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#1 Posted : Sunday, June 10, 2018 5:49:06 PM(UTC)
So, this game looks amazing. I will be pre-ordering right away. But I would have done that regardless, I love the Horizon games. But what I saw about a route-creator is HUGE. So, just so all of you know, I will be posting here often, as I plan on creating a multiplayer league / car club using that route creator. I want to make a Racing League for the Street Racers, even with some rewards. If any of you are even slightly interested in that, I could always use a co-conspirator or two. To clarify, I want to make a full-on racing league for Horizon. Pink slips, money rewards (in-game of course) and title matches, maybe even Turf wars, or event king wars, to prove who is the best at a given route or event. Not just time-based, no. 1-v-1 or group races. I have lots of ideas already, including streaming all of this fun stuff! So if you want in on this early, reply here and let me know what you think! Or even just message me! I have a feeling this game could cultivate an amazing community, and I want to start one of my own.

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