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ESDA Road Atlanta Open Bracket Qualifier and Open/Pro Event

Open Bracket Qualifier: March 11, 2017
World Event: March 17-18, 2017

Prizes as of now:
1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Points Rewards:
Pro Event:
1st = 100 Points
2nd = 80 Points
3rd = 60 Points
4th-8th = 40 Points
9th-16th = 20 Points
Open Bracket
17th-24th = 10 Points
25th-32th = 5 Points

Organizers and Judges:

Initial Dai
TGF Killacali
TUS Chunky

Judge 1- TUS Chunky
Judge 2- Yoshi3lt
Judge 3- TGF Killcali
Lead car Telemetry: Covkilla 94mob
Protest Judge: DSI Frenchy
Protest Judge: Nemesis Empire
Reserve Judges: Initial Dai, TGF Phillyace, Teqlaa

Open Qualifier Event and Pro (Major) event

Bracket Size

32 Driver( Single Elimination) Open Bracket
16 Driver (Double Elimination) Pro event

Complete Rulebook:


Restrictions Vehicle info, Eligible cars

Cars are based off a tire to weight restriction. Below shows what weight and tire that car should be on.
Weight- Tire Size
2,000 lbs / 907 kg or heavier- 255mm and below
2700 lbs / 1225 kg or heavier- 265mm
2800 lbs / 1270 kg or heavier- 275mm
2900 lbs / 1316 kg or heavier- 285mm
3000 lbs / 1361 kg or heavier- 295mm
3100 lbs / 1406 kg or heavier- 305mm
3300 lbs / 1497 kg or heavier- 315mm
3400 lbs / 1542 kg or heavier- 325mm
3500 lbs / 1588 kg or heavier- 335mm
3600 lbs / 1633 kg or heavier- 345mm (Max)

List of allowed and banned cars link: Allowed and Banned cars

Critical Rules

Please read the zero tolerance rules in the rulebook of section 3.1. By completing this sign up. Drivers agree that they will comply with all rules.

2 to 3 days before the event. Event drivers will be messaged as a confirmation that they will still compete. This is done to make sure if no one show or back out as reserve driver will be ready to show up.

Please have a discord made for event communication:
Discord Link to Download on PC or Phone: https://discordapp.com/
ESDA Discord: https://discord.gg/FytuNAd

Signup Link:

Participant List (Confirming that a driver has submitted their car)

After You Register. Click on the link for the Vehicle Car Build form for tech inspection. This is mandatory to complete and make sure you are submitting the right build . You can go back and edit your submission before the due date. After that date you can't edit as staff are in the process of building cars.
Build form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/...L_4PFUIiVOK4ksQ/viewform


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Schedule and Times. Note: Times may change

Sign Up Due Date: March 9th-

ESDA World Event Schedule still same times as planned.

March 11th/ Saturday- Open Bracket Qualifying
1pm to 5pm eastern time
Time Slot 1: 1pm-1:50pm
Time Slot 2: 2pm-2:50pm
Time Slot 3: 3pm-3:50pm
Time Slot 4: 4pm-5pm

March 17th/ Friday-Top 32 to top 8 in Open Bracket:
Drivers Meeting: 5pm Eastern
Battles: 7pm Eastern

March 18th/ Saturday Top 16 to Finals:
Drivers Meeting: 1pm Eastern
Battles: 3pm Eastern to the end of battles.
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#4 Posted : Friday, March 17, 2017 12:13:48 PM(UTC)
Qualifying and bracket updated
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#6 Posted : Saturday, March 18, 2017 10:49:45 AM(UTC)
Brackets are updated. Live bracket to today's event can be found here https://battlefy.com/e-s...73a0a39033fc9b1/bracket/

Livestream Link:
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#7 Posted : Monday, March 20, 2017 2:29:08 PM(UTC)
2nd post updated with results. Like to thank everyone that came out to compete and watched. Congrats to the podium finishers SO Mistiifed, XE Minty, and HKS Mr Bucket.