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#1151 Posted : Saturday, February 10, 2018 8:47:49 PM(UTC)
1. Rivals mode for each class with leaderboards. Literally the only mode I played before.

2. Better AI. Less crashing in the first turn. Less stay in a line beginning to end.

3. 4 player split screen... Let's be serious a lot of us are playing on giant tvs. Downgrade the graphics if that's the issue.

4. Be able to collect credits after being outbid in auction house.

5. Remove car pack cars from auction house. It makes no sense to have them. If I don't have the car pack I can't buy them. If I do, I I don't need them. Shouldn't clutter the house just for potential tunes and paint.

6. ghosts that work. Lap after lap.

7. 1 more further zoomed out view... Some large trucks obscure the road in front of you and force you to do a 1st person view which I don't like.

8. Better race setup menu navigation... It's very clunky

9. more showcases.

10. Less cars per race for single player. Most maps are too small to support 24 cars and it becomes a smash fest. Especially bad when there is a turn soon after the start.

11. Bumps, or obstacles to block obvious and easy shortcuts. Generally if they are a straight shot the loss of control on grass is a non factor.

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#1152 Posted : Sunday, February 11, 2018 5:42:47 AM(UTC)
Could we maybe get an actual soundtrack?

I haven't ever jumped on the FM7-hate bandwagon. I've defended it against trolling, melodrama, fictitious complaints, and stuff blown out of proportion. However, having said that, it's not perfect and one huge blemish is the awful soundtrack. I normally turn music off during races, but this is the first game where I turned it off in menus. Forza never had a good soundtrack but FM7 is the worst in the history of racing gaming. It's true that music is a matter of personal taste, but it's universally agreed upon that this is the worst racing game music ever. I've never found a solitary player anywhere that remotely likes this noise.

Can't Turn 10 listen to what works in games with more popular soundtracks and learn from that? It doesn't even have to be licensed music. I've enjoyed original scores in plenty of racing games. It just needs to be pleasing to the ears. In FM7, the buzzsaws and grinders in the background in the garage sound better than the music.

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#1153 Posted : Sunday, February 11, 2018 7:27:21 AM(UTC)
Hello all. I would like to start out by simply saying thank you for reading my post.

I have been playing Forza Motorsport since it’s inception. I love the games but at the same time there are things that would make the game not only starting with 7 but make any further games better in the same right.

I feel that the campaign racing is very limited and dry. So boring. I mean in past games I have been a leaderboard racer. Simply because it does not have the same issues that the career and multiplayer races have. The bottle necks at the beginning of every race at the first turn. Every time. Every race multiplayer, free race, or career. This is annoying. I start a lot of races by simply pulling over and letting the a.i or the players on Xbox live spread out . So very annoying. I believe that this could be fixed in career or free play situations however with so many different skill levels in multiplayer I think that it just takes time to find a good lobby.

Now that I have spread things over to the multiplayer lobbies. Why must I request to join a multiplayer hopper like 10 times before I finally get into a race and then once I get into the race i have to continue sitting there for another ten or fifteen minutes waiting for a race to conclude and racers to leave or join. And the a race intermission and then I have to wait for the damn race to start.

Again. So very annoying.

Then you have the rage quitters. The broken leagues. It takes a half hour to race one track. If your racing in multiplayer. I feel this is unacceptable and unnecessary.

The tuning Of the cars. This is good and bad.
NASCAR expansion cars do not have the wedge adjustment available. Nor is there a track bar adjustment available. One can get close with some of the various toe and caster adjustments but in effort of being a simulated racing game the nascar pack / expansion is missing this.

Perfect Segway from the tuning or the cars into the cars themselves and the tracks in which they are able to be raced on.

If nascar is going to allow us to use their cars in this simulation. It should be every single car and driver combination in current nascar running. That means not just the Lowe’s 48 but the kobalt tools 48 and so on and so forth. Now before anyone says well you can just make whatever car you want in the livery creator. True you can but the description in leaderboards and multiplayer hoppers says Lowe’s 48 when I could have made a dale jr Budweiser 8 car. I mean a DuPont 24, and so on and so forth.

The mathematics associated to the creation of the cars in base game is simple math. But when going into creating s livery and in effort to duplicated perfection on a car a grid should be able to be snapped to the overlay of the car. This would get rid of some of that simple math and make logo placing much more streamlined.

Now more on cars.

Seriously the car list is long and extensive already but most people aren’t going to run half of the cars that are available. Every one has their cars they like and their respective car classes.

We don’t really need five different versions of the same car. Wrx, and Mitsubishi evo as examples.

If your going to put semis in the game again make more than one.

Easy math if you take away the ten wrxs and the 4 evos and get it down to two of each you would have room for other versions of cars. Not to mention you brought semis into the game but no motorcycles.....

No motorcycles but implementing trucks and suvs. But no appropriate tracks for them to race on. I mean honestly nothing to me is more boring than attempting to race a raptor on maple valley in the rain and having to actually stay on the track when the kid in all of us just wants to off road in that beast of a truck. I mean just saying off road vehicles are supposed to race off road. Not on Long Beach. . I mean that’s a snooze fest.

On to customization. Briefly this is the same customization menu we have seen since probably Forza 2. So rebranded Forza 2 customizations. Turn ten bring this game into the 2000s please. Name brand customizations, implement nos, , implement the ability to put a wide body kit on any car in the game. I mean come up with better manufacture vinyls . On and on and on and on. Not everyone is going to spend hours creating vinyl groups. I have in the past but I’d rather race.

Tracks. Bristol motorspeedway
Atlanta motor speedway
Michigan motorspeedway
Martinsville speedway
Mid Ohio speedway
Barber motorspeedway
Darlington motorspeedway
Thunder hill motor speedway

Please off-road tracks
Please motorcycles
Please gymkana tracks.
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#1154 Posted : Sunday, February 11, 2018 4:18:46 PM(UTC)
Just a couple simple requests:

Bring back open rivals. I cannot fathom why it was removed, coming over from Gran Turismo in the FM5 timeframe I can't tell you how refreshing this was especially with how you could earn doing it. I've spent countless hours in it since only to find it gone in 7.

Buff multiplayer credits. This is the best replayability in the game, and the single player economy feels pretty great to me, but the mod system made multiplayer irrelevant, you're giving up probably 75% of what you could be earning by playing online. Credits are important, we need to out work in to build a good collection and that's great, but we shouldn't feel like we have avoid multiplayer because of that.
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#1155 Posted : Sunday, February 11, 2018 5:13:34 PM(UTC)
I have bought every single Forza game. I am a Time Attack player. The current time trials version is broken.

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#1156 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2018 8:54:22 AM(UTC)
I love Forza 7 but have seen 2 separate issues come up.

1. When using first person racing mode, the countdown for "race ends in (x)" is placed directly in the first person view.
2. I would like to see the people who are getting lapped and the people who never left the grid to be ghosted. This will help alleviate trolls who get a kick out of crashing players instead of racing.
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#1157 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2018 10:14:33 AM(UTC)
Overall I love this game. I have a couple of common gripes but overall this game is awesome. Love the physics, love the sounds, love

Time Trials the way it used to be would be great.

Also I would like easier ways to get these hidden cars. Many of them are the reason I got the game and I don't have them because.......???? There should have specific challenges for these cars or something. Like I'm odiously a Nissan fan, I have all of the production reward me with a FE car! Or something like use the standard NSX to get a fast lap time at Suzuka and you get the FE car. Not this jump through hoops and maybe get the car as a level up prize.

I like forzathon in FH3 where you can do very specific things to win special cars. a set of challenges every weekend. I like the forzathon in FM7 but one every 20+ days is boring.

I also noticed that multiplayer lobbies are very hard to navigate and set rules and such. The race menu is good for single player but adding even another player to that lobby and navigating cars, rules, track. Meanwhile your buddy is picking his car like 5 times and wondering whats taking so long. Frustrating. I liked forza 4 multiplayer lobbies. much smoother.

I noticed that the HUD is not exactly as informative as it used to be. I used to have overall time, current lap time, last lap time, fastest lap time, split time. Im a timing nerd. I want to know all these things without pausing the race and such. There is an option for this to have it OFF, ON or UPDATED or something. I have it ON and get two of the previous listed items. I NEED TIME!

Small things. But thats what this game is all about right? small details
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#1158 Posted : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 2:12:43 PM(UTC)
Not sure if mentioned yet but I have a few:

1. A button to use screenwash. I used cockpit view only and its a nice touch that bugs splat on the windscreen and the screen gets dirty so would be nice if you could hold a button to shoot screen wash to clean it. Something I dont believe is in any other racing game to date.

2. Ability to manually turn lights on and off. Useful to say 'thanks' in multiplayer and when driving in tunnels.

3. Improved damage. E.g. if you damage the radiator, the telemetry shows engine temp which will slowly creep up until you pit in. Be a bit more in depth than the telemtry just saying '100%' on eveything thats damaged.

4. Like number 3, tyres which can burst if they get too hot or go offroad to much or just driving too aggressive.

5. An actual pit crew and options to change tyre type (wet or dry), and ability to choose what gets repaired, these choices should shorten or lengthen pit times respectively.

6. Ability to change fuel mix on the fly.

You could implement all of these things without the game being 'too sim for the mass audience'
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#1159 Posted : Wednesday, February 14, 2018 5:36:42 AM(UTC)
Can we have a hide UI feature in the replays much like the photomode.
It auto hides after 20 seconds or something but it ruins recording or your replays.
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#1160 Posted : Wednesday, February 14, 2018 4:58:13 PM(UTC)
Another one: the possibility of having the rev counter, speedometer, etc on the user interface matching the actual ones from the car you're driving. If I am not mistaken, NFS Shift 2 Unleashed had this feature, and it was very cool, provided great gameplay immersion, specially if you know some of the cars on real life. It could be turned off or replaced by generic ones.

Example pic 1

Example pic 2

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#1161 Posted : Wednesday, February 14, 2018 6:40:19 PM(UTC)
I would love to see track information in the telemetry while watching a replay. track name, track course, lap number, lap time, and best lap time, ect.
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#1162 Posted : Thursday, February 15, 2018 2:14:44 AM(UTC)
Custom public lobbies.
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#1163 Posted : Thursday, February 15, 2018 4:45:15 AM(UTC)
I would like to see the ability to race against my saved laps in Solo play.
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#1164 Posted : Friday, February 16, 2018 1:35:59 AM(UTC)
with the new addition of the audi car in the game, it would be fair to make a new division for that car in the game, since it is a front-wheel drive car and is totally dislocated in the current division forza gt
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#1165 Posted : Friday, February 16, 2018 12:55:14 PM(UTC)
Turn10, please fix behaviour when DRIVER LEVEL MILESTONE REWARDS are immediately changing after CAR COLLECTION RATING level up.

So many times I was looking forward to buy some car with huge discount as reward after Driver Level raise and it was changed before I had chance to do it, because I have been rewarded by some car after Showcase and this car raised my Car Collection rating. New (maybe in eyes of Turn10 better) rewards should be Available with next Driver Level raise, not immediately.

Thank you
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#1166 Posted : Friday, February 16, 2018 9:31:16 PM(UTC)
1. Support for either head tracking or Tobii Eye Tracking would get a lot of other PC racers over to Forza. Alternatively, just giving us a camera option where you don't have to move up on the joystick would let people work those features in by themselves. The developers over at Tobii really do try to help as much as they can to get their hardware supported, and they have great hardware.

2. AI in private lobbies. I really dislike that if I want to race with a friend that we either have to go head to head or do public lobbies, and we all know how good of an experience public races are for new players. It could be better.

Thank you.
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