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#26 Posted : Tuesday, July 10, 2018 10:11:50 PM(UTC)
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the amount of grip that almost every car has is too much.

Wut? FH3 was very slippery compared to Motorsport which is tuned for more realism. That is the main thing was wrong with FH3 in my opinion, Not enough grip making AWD swaps far too overpowered. So I hope FH4 is a bit grippier.
To be a bit more clear it is mostly the forward grip that is too low in FH3. Cornering grip was fine, it was just too easy to get wheelspin making RWD cars uncompetitive against AWD cars in higher classes.

thats true. rwd cars are much better on motorsport than in horizon. i hope they changed it a littlebit. or we will see only awd in online drag races and normal races like in fh3 :/

FH3 is actually a big big improvement over FH2 regarding grip and traction of RWD cars. The thing is, you guys get the impression that it's not, because of the PI system that punishes good tyres. Just try it out in FH3, tune a car towards Handling (the same level as it is in FH2, example: S1 cars with a handling value at around 8.0 to 8.5 AWD and RWD) and the RWD version is far superior. Also AWD cars have actual understeer in FH3, which was never the case in FH2 (only the base setup had, but you can tune it out so easily)

Only when you start putting more power into the car to make it competitive in FH3 fashion, RWD loses out.

And yes, FH2 was just as FH3 an AWD festival, albeit because of the physics being bad

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