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#1 Posted : Friday, October 6, 2017 3:13:24 PM(UTC)
Does anyone else feel like the brakes within the game do almost next to nothing when braking from speed? Forza Horizon 3 didn't feel like this at all.

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#2 Posted : Friday, October 6, 2017 10:09:44 PM(UTC)
I, for one, am really, really glad that they retweaked the brakes to make them feel closer to real life. Nearly every car in H3 and FM6 braked as if it had racing brakes installed.

This now feels more progressive, more realistic. You now actually need skill to brake before turns, i.e. braking distance, engine braking, feathering brakes, trail braking etc.

It all comes into play now. However, if you still prefer the super-gluey brakes found in previous games, you can upgrade and increase brake pressure as you desire.

IMO, it feels just right, but that's me. I have, by the way, many years of high speed road driving experience with me in a variety of different powertrain cars from different eras, and just a few hours worth of track driving experience as well.

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