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#801 Posted : Tuesday, October 17, 2017 1:51:51 PM(UTC)
- Button for Headlights
- AI in Multiplayer Private Lobbies
- Practice Mode / Test Mode in Multiplayer
- Setup Tweaking in Multiplayer
- Spotter in SP and MP
- FOV Slider
- Ability to choose Opponent Car Roster for a Race Event
- Qualifying (at least in Free Mode and Private Lobbies)
- Window Stickers
- Ability to choose the dynamic Skybox for a Night-Race or at least decide if it goes from sunset to night or the other way around
- Upgrade Cars in MP Private Lobbies
- Flag Rules (Local Yellow Flags / Black Flags / Blue Flags)
- Horn
- Custom Driver Suits
- Rolling Starts in Private MP Lobbies
- Multiplayer Drag Racing
- Ability to turn on / off wipers
- Warmup / Cooldown Laps before / after the race
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#802 Posted : Tuesday, October 17, 2017 3:05:06 PM(UTC)
Full customization with metic and imperial system. I want to see BHP not KW in metric system together with NM and KGs, Its very annoying feat it was already in gran turismo 1 so keep up guys,
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#803 Posted : Tuesday, October 17, 2017 4:35:07 PM(UTC)
Multiplayer lobby - allow upgrades and tuning after you have selected your car

Spectator mode

A race lobby where you don't get credits for finishing first or a certain position in the field. But in instead you get credit for racing clean. Maybe for making clean passes, driving as close as possible without making contact. The more cars racing close together without making contact the more credits you get. Maybe like a track day, teach the drivers the rules of a track day, go over all the flags and doing what your suppose to do when a certain flag comes out. Passing on designated parts of the tracks only. Once you master this then move on to more advance track days. Over all make a lobby where you teach the driver how to race clean vs just driving crazy and crashing into everyone so you can finish on the podium.
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#804 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 5:50:51 AM(UTC)
My apologies if this has been said before (tl:dr) but I'd like lap times/split times to go back to being red for slower and green for faster. The way it is now means you actually have to look at the blue box, diverting your eyes from the track for sometimes valuable milliseconds. At least you can discern between green and red in your peripheral vision without taking your eyes away from what's going on in the race. If people prefer the new way though, at least make it an option where you can choose either format.
If it isn't broken, keep fixing it until it is....
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#805 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 5:55:50 AM(UTC)
One of the only reasons I’m still playing FM7 is in hopes that multiplayer will get better, much better. They’ve taken a step in the right direction by adding more multiplayer hoppers, the GT endurance of which is my favorite. But where are all the fun game modes from older Forza games? Infected, drift, drag. None of these have made an appearance yet.

Almost all of my friends have quit playing FM7 already, due to these lobbies being absent from the game, we can’t even do a drag race in private match unless we go to Le Man and do the old fashioned “3..2..1..Go”

Speaking of private match, could we please get some AI drivers for private match please? Not everyone has 24 friends to do a full race with.

Turn10’s letter to the community and recent updates really made me hopeful that they actually are listening to their community and want to make the game into something the fans will enjoy, that’s why I made this post, in the hopes that someday soon these simple features can be added. For me, adding these 4 things would be all it takes for FM7 to be my favorite forza game.

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#806 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 6:20:47 AM(UTC)
Can we please get AI drivers in private match? Racing with my friends on this game has become dull without the addition of drivatars.
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#807 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 8:44:49 AM(UTC)
Hi Turn 10 in general the game is acceptable, the only thing I would ask for it to be an excellent game would be to add the divisions in rival mode, to be able to compete with players from around the world for the best time in each of the tracks.
The essence of Forza is to be able to put the fastest laps in all the circuits and to be able to compete with players of the whole world, please do not take away this modality, that from Forza 1 we dedicate so many hours.

Anyone who agrees to add all divisions to rival gameplay?
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#808 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 9:01:56 AM(UTC)
- Teamfunktion as we had in fm4
- revival races access for all tracks as we had in fm5 and 6
- dynamic weather and time function for online races

get it done!
be aware that the 18th of October may will change everything.
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#809 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 9:22:21 AM(UTC)
1) Full grid of AI for online private multiplayer - not 5 per human player, a full lobby and with opponents where you can select their cars
2) Ability to spectate in online multiplayer lobbies
3) Ability to track test when in tuning (rather than having to go via freeplay)
4) Splits to players in front/behind in seconds(time) not metres (distance). Please tell me what race series in the world uses your method
5) Ability to manually select starting position on the grids (multiplayer)

Funnily enough as I've mentioned elsewhere, all of the above (except maybe no.4 - can't remember, though pretty sure it was in FM3 or FM4) have been in previous iterations of Forza and someone at Turn 10 has decided to remove them. Why? With technology, the series should add choice and features with each new game, not the other way around. T10, please reverse this trend before you lose even more dedicated fans and if you could add the above back in, that would be the best gaming news of the year.
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#810 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 12:17:37 PM(UTC)

. Headlights ON OFF
. Time of Day Option (like GT Sport for example....or PC2)
. FIX THE AWEFULL AWEFULL AI.... its so bad, its unreal

this are just "basics" i honestly thought are in the game since all of this is really basic for a racing game in 2017, at least for the competition.
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#811 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 5:17:20 PM(UTC)
Qualify session ala PC2 ( free mode , private lonline )
Animated Pit stop
new penalities system : 5 seconds slowdown ala PC2 ( remove tire walls , it take polycount for nothing )
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#812 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 8:09:24 PM(UTC)
BETTER replays. I mean cummon if they would put just a little time into this. Project cars 2 and gran truism sport do it spot on. For forza to be such a good looking game why do they hide behind cappy replay angles. Just go tv realistic style seriously. It's gotten rediculous that they haven't updated this since the first game of the series. Or at least give us the option to place the cams where we want. Jeeze
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#813 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 8:54:52 PM(UTC)
This is both features and hoppers suggestions and requests.

•"Top of the Class" hoppers and rivals. Based on max PI of a given class. Addition needed for this to leaderboard sorting.
Ie sort by option when observing the leaserboards, By Top Score, By Europe (place in world), By Division, By Hard-core and By Top of the Class.

•Return Spectate mode

•Revamp, additional graphics and data for Esports, organised racing, coverage.

•Give my profile a 20% power boost 😉

•Revamp, additional graphics and data for telemetry. It is dated.

•Side loading app on console or smart phone, that reads telemetry data etc, and displays average, min and max values, dino charting and gear tuner. To make the tuning process more interactive. This would include readung tyre temps and spring compression etc.

Thanks 👍
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#814 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 9:39:48 PM(UTC)
would love to see the ability to peruse the leaderboards while waiting for game to load in
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#815 Posted : Thursday, October 19, 2017 4:10:06 AM(UTC)
I would love to see the Forza rear aero re-appear from FM2! Having a rear diffuser added just helped with the race car feel when you were upgrading a road car
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#816 Posted : Thursday, October 19, 2017 3:24:27 PM(UTC)

these are just like suggestions for the next update, and having them in the game will be highly appreciated...

1 - allow us to use horsepower (BHP) with KM/H.

2 - add split screen multiplayer to the PC version.
it is already available on Xbox so it shouldn't be impossible to bring it to PC.

3 - fix Arabic text in all the menus.
you said you fixed it in one of the patches but for me it is still messed up in some of the menus.
I am playing using English but I know that some other people prefer Arabic, but Arabic is not displayed well currently.
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#817 Posted : Friday, October 20, 2017 12:57:58 PM(UTC)
Dear Turn 10,

Now that the game is out and given the amount of competition that have released racing games recently, here is my wish list that would establish FM7 as the only Racing game people want to play.

1) Custom on-line hoppers again (I know this is on everyone's list but worth adding another voice.)

2) Ability to vote on damage, race length & pit stops as part of the public on-line lobbies.

3) Ability for casters to join a race and comment on racing and become the race directors and be able to issue penalties. (maybe 2-4 slots just for this & penalty can only be applied if all agree.)

4) Pit stop mini game? (maybe you are a wheel man and have to align your wheel gun and remove all lug nuts.) In real life racing situations, mistakes happen and sometimes you get jumped in the pits. adds to the flavor of the race.

5) Ability to flash headlights to distract opponent ahead.

6) Pit lane speed limiter & penalties for speeding in pit lane.

7) Penalty system for cutting track.

Game is solid besides a free crashes and glitches, car physics are good but adding a few of these items will improve the experience.

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#818 Posted : Friday, October 20, 2017 3:44:38 PM(UTC)
On PC: Support for Wacom (and other) tablets in the editor - it works fine for selecting menus/panels etc., but in the vinyl editor it moves all over the place. Mouse is fine, of course.

It needs to pick up the absolute position of the cursor.

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