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#1 Posted : Friday, October 30, 2015 12:25:52 PM(UTC)
There is something wrong with the physics code which governs loss of grip on the rear wheels with a typical limited-slip diff. This bug has been widely reported and renders most of the street cars both undrivable (unless you fit a race diff and crank up the Accel/Decel to 70/70 or more, plus add much wider rear tires) and totally unrealistic. It really is a shame because the FFB, tire modeling and the physics in FM6 are otherwise sublime.

Specifically, on those cars which have a "0" Decel setting on their LSD, you get ridiculous snap oversteer the moment you lift off the throttle, even at quite low speeds.

On those cars that have a higher Decel setting for their LSD, the problem is much less evident. This makes many of the racing cars a joy to drive by comparison.

Try this:

Drive the Dodge Hellcat in stock trim, using a steering wheel. It is so unstable that *any* lifting of the throttle, however small, will result in a spin. It's impossible to modulate because the rears lose ALL grip the moment you lift off. The bug can be alleviated somewhat by fitting a rec-spec diff and dialing up the Decel to 70 or more.

In past Forza's (4 and 5), there was a *progressive* loss of grip under these situations. In FM6, it's all or nothing. In a way, it's great training to teach you not to lift mid-corner - but it's *too* unforgiving right now. Many serious sim review sites have noted this issue.

T10, Please look into this. Something is wrong. The physics in FM5 did *not* have this issue. Just take the Hellcat to, say, Road Atlanta and enter turn 1 at low speed, then lift off the throttle even slightly. This is a big, nose-heavy muscle car and shouldn't snap oversteer as if it were a short wheelbase, mid-engine car.

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, November 14, 2017 5:46:40 AM(UTC)
7's the same for me with a T150, I can't believe no one responded to you in all this time about this.