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#1 Posted : Sunday, May 7, 2017 6:36:27 AM(UTC)
Hi guys!

Disclaimer: I opened the same Topic in FM3 discussion, but I'm sure you'll understand why I opened it in FM4 as well, when you reach the last sentence.

I am currently 50.4% into my Forza Motorsport 3 career.
One thing that I am struggling with, Credits. Payouts, even with 100% difficulty bonus, are just nearly not enough for the prices these cars have.
I have around 200 cars. Most of them are regular or sports cars, while most of the super, exotic, racing, prototype cars that I have are rewards from Leveling Up, which ended with max Level 50.
I don't plan on having all the cars, just the ones I personally like. But problem is that a bit over 3M Cr per season wont buy me those cars anytime soon. They cost several 100k, or over 1M or even several millions. Just to get one of the 2 most expensive Ferrari's, I'd need to drive several seasons.
Interesting how in FM2, which I finished 2 years ago, I got every car that I wanted and there were way way way less races there. At least I think I got them :) maybe I just put the memory in some dark area of my brain :D

So I am turning to the community. Is there anyone who has way more Cr than they need or even doesn't have any use for them anymore, because playing other Forza's? Would you be willing to donate me some Cr via FM3 Auction House?
Now, I don't have XBOX ONE yet, so I cannot repay the favour there. But if needed, I can easily return the favour in Forza Motorsport 4, where I took part in Poker Run 4 and got rewarded nicely.

Have fun on the road!

P.S.: You can contact me on Live if you want.
P.S.: I already have 3 DeLoreans in the Auction House. Class B.

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