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#1 Posted : Monday, February 24, 2014 5:27:48 PM(UTC)
Introducing Busted Knuckle Garage!

Members include Hiredgun308 and Matthnt (rb77 is welcome if he choses). I will be editing this post throughout the next couple of days with our cars and their place on the lb (if applicable) please stay tuned as our cars have many top 50 times some places throughout B and A class. Leaderboard place is as of 1/3/14. These are the real tunes that either I or Hiredgun308 run in lobbies all the time. We wouldn't waste your credits on watered down tunes. If we have a time on the leaderboard these are the tunes we used. Guaranteed!



1. Get into the car you want to get one of our tunes for.

2. Once you do that, go into upgrade, then hit the back button and select load setup.

3. If our tune does not appear under "Recommended" then hit the back button and type my gamertag "Matthnt" or "Hiredgun308" into creator and search.

4. You should now find our tune(s)!

If you like our tunes, you can "follow" us as a creator and our tunes should appear under "Recommended" every time. Thanks to haku78 for the info.

Bio: Not many have heard of Hiredgun308, a former leader of LBAW, but rest assured that soon his name will be known throughout the Forza Community. An active member of the Forza Sportscar Series (FSCS) who has won the 4 previous Team Championships understands the need of a balanced, well rounded tune. Most recently in the TORA TEC Championship his GTE Ford GTmk7 tune helped propel Nein Shiza Autosport to finish in the top 10 in the team standings this past season. He is also currently leading 3 of 4 Championships he's allowed to enter in the FSCS with 2 races remaining.

Matthnt: Started out on Forza 2 with Matthnt Chassis Development here in the Forza Community but disappeared for much of Forza 3. In Forza 4 he revitalized the old tuning garage but without much success. Now on FM5 he is looking to hopefully have success but it is up to you, the community, to determine that.

B600 cars: (person to search for)

Toyota GT86(Matthnt) #57 Alps Stadtplatz, #58 Catalunya GP (2nd GT86), #75 Laguna Seca (1st GT86), #29 Silverstone GP (1st GT86), #27 Silverstone International (2nd GT86), #31 Top Gear Full (1st GT86), #30 Yas Marina South (1st GT86). GRIP BUILD and working on more powerful version

Toyota GT86 (Hiredgun308) Higher PI'ed version. Runs same times, probably faster times

Subaru BRZ(Matthnt) GRIP BUILD only a tenth or so slower than the GT86, working on more powerful version

Lotus Esprit V8 (both of us have it up) #37 Road Atlanta (1st Lotus Esprit)

Toyota Supra RZ (Matthnt) GRIP BUILD only a tenth or so slower than GT86 (working on a more powerful version)

Cadillac Coupe (Hiredgun308) #75 Bathurst (1st Caddy)

'00 SVT Cobra R aero and no aero (Hiredgun308)

Maserati GT-S (Hiredgun308)

'07 Shelby GT500 (Hiredgun308) #134 Sebring, #95 Sebring Short, #124 Sebring Club, #165 Silverstone Short, #82 Top Gear East, #56 East-R, #64 Top Gear West, #57 West-R, #37 Top Gear Loop, #135 Loop-R, #110 Yas Marina North, #110 Yas North-A

05 Honda NSX-R (Matthnt) #14 Long Beach full

A700 cars: (person to search for)

Ford GT (Hiredgun308)

Maserati GT-S (Hiredgun308) #167 Long Beach

'13 Shelby GT500 (Hiredgun308) #108 Top Gear East, #26 Top Gear East-R #215 Top Gear West, #61 Top Gear Loop, #91 Yas Marina North #348 Indy GP

Aston Vanquish (Matthnt) #84 Long beach full #187 Road America, 133 Road Atlanta(soon to be top 100 when I get a 1:22 in it) and Indy GP #150.

Fun cars and trucks(person to search for)

Ford Raptor Baja Truck (Hiredgun308)

Ford Raptor Jump Truck (Hiredgun308)

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#2 Posted : Thursday, February 27, 2014 12:35:14 AM(UTC)
the b class gt86 is awesome in handling great tune
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#3 Posted : Sunday, March 9, 2014 3:43:08 PM(UTC)
I just wanted to say thanks for the bloody awesome tune on the Maserati gran turismo s B600. I've been really struggling with the Bathurst circuit, trying all sorts of different things and I had almost given up with the game, but I thought I would try you guys out, and I'm so glad I did. Bloody love it keep it up. Just wish I had the knowledge and patients to do it myself.
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#4 Posted : Monday, April 7, 2014 10:18:35 PM(UTC)
Sorry for the delay getting back to you guys. I'll let Hiredgun308 know you love his Gran Turismo S and thanks for trying out the GT86! Hired's Cadillac B500 car is great at Bathurst too, give it a try.

Newest tune: Matthnt, a class Aston Vanquish #187 Road America, #133 Road Atlanta, #150 Indy GP and a couple other tracks

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#5 Posted : Thursday, April 10, 2014 3:45:05 PM(UTC)
OP updated with A class (Vanquish, #167 Hiredgun308 Maserati GT-S) and B class (05 NSX) Long Beach times

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