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#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 11, 2017 10:04:41 PM(UTC)
Please use these threads for assets or features you'd like to see added to the game:

FM7 Car Wishlists thread
FM7 Track Wishlists thread
FM7 Features Wishlists thread
FM7 Multiplayer Event Suggestions thread - for Hoppers and Rivals requests

Info threads:
FM7 Car List thread - includes info about locked cars and Forza Edition models
FM7 Track List thread - includes night/weather variant info
FM7 Editions and DLC List thread - info about which DLC is included in each Edition/format
FM7 News and Weekly Calendar - announcements, livestreams, deadlines
FM7 Contest and Gift List - with Gift Car history list
FM7 Events List - Career, Rivals, and Hoppers restrictions and tracks
FM7 Driver Gear List - by category, with DLC additions and rewards noted

A welcome message from your friendly neighborhood forum Moderators:

When you participate in the Forza forums, you're part of a community. You'll notice that many of its users are new and looking for info, and many of its users are veterans happy to help out new users. You can help the community by finding and using existing threads instead of creating duplicate topics. Since wishlist posts are among the most popular on the forums, we use one thread to combine all user requests together so that there's more room on the front page for other discussion topics.

Note 1:
Moderators are skilled in detecting the difference between a true query ("Has Turn 10 announced when the next car pack will be released?") and a request posing as a question ("When will the Chiron be added?") Since Turn 10 has established a pattern of not revealing specific content additions until days (or hours) before DLC release, "when?" discussions are a dead end: nobody knows, so those requests should go in the wishlist. "(Not a wishlist)" subject titles do not make a post not a wishlist- these belong in the wishlist thread too. If your wishlist thread has 'disappeared' it has likely been merged to a wishlist and you can find it in your My Topics link... but we'd prefer that you make the effort to post in the correct thread.

Note 2:
Wishlist threads are not vending machines. From the Support link (Forum FAQ ) at the bottom of this website: "Does Turn 10 read the wish lists? Yes, we do. Your feedback is valued and members of Turn 10 do read forum posts. That doesn’t mean that everything on a wish list is going to go into a future title."

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