it, the rest is just filler because its cheap licensing.

Online Racing

How terribly this was made.

First on online free roam only a quarter or less of people actually joins the races it and it is mostly just a select few amount of races people do (Mostly drag strip). This is considering most of the races are repetitive and are quickly boring.

Then you have Online Adventure.

Ramming, terrible classes and races. Let us make a super car class championship and have 50% of the races be offroad because that's fun? (it is annoying). Lets totally exclude hypercars, not even create their own special group/ championship (sarcasm).

Own the car to paint it

Tired of people just going around and spamming there designs on every car. Can it be a must own to design on?

Also there is a very easy way to copy people's designs, which i won't share here (mods can PM me about it). I have never used it (im a moral person), but it is a serious issue.


Very early in FH3, the Lykan hypersport (3.4 million) quickly and its value ruined when it came apart of a forzathon. It seems the team behind Forza just doesn't care about the community sometimes. See a 8 million dollar Horizon Edition Lambo? Cool, let us put it in a forzathon to ruin its value, waste peoples millions in investments, and cause more unbalance in the auction house.

The Porsche 918 Spyder had a 11 - 14 million credit value as it was rare and well wanted. It was collectable and was the main buzz, teh car to get, it had a lot of attention and made you look cool. Turn 10 saw this, immittally put it in a 5 day forzathon to quickly ruin its value and have it spammed over the auction house and online freeroam for a couple months. Lost 11 million on that one too.

I sometime see snowflakes on these forums in which they complain to Turn 10 and in return it's in a forzathon with a completely ruined value.

Good job ruining the auction house Forza. No care for supply and demand.

I have seen people who seriously think every car should be free.

It also seems like forzathon is a mid game crisis. Trying to keep players interested with cheap prizes and reused cars. You can only use the same cars so much before there less valuable than the time to put them up on the auction house.


'If you don't like the game, don't play it"

I like Forza, just need improvement.

"I play and its hard to get a hypercar, i don't own much of any expensive cars"

Please if your a collage student or a middle aged man with a full time job or anyone who doesn't play much, don't say i'm wrong because you yourself don't own a bugatti or any hypercars. Any avid gamer or someone who is smart enough to successfully play the auction house finds money very easy to come by.

"It is just a arcade game, not about reaslim, its about having fun"

Having online freeroam be small variety of just mostly aventadors, ferrari 458's, dodge darts, or drift cars makes the game dull. Make people work for those cars, use the 75% of the cars mostly no one uses. Work your way up.

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, August 14, 2018 9:11:12 PM(UTC)
Hypercars are garbage. I don't particularly fancy failing at the very concept of play by turning it into work, but if I'm gonna work my way up to something, let it be something worth working up to rather than a cruddy, overpriced Ferrari or hypercar.
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#3 Posted : Tuesday, August 14, 2018 9:45:50 PM(UTC)
Just by reading everything you had written, it sounds like you're not a fan of Forza, period. I think you should just jump over to PS4.
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#4 Posted : Wednesday, August 15, 2018 2:34:41 AM(UTC)