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#26 Posted : Thursday, March 23, 2017 12:46:53 PM(UTC)
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Is gifting still a thing in this game? Need a/some cars to help finally hit this achievement


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#27 Posted : Friday, March 31, 2017 10:46:39 AM(UTC)
I managed to get this achievement in December. There were still people racing. I had about 150,000 CR when I decided to take a more drastic option.

My more drastic option needs two XBox 360s , two copies of FM2 and two XBox Live accounts. I have two XBox Live accounts, so that wasn't an issue and I borrowed a friend's XBox 360. I bought another copy of FM2 at a local GameStop. It cost under $10.

I set up my friend's XBox in one room and logged in with the XBox Live account that wasn't going to get the achievement. I had my XBox in another room logged in with the account that was going to get the achievement. I started FM2 on my friend's XBox and set up a private online race and invited my other account to join the race. I then went to the other XBox and accepted the invitation. I went back to the other XBox and started the race. I pulled over to the inside of the track when the race started. I then went back to the other XBox and did the race. Once the race was done I got some credits. I repeated this process multiple times.

The race I set up was on the Nissan Oval with the maximum number of laps and all assists turned off. I think this gives a little under 70,000Cr. I'd have to double check this. I picked a car I could run flat out without worrying about crashing. I think the car was the Ferrari LMP car. I forget the model name. The race takes just over an hour, about 1:05. After about 3 days and a total of 12 to 13 hours, I completed the achievement. I did this while I was with flu. I didn't have anything better to do.

Also, don't try gifting a car. The car will just be lost.

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