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#26 Posted : Wednesday, November 22, 2017 7:53:38 AM(UTC)
Never found the reflections much of a distraction. Things reflect in real world, right?
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#27 Posted : Wednesday, November 22, 2017 7:57:18 AM(UTC)
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Yep...the reflection in the windshield is ridiculous. Some tracks are worse than others. I hope Turn 10 are still working on fixes for the many problems which remain (like drivatar behavior) after their last patch. I don’t understand how this reflection issue escaped their notice.

Don't expect them to fix drivatars or windshield reflections.

They will wait until Forza 8 and claim improvements (that won't actually exist)... If they made a perfect Forza, nobody would ever upgrade.

I think people would still upgrade...mainly because there would be new cars out which people want to drive. Also perhaps new tracks, better physics, better frame rates & other technical mumbo-jumbo I don’t understand. But to kind of agree with you...I’m concerned Turn 10 won’t bother fixing some of this stuff as well. If they are going to fix it, then they are foolishly not communicating with us about what they’re trying to fix & what they can not fix. If I had read these forums before buying this game, I probably would not have bought it.
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#28 Posted : Sunday, January 14, 2018 4:40:08 AM(UTC)
This option should absolutely be implemented as soon as possible along with the option that keeps the windshield clean from dirt. It's very annoying that after only 5 laps the windshield is so dirty that it makes it annoying looking thru it. Or at least give us the option to turn on the darn windshieldwipers and clean off the windshield from all the dirt!
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#29 Posted : Monday, February 5, 2018 10:20:46 PM(UTC)
I have to add my voice to the chorus here. The bright steering wheel windshield reflection of many of the vintage cars is nearly always right in the exact spot you’re looking to see when to brake for the upcoming corner. It adds a totally unnecessary level of difficulty and if I was driving in the real world under those conditions I’d wear some polarized glasses that would make it go away.

I have just spent many hundreds to play Forza 7 with the acquisition of a new Xbox, the game and a driving wheel after having enjoyed Forza 4 enormously several years ago. Some things I do like better but many things that I enjoyed are not there anymore.

This reflection issue directly impacts gameplay and adds a lot of unnecessary frustration. Turn 10, anything to be done?
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#30 Posted : Tuesday, February 6, 2018 12:03:13 PM(UTC)
The more "realistic" T10 tries to make things, the more unrealistic they sometimes become.

The reflections is one. Sure, in the real world we have reflections, but our eyes can also tune most of them out because our eyes are focused on what is out in front of the car, not on the windshield. So they are not clear and in focus to us, unlike in a 2D video game where the windshield is just as in focus as what is 100 yards out in front of us.

Additionally, in the car, we can move our head to look around things like glare, or the a-pillar or mirror, etc. We can also do things to prevent sun blinding us like putting on glasses or using the visors or, again, moving our head.

So there are limits to what can be done in a game. However, with that in mind, they should back off some of the "realistic" aspects such as glare and sun blinding effects since it hurts the game more than in helps and it cant be totally realistic since we cant do things to mitigate their effects like we can in real life.

A case where more realism actually makes it less realistic.
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#31 Posted : Sunday, February 11, 2018 10:23:13 PM(UTC)
Last 2 posts are really well written about this subject!

I hope that DEV reads this thread and takes it into consideration.

Is there a way to contact DEV? Do they even bother reading emails/suggestions? Or maybe there is a section somewhere where you can write your suggestions etc.

edit: found the "section"

Huge thanks to TURN 10 for creating an absolutely (overall) fantastic game!

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#32 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2018 7:19:06 PM(UTC)
As someone who prepares and races actual vintage cars, these reflections are not realistic. As others have said, if the issue were this severe the car would not go on track until it was fixed. I agree with previous posts that attempts at adding "realistic" details have just made things worse. I have video of a 15-minute race in a Lotus Cortina at Lime Rock behind a NASCAR Olds Cutlass which was spraying a light film of oil. My windshield was far better at the checker than a car running alone in this game after the same amount of time.
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#33 Posted : Thursday, January 7, 2021 1:55:35 PM(UTC)
those reflections are an issue, either get rid of them altogether or give us the option to play without them.
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