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#301 Posted : Monday, July 30, 2018 6:06:46 PM(UTC)
Could you please please please increase the volume on the idle of the cars. Please. I love the sound of the rx7 on idle but I have to crank the volume and blast my ears out while driving. Please and thank you!
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#302 Posted : Monday, July 30, 2018 6:30:07 PM(UTC)
Please continue to add Horizon body kits. The Horizon 3 original body kits like the widebody Rx-7 FC and Skyline 2000 GTR were really good and made by someone who must have been very familiar to the aftermarket scene.

Plenty of great new sports cars I hope to see in Horizon 4 like the 2018 BMW M8 and 2018 Aston Martin Vantage would look great with custom bodykits and GT Wings.
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#303 Posted : Monday, July 30, 2018 6:34:55 PM(UTC)
Please fix the 1993 Nissan 240sx Rocket Bunny Kit as its missing the GT Wing, I would greatly appreciate this because I am so close to building my dream car in game.

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#304 Posted : Tuesday, July 31, 2018 12:07:27 AM(UTC)
Player Storefront Improvement - Total Download, Like and Use Numbers

This should be a simple one. With the user storefront returning, please consider adding the combined shared content download, like and use numbers on the storefront screen. There is a large number of players that like to be able to track their progress between the painter and tuner levels in the games which is determined by combined downloads, likes and uses of shared content. The only number total that was shown anywhere in the game in FH3 was total downloads. Any users that wanted a true tracking of progress had to manually pull up each individual tune or paint to see the number of likes and uses and then add them all up manually on a spreadsheet outside the game. And trust me, there are plenty of users who do this. It is a tedious and time-consuming process for something that could be easily seen on the user storefront.

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#305 Posted : Tuesday, July 31, 2018 1:24:15 AM(UTC)
Things that really bugged me in FH3. ( don't know if it was mantioned before)

1. Length of rewinds was not changable - e.g. I nailed one corner, but wrecked the seconed and the rewind puts me before the first one. So I have to do it all over again. This could be fixed by implementing custom lenght. Like as long you hold button, the more distance you rewind. This could be limited by distance or time that was rewind.

2. Fixed start position in solo mode. Starting race always from 8th position is boring. You could randomise it.

3. Mesh deformation after crash would be nice. Probably it's too late to add it, but anyway it's a cool feature.

4. Creating your own race track - like selecting points on the map where would checkpoint be.

5. If you get the main prize in wheelspin, then in the few next ones you mostly get the lowest prize of all. Make it as true random as it can get.

6. I forgot about one thing, it would be nice to have option to cash in skill points by pressing a button.

7. If there will be teams ( or squads, dunno what's the name) again, let their AI be different than other drivatars. So they actually help you instead of smashing out of the way.

Keep up the good work. Cheers!

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#306 Posted : Tuesday, July 31, 2018 5:18:42 AM(UTC)
It would be nice if each course also includes a reverse course option.
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#307 Posted : Tuesday, July 31, 2018 12:22:24 PM(UTC)
Ok after the final livestream, there's nothing else to do than wait for the great release of Forza Horizon 4... but this is the last thing I will desire to be improved or enhanced in while!

1.- First, the Gear Ratios, as far I noticed some cars still have very short gears, which led to hit and crash redline at even the final gear... which seems kind of impossible, of course
the car used was a Rally Cross car which really have short gears, but the last one should kind of be longer to avoid this situation the possible it can, also of several cars like
Classic Muscles, Rods, Track toys, and even some Hyper cars. Just a little tune to final gear would be great in this cars so you don't have to un-hold or left the throttle acceleration.

2.- Second, the PI Index, something that is much better of Forza Horizon to Forza Motorsport its that it shows more accurate Index to each car, but the actual performance of car in-game
its actually more accurate on Forza Motorsport, for example on Drags, In FH3 even using cars of same class (like A) some cars separate from another by very long distances, in FM7 drags,
cars are most of the times near each other besides one being on a low class (A vs S1)… that should be considered on FH4 to have more real-like races, drags, or fair comparisons.

3.- Third, this is actually like my previous comment, but another important aspect, there should be more focus on Stock cars for those who don't want their cars always upgraded, or faked!
like and RWD vs AWD drag, most of the times the RWD will left behind the AWD by miles even if they are of same level, and sometimes RWD cars have similar acceleration like AWDs,
there should be dedication for this kind of cars to have an actual performance similar like it would be on real-life, also separate them from tuned ones while online, own category.

4.- Four, just to end... There should be restriction to some kind of cars when playing Online, or even Solo. An example if your going an Off-road event that its just set on Mixed surface or dirt
there should be applicable for only off-road Trucks, Rally Cross, or Buggies cars only and not Street or normal cars here, then when doing and Midnight Event, the recommendable options
only should be for Street cars, JDMs, Muscles, and when doing a Large race, use only GTs, Sport and Hyper cars! Also some vehicles should only recommendable in certain seasons.

Also varied multiplayer modes like: Destructible Environment mode, where you have smash the highest amount of stuff to score, or Smash Bonus Boards mode, to smash bonus board
across the map to score. So in that way you could have a main reason to drive a Giant Hummer or use an Mini Cooper to access places where its not necessary to go fast all time!

That's it, I'm just waiting this Incredible game to play it on Xbox One X... Just share this small feedback to you to consider to the best game of 2018! Thanks PG!
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#308 Posted : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 6:21:53 AM(UTC)
id love to see some of the other side of racing, fast luxury cars are great but some times you just want to drift round an urban area with an over the top decked out car with underglow
i'd like to see underglow and some more varied visual customization
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#309 Posted : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 9:34:03 AM(UTC)
I'm hoping for more realistic aerodynamic physics instead of having aerodynamics for show like active aero for example, please give them a purpose. I wish for us to be able to deploy DRS on our own to reduce drag but like in real life make it so we can't turn with it and the car be a bit twitchy under braking if you try to turn or brake with DRS deployed. There's plenty of unused buttons atm but a good button for DRS might be to hold down or click LS. This would give new opportunities for tuners and lap time drivers so you can max your aero and have a option to reduce it on the straights like in real life and improve your times and improve the versatility of tunes.
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#310 Posted : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 2:17:34 PM(UTC)
Simple one that I've requested for years. KM/H and Horsepower, No one uses kilowatts.
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#311 Posted : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 5:58:14 PM(UTC)
Don't make the ghost part of the game divided by each class again. Literally nobody understood how that worked. In the beginning there was good ghost racing in H3 than they changed it to each class separate and it was dead. Nobody would choose the any class option and it became basically S1 only if you could even find that. It was too many options for ghost which is pretty fringe in Horizon anyway.
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#312 Posted : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 7:02:23 PM(UTC)
As above, I believe it’s time we got an overhaul on the Forza visual customisation, it has remained largely unchanged since I started playing in Forza 3.

It’s time to add more options, the wide body’s and few extra wheel choices were nice, but nothing drastically different.

I think it’s time we saw more options for wheels, and adjustable track width(ie; change the wheel offsets to bring them further out from the car, not just make them wider)

Neon lights, more aftermarket bumpers, bonnets,boot lids etc

Big Country Labs wings for all cars, the Hoonigan Twerkstallion that has featured in the past was missing this wing even though in real life it is on the car

Maybe paintable roll cages, proper racing seats etc

I feel like I’m just scratching the surface, and I am highly doubtful it will happen, but if these things were to happen no one would bother buying “Need for
Speed” or any other racing game for that matter

Turn10, please if you’re reading, go play the newest “Need for speed” to get an
Idea of what I mean!
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#313 Posted : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 7:49:07 PM(UTC)
Another wish regarding aerodynamics, I wish in FH4 if you adjust your aero you can see your adjustment on the car if it has a adjustable wing for example if I were to tune the car and put the aero higher the wing would tilt forward putting the wing at a steeper angle the higher I tune the down force and vice versa.
I also wish that rake in FH4 actually has an affect on drag and down force for example if I tilt the rear up and keep the front down in ride height the down force increases (since the aero is at a greater angle of attack amongst other things) but also a drag increase so you will have slower accel and top speed near the the higher end of speed.
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#314 Posted : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 8:00:35 PM(UTC)
Also please on this FH don't implement the extreme track toy class at least not with the characteristics they had on FH3 where the tires were like driving on bricks at any high speed,they just lost grip which was definitely disappointing for the Sesto since that was the only reason it couldn't compete with the Centenario, One:1, etc on the Goliath.
Another wish is to make the One:1 and Agera's top speed and acceleration buffed from previous games based on the real car and since in FH we don't have to worry about having enough down force to not fly off the ground at high speed unlike the runs in real-life, we should be able to go even faster.
Last wish in this post is to have more race oriented modifications to our cars (like the Bentley Continental GT from FH3 being able to sport it's racing counterparts body panels and aero)
Thanks for reading hopefully you guys consider my 3 post lol (^^)

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#315 Posted : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 8:45:59 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Perfect Dark 51 Go to Quoted Post
Simple one that I've requested for years. KM/H and Horsepower, No one uses kilowatts.

No one uses horsepower

KW is far more efficient and all of Australia uses it!
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#316 Posted : Thursday, August 2, 2018 4:31:06 AM(UTC)
The ability to paint different parts of the rims (lip, barrel), paint each rim individually, have different rims front and rear and adjustable offset
All designs are available as full kits and individual pieces.
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#317 Posted : Thursday, August 2, 2018 6:59:29 AM(UTC)
I want we can make custom music station with Spotify or OneDrive.
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#318 Posted : Thursday, August 2, 2018 8:36:55 AM(UTC)
Hi in horizon 3, when doing an engine swap, I could for example have the option between say a 5L V8 or a 6L V12 but I can not see the displacement or number of cylinders of the stock engine.. it just says "stock engine".. (It would be cool to know that I went say from a straight 6 to a V8). Also I would love to see more details in the upgrades in general, such as the manufacturers and models of the car parts. For example, instead upgrading to "racing breaks" it would be much cooler to upgrade to "Ceramic breaks by Brembo".

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#319 Posted : Friday, August 3, 2018 11:08:02 PM(UTC)
Racing seats with the higher stages of weight reduction.

Allow us to choose kW and HP separately from other units of measurement. Let me have the metric system with horsepower.

Rallycross wings for hatchbacks.

When a car drives onto pavement from softer terrains, such as dry dirt, mud, snow, sand... it should bring some of that terrain to the pavement, making a mess of it. Think of a trophy truck that is even just moving alongside the road, it should be powerful enough to cover parts of the road in mud. This feature should affect grip, as dirty tyres and dirty pavement happen to be less grippy, but can also be cleaned with a sufficient amount of tyre spins. A Forza Horizon with this feature can make dirt racing really dirty.

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#320 Posted : Saturday, August 4, 2018 2:31:01 AM(UTC)
My brother and I meet in FH often as we are living far away from each other in Germany, with our old man (79 years young) stepping in for FH4, too. Here are our most frequently discussed wishes for FH's glorious future ;-)

  1. When in a party (co-op campaign or free-roam), it would be a blast if we were able to invite each other into our garages to show and discuss the cars and upgrades.

  2. When in the tuning section, be able to let a friend in a party see what you are doing, so that we can teach, learn, discuss how to apply tuning parameters and why in the game.

  3. Option to pause text auto-scroll for help texts in the tuning section.

  4. Lend a car to a party friend in free-roam.

  5. Give an upgraded and tuned car to a party friend. That way, we could buy and tune a car and give it to our dad, who will be totally new to the game when he enters :-) Of course that one could be limited to cars that have been bought and they should disappear from the previous owner's garage to keep the monetization system intact.

  6. Longer game lifespan. Instead of a new FH every two years, make it every three or four years but add new features, map expansions, DLCs, cars throughout the whole life cycle. Games as a service has a negative connotation yet FH could actually become a brilliant proof of concept. We're buying Ultimate Edition because FH already preserves its value for such a long time - please make it more so and keep up the excellent work!

    We love historic Britain!

EDIT: typos, structure

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#321 Posted : Sunday, August 5, 2018 4:11:42 PM(UTC)
Something that I've seen others ask for and something I've wanted added since FM4 is the ability to pick AI Liveries. It could be something as simple as only pulling AI liveries from what I've downloaded or go even further and allow me to browse liveries and simply tick a box that allows me to "Approve" it for my AI use. I've always heard the game is supposed to do this when applicable but I've never seen it work enough to make me think it does try to do this rather than just being a coincidence.
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#322 Posted : Sunday, August 5, 2018 5:35:48 PM(UTC)
- No more glitches with stats, especially if related to achievements like FH3 had problems with (Exhibition races achievement comes to mind)
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#323 Posted : Monday, August 6, 2018 6:32:08 AM(UTC)
Car gift.
In Forza Horizon 3, countermeasures against design unlock have not been taken, and the design of many users is unlocked.
Therefore, as a way to share designs that do not use storefront or auctions, please add a function to gift only to friends.
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#324 Posted : Monday, August 6, 2018 7:54:58 AM(UTC)
I would like to see a new race mode where you earn points each lap based on your position,like 12 points for first right down to 1 point for last,so each lap would be competitive because the race winner would be the one with the most total points
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#325 Posted : Monday, August 6, 2018 8:10:02 PM(UTC)
1. Car interior upgrades (speedometer, dashboard, racing wheels, lights, different racing seats.)
2. More exterior upgrade options like neon kits, exhaust tips, ect....
3. Better exhaust notes
4. More draw bridges, and maybe instances where a draw bridge is half open and you have to jump it to make it or fall in the water. or more instances where you can ride over water.

For everyone saying the map being larger, the real reason I think they don't make a the crew sized map is because the engine, mechanics, graphics and everything else would take a hit. Which is why Horizon is much much much, to the 9th power, much better than the Crew and the Crew compensates for poor drive physics with a ridiculously large map. It is nice to dream of a crew map with Horizon's attention to detail, graphics and engine. But I rather have a smaller more detailed map than a big basic one.
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