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Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Friday, October 6, 2017 4:03:10 PM(UTC)
So I downloaded the game last night, just now played the opening and a couple of races when I decided to do a splitscreen race. When choosing a car from the “rent car” inventory, the vw golf r (2012) had a performance rating of 500. But so did pretty much every other golf and scirocco. The other car was a 2013 Subaru BRZ from the “rent car” inventory, and it was rated at 520. After the race, the correct pr ratings were displayed, but that was the last time I have seen them correct. When I started the hot - hatch segment of the first cup, I only saw one hot hatch that wasn’t rated 500. Even when you go to buy the car it is 500.

My second glitch was with Maple Valley raceway in split screen (possibly other tracks or all of splitscreen). There was no audio, and for player 1, the driving line flickered from side to side on the track, sometimes disappearing all together for a second. I didn’t play any more splitscreen after that, so it may be the entire game mode, but I’m not sure.

Hope that helps to uncover some bugs.