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#1 Posted : Wednesday, June 13, 2018 6:58:21 AM(UTC)
Dear Turn 10/Playground,

Twice now, you've forgotten this crucial setting when releasing your games on PC, ultimately causing the game to run on only one CPU core and crippling performance. Since your games are otherwise amazing, I've waited patiently for patches on which, to be fair, you've adequately delivered.

This time, however, I must ask that you ensure this setting is implemented at launch with Forza Horizon 4. It simply wouldn't make sense for this to overlooked on for the third time, and I will unfortunately have to pass on this release if it be the case.
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, June 13, 2018 10:55:49 AM(UTC)
I agree, I am very worried about the Horizon 4's optimization on launch and if they will care to patch or fix issues... they neglected horizon 3 and its still unplayable for many on PC.
I hope to see them talk more about the PC release and the PC side of things instead of just talking about the Xbox.
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#3 Posted : Sunday, June 17, 2018 11:23:45 AM(UTC)
I really hope they sort this issue...I can play most games on ultra high and not a single issue with performance but the lagging issues even when I drop my settings to medium,,the lag is unbelievable its ridiculous and for such a big title and one I can-not wait for! I really hope I am not disappointed!! and for you to charge 60 to 70 pound for a game that is frustrating when there is lag due to optimisation issues! i have literally tried everything but buy a new graphics but knowing its not the card must be the game!!
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#4 Posted : Wednesday, June 27, 2018 10:29:46 AM(UTC)
Forza Horizon 3 was plagued with a CPU bottleneck (if heaven forbid you dared to stretch beyond their 30FPS target), capable of pegging a single core of a 5GHz 7700K.
In areas with lots of shadows (dense city or forest), you either suffered a significant FPS hit or you could disable the shadows (making the game look bad) and suffer no such slowdowns, even the lowest setting for shadows still hit FPS hard due to putting additional strain on the already pegged core.

I didn't play MS7 but read it was the same.

Can we expect the same for Horizon 4? or have these areas been improved upon?

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#5 Posted : Saturday, June 30, 2018 11:11:15 AM(UTC)
I hope for the same and I think it would be this time.

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#6 Posted : Wednesday, July 4, 2018 7:01:12 AM(UTC)
I agree with all of above and i add one thing. Remove that damned encryption from your files that causes all that stuttering even on god PC. As recent time demonstrated if someone wanna crack a game they will do it. Let legit players play fine please!