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#126 Posted : Friday, May 26, 2017 6:12:11 AM(UTC)
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I agree with zee it was highly unlickley that all 108 would be able to attend, this could have been sorted easily with an online event and saved money in the long run. So now we have situation where 1000s has already been spent on accommodation and tickets that won't be used.

Regarding inclusivness the point above highlights how exclusive this event is. Unless you have lots of money and spare time u are not going to be able to take part succesfully. Comparing this to real motorsport is defunct just like when ppl try to compare other aspects of the game to real world it simply dosnt work and there is no comparison. Try comparing it to other esports events and that's where season 3 falls down. Just comparing season 3 to season 1 and 2 shows you that less ppl are taking part, less ppl feel they have a chance and less ppl have a meaningful compitition to fight for. Yes I accept that more of the very best will be at an offline event o accept more money had been spent and as I said before this is a 1 in a lifetime experince for some. But never the less they have failed to include as many ppl from previous seasons and have atempted to increase the skill level but all they have done is reduce the field by making it more exclusive.

First of all, the ESL Grand Finals had 12 drivers in Season 1, with only those drivers receiving prizes for their efforts. For Season 2, 32 drivers made the Saturday Elite Cup, Top 16 received $100; Season 2 Consolation Cup had 128 drivers involved, with with Top 16 getting $50 each. So, that's a max of 32 people per week receiving prizes. Grand Finalists (all of which already received at least $100 for making a Showdown) also received additional cash prizes.

Season 3 requires a lot more practice, but only if you're doing the Racing Path. The Rivals path actually requires less time than the previous format.

Season 3 is going include at a minimum 36 drivers with trips each worth >$1500, probably closer to 50 with people making the trek from England or elsewhere in Continental Europe (or further if you've got the $$$). Not only that, but those who attend will be fighting for a share of $100k, and if there's less than 72 racers (I believe the actual number will be about 50), everyone gets a cash prize in addition to attending the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That's a LOT more drivers involved with a lot more prizes guaranteed for each person. So, please explain how that's more exclusive?

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