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#1 Posted : Tuesday, June 12, 2018 12:54:22 PM(UTC)

I hope the Contents of this Post are not in breach of the Terms of Service, as they do Cover an issue that is currently causing Great Contention in the Gaming Community and Press, but, having watched the Q and A Session with TC9700 (TomCat) on YouTube I am *very* worried about this Game Now due to certain comments made by Mr Eckburg (I hope I have spelled His name Correctly) , especially in the wake of Certain Decisions made in Forza Motorsport 7.

I am concerned that the Game is going to contain Mechanics that I Personally Strongly Disapprove of , for Reasons I wont Mention just in case some of the Wording is potentially in Breach of the TOS.

I would, therefore like the Answers, if it is at all Possible for them to be Supplied , to the following Questions, as the Answers will Determine My Ability to actually Buy the Game.

1. Can Character Cosmetics, Accessories and Emotes be Purchased Directly using in Game Credits like Cars? or are some of them tied to a Real Money Micro Transaction System? or are they only Available Via "Wheel Spins" and the So-Called "Super Wheel Spins" ? as the Q and A did say that Cosmetic Items are included in the Wheelspins.

2. Does the Game Contain Lootboxes/ Prize Crates like Forza Motorsport 7 did? or has the Randomised Item System been reduced back to Just Wheel Spins and Super Wheel Spins?

3. The Q and A Sessions mentioned so called "Super Wheel Spins", Which apparently contain Better Cars, Bigger in Game Currency Payouts, and Better Character Customisation Items.

How are these "Super Wheel Spins" Accessed? are they accessed instead of Normal Wheelspins when Levelling up if you are a VIP User? do they Replace Normal Wheelspins when a certain "Perk" is activated? or do they have to be Purchased with In Game Currency (I know that there was an optional Perk in Horizon 3 that allowed the Player to Purchase extra Wheelspins with In Game Currency, but it was a Perk I did not use) , or worse, Real Money? , which, In My Personal Opinion, would Make them a Form of Lootbox to Me.

I would really like the Answers to these Questions, as I said I have *extremely* Strong Views on So Called "lootboxes" and other Similar Such Paid Randomised Reward Systems, so I would really like to know exactly what sort of Randomised Rewards systems the Game is Using for, sadly, it if is using any Systems that I Disapprove of, My ability to Purchase the Game Will unfortunately be Called into doubt!

Any Help and/or Answers to these Questions by a Member of Playground Games, Microsoft Community Relations, or a well informed Moderator, would be Greatly Appreciated!

Thank You.