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#126 Posted : Wednesday, November 20, 2019 1:11:10 PM(UTC)
You have to create a new event unfortunately(or fortunately if you like the route but not the race itself). It's also not intuitive.

-Go to the starting point and create a new route, but only as short as you can make it, drop a finish line as soon as you can.
-Test the route, then save it(I use default 'forza') or some name not used.
-Create the route, but select your saved route when it prompts.
-Edit all your settings weather/cars/laps/etc and name it/go live as per usual.

If you like your route, but not the racing line/waypoint locations/etc, you have to do it over again. If you save over top of the old track, it will delete any old versions of it(including shared versions). This is quite a nightmare with a long track, and so mind-numbing they don't let you edit the original other than waypoint width and side-to-side.

What I do if I like my IDEA, but it doesn't work as a race, I will start the event and take photos of the route on the map with my cell phone(some take 3 or more pics for big ones). Create a new race more carefully tuning the parts you find issues with, and the racing line, better waypoint locations, etc. What I have found is if you play with these things, they will determine the 'intelligence' of your AI.

I have several tracks that I had loved but even against unbeatable AI I dusted them. Here's some basic stuff to spice layouts up.

On street tracks:
The RACING LINE is not so critical for finding apexes, it helps, but mostly it 'trains' AI. I had one huge map where I just drove pretty much down the middle, especially in the city, on open road AI figured it out, but they just disappeared behind me in town. Following behind them, there were hitting obstacles, fences, cones, curbs, etc. If your racing line cuts cleanly between a median and a light pole, the AI will fly through it every time unless they are fighting themselves. I have city maps where I want everyone to run through the tables and chairs each laps on a certain corner(including myself) and the racing line goes right through them. Voila! Chaos on turn 5. Once I re-did my lines on my favorite tracks to 'educate' my AI, the races became eye-watering, with AI that will push you to the edge(and be right behind you at any mistake).

On a 'regular' road race without obstacles, they run pretty well even if you just drive the middle. But tighten it up right to the big fast apexes(to the edge of the curb/dirt) and give everyone some room with a waypoint off the edge, and they will all kick up dust just like you would.

The WAYPOINT can be used as well more strategically. I am very careful about placement to keep everyone off of things that jut out in cities and on hairpin turns. I use a LOT of waypoints to guide AI through difficult spots(and to visually guide real players) where you are going. When it's tight, fast, and dangerous, you can really guide everyone where they need to go.

However, when it comes to hairpins, especially at the end of long straights or off-camber turns, typically it's better not to have a waypoint the center of said hairpin. This way any crazy overruns or corner bombing AI(or players) may blast you well out of the ideal racing line/lane, but you don't miss a checkpoint. Just leave the braking line to make it clear(although you'll need a decent racing line as well). Remember to run right up to the outer edge for a straight braking period just before the turn in(like any developer created game race), and place a waypoint just before the turn. A wiggly line will end up with you either smashing into everyone or you leaving them for dead in a big cloud of AI smoke.

The braking line is also what AI 'sees', if you are seeing red braking lines in a turn you can run flat out in, your line was bad when making the route. The AI won't be smooth or competitive.

Favor it a little off the road edge towards center JUST as you start to turn, and add another waypoint just after you apex/exit. You can leave a little 'wiggle' in the apex for some cutting 'creativity'. The outer braking line makes sure AI wont' go insane up to the hairpin dead center of the road. A waypoint in the center of the tightest turns asks for a collision to knock players outside the waypoint, effectively making a mess for everyone. There are some areas I have waypoints 10 in a row as close as the system allows and others 1/2 mile apart.

If you have a favorite Route, run it a few times sloppy and fast, try to find places where you or the AI gets lost, crashes out, makes an egregious off-road cheat where you want them on the road, or you miss a waypoint, try to shortcut or blow a turn and adjust waypoints to both make the AI stay on the path you want and give some room where everyone is going to choke up. Nothing is worse then getting 14 miles into a race and all the AI smashes into a building, or a missed hairpin has you having to go back and around to tag a waypoint where simply loosing time recovering from a spin would of sufficed. You can make the AI as challenging as you thought they would be with a few tweaks. It's pretty darn good if you tell them exactly what to do in the right places. If you get it really right, you won't get the rubber band effect, where you pass everyone lap 2 and they're all back lap 5, they're just always with you if you don't have an class-buster car.

Be very careful with your rewind 'reserve', really sucks when you were SO careful but went down the 'wrong' road and can't get yourself back. Go slow, and use a car that is very easy to control, like a max downforce race-tire AWD car with 130hp without razor sharp steering. An X class Caterham does not make a good route car.

I also find myself going in and picking each and every car that's eligible myself for many races. Just because I have a D class alfa and the Tipo 33 in the same list, it won't show up until I go to A class or above. If I want to run '60's' cars, but the Porsche 911 is a 1973(but was essentially the same in 1967), I can lump it in with what I want to race with/against. You can click on everything you're interested in, then filter to selected cars, and check the list again to make sure they fit before saving it. It's pretty handy. Just checking 'super gt' and discovering after ALL THAT WORK that your favorite Bentley is not in that obvious same class per T10 is not a great time. Likewise, I really wanted to put a 240 z432 in an 'authentic' 60's race, but after looking at the 'selected' filter, I realized I also didn't want to see a Rocket Bunny version running around, so skipped it. Sometimes you want to do a 'race' with the cars that belong there visually. Not a big fan of anything goes and you fire up you McLaren F1 to be set up behind an S2 off-road buggy... You can also make sure the bone shaker doesn't show up on your new A-class road course to test out your newest RWD Mustang tune.

It really helps you think after the way-too-long process of making a route.

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#127 Posted : Sunday, November 24, 2019 3:11:13 AM(UTC)
Here, I fixed your message.
"After creating a route and saving it you’re given the option to continue to blueprint or quit.
Go to blueprint an event, and on the settings page after selecting car themes you can pick the “route”.
You’ll be able to choose from ‘horizon festival route’ or ‘custom route’ in ‘custom route’. You can pick from your saved routes from that event location.
Once you save the blueprint with your chosen route and settings, you can access them from your custom events."
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#128 Posted : Saturday, November 30, 2019 8:49:46 PM(UTC)
I made a blueprint and then I shared it, but after I shared it, I found it is not good, so I want to un-share it but I can not find a way to un-share my blueprint. Is there a way to un-share a blueprint? Thanks.
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#129 Posted : Sunday, December 1, 2019 2:48:42 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: NathanLXP Go to Quoted Post
I made a blueprint and then I shared it, but after I shared it, I found it is not good, so I want to un-share it but I can not find a way to un-share my blueprint. Is there a way to un-share a blueprint? Thanks.

Well you can save over it, that should unshare it.
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