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#1 Posted : Tuesday, September 15, 2015 7:41:27 PM(UTC)

Welcome to the Forza Motorsport 6 Support Forum. This new forum was created with the goal of identifying unusual game behavior and aid in troubleshooting.

Please... read before posting so that others who are trying to help you don't have to repeat themselves.

Some tips on using this forum:
  • Read the existing topics and use Search for keywords related to your issue.
  • Read the Game FAQ, Forza Rewards FAQ, Hardware Forum, and official Twitter account.
  • Review the post history of Mechberg and VoodooUomo and other T10 staff for official comments.
  • Reduce duplication by posting in an existing topic on your issue rather than creating a new one.
  • If posting a new thread, use specific keywords in the subject line summarizing your topic.
  • BE SPECIFIC and detailed - all steps you've taken, where the issue exists and where it does not exist, car model, exact error messages etc.
  • Keep calm, and help others help you.
  • Be patient - responses or fixes may not be immediate; it takes time to assess, investigate, address, test, and respond with a solution.

Please put feature requests and suggestions in the appropriate Car Wishlist, Track Wishlist, and Feature Wishlist threads stickied at the top of the FM6 Discussion Forum.

Xbox One support links

Common tips and info
  • Do not try play a game or DLC before it is 100% out of your download queue, even if prompted that you can.
  • Do not cancel a Syncing screen unless you've waited at least 4 hours - it may appear to stall, but let it finish.
  • Make sure your console is fully updated under Settings / System.
  • Forza Rewards may take 4 hours to more than a few days to update your score.
  • Achievements may take a day or two to pop up.
  • Closing the game, power cycling your console, resinstalling the game, and ultimately deleting your local save may solve many issues.

Following are links to Support topics with status updates, and other reported topics. If this list is too long to skim easily, try CTRL+F and your keywords. Posts may be edited with updates rather than added.

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, September 15, 2015 9:10:19 PM(UTC)
FM6 Support topics with status updates

Click the hyperlink for the thread on each topic.

Loyalty Rewards aren't restored after lost or reset gamesave
- Known issue, working on a fix. (9/22/15)

Multiplayer connectivity issues (Failed to get list, Failed to acquire, Failed to connect, Disconnected)
- Known latency, potential router/networking issue - follow troubleshooting steps (9/17/15)
- 9/15/15
- 9/11/15

Graphical errors (screen turns a blue or purple hue) when participating in races
- Known issue for New Xbox One Experience for Preview members (9/16/15)

Drift Allstars brand content prohibited on Forzamotorsport.net forums
- Per Drift Allstars request and intellectual property (9/17/15)

Launching game: "Load failed, unknown error"
- Deleting local save may be required.

Launching game: Ultimate Edition drops to dashboard
- Update console, hard reset, launch full game instead of pre-order stub.

DLC: Dom's Charger code hasn't arrived yet
- Code will be sent after September 21

DLC: Secondary accounts on a console don't receive Free Buy Cars DLC models or VIP icon etc
- XBL Gold sharing allows access to game assets, but DLC benefits are account specific to the owner.

DLC: Secondary accounts can't buy DLC already installed on a console.
- Try purchasing through Xbox.com

DLC: Purchased DLC but cars are not in my garage
- DLC cars must be collected from the Buy Cars menu, marked "FREE"

VIP not receiving XP bonus for races.
- VIP only awards credit bonus, not XP.

VIP not receiving credits with Prize Spin car awards.
- There is no extra Prize Spin bonus for VIPs.

Badges: Affinity badges for manufacturers not unlocking at Level 25
- Known issue, fix coming. (9/18/15)

Achievement: Thru the Pack
- Designed to only unlock in public hoppers.

Achievement: Unrivaled not unlocking
- All assists must be off; Steering can be Normal or Simulation

Achievement: Real Deal not unlocking
- All assists must be off; Steering can be Normal or Simulation

Achievement: Cover Car not unlocking
- You must buy the Ford GT. Gift cars don't work.

Achievement: World Traveler stuck
- Known issue. (9/14/15)

Livery import not working
- See list of restricted decals that must be removed in FM5/FH2 to enable the import sync.

Livery import taking more than 30 seconds and fails
- Known issue. FM5 lowercase letter 'a' issue, see workaround.

Drivatars: lead drivatar unbelievably fast
- Investigating. (9/15/15)

Multiplayer lobbies only include 5 Drivatars
- Each human player gets 5 Drivatars so you need 4 humans for a full lobby.

Multiplayer/Leaderboards: "Tuned by: " is blank on cars I tuned and shared
- True for the owner, others see your gamertag

Multiplayer lobbies: no Vote to Kick?
- Votes are not visible but will kick if more than 50% of the lobby votes on the player.

Photo sharing prevented by language filter
- Try renaming the photo.

Wheels and pedals throttle and braking difficult
- Pedals require physical calibration. Use minimal deadzone settings.

Wheels: G920 brake pedal deadzone configuration
- Investigating. (9/15/15)

Wheels: no force feedback (FFB)
- Try Auto setting or wheel power setting on 20.

Wheels: No Options screen when starting game
- Start console with wheel as only connected controller

Wheels: Driving twitchy
- Wheel settings override Forza settings. Try 540 degrees of rotation.

Telemetry not working in replay after races
- Known issue. Save and view replay from Forza TV, or from leaderboards. (9/10/2015)

Leaderboards: times not dirty when using Mods
- Known issue and fix coming. (9/14/15)

Leaderboards not recording Hardcore lap
- All assists must be off; Steering can be Normal or Simulation. No Mods. Clean lap.

Leaderboards not recording times
- MINI, FIAT, and Abarth excluded during investigation

Cars: MINI, FIAT, Abarth unbeatable and dominating leaderboards
- Known issue. Temporarily prevented from online use and leaderboard records.

Cars: Ford Shelby GT350R and other car engine sounds and volume
- Known issue. (9/10/15)

Car volume
- Report your audio equipment setup and settings in this thread.

Cars: Chevy SS badges missing, naming
- Correct per Chevrolet's global strategies.

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#3 Posted : Tuesday, September 15, 2015 11:20:47 PM(UTC)
FM6 Reported issues

Rewards: Missing Loyalty Rewards
Rewards: Missing Loyalty Rewards
Rewards: Missing Loyalty Rewards
Wheel settings: deadzones different for multiplayer/career vs. Test/Free Play
Multiplayer: game chat faulty with over 8 players
Tune import: crashes on tunes with V8 engine swap in FH2
Cars: Subaru 2004 WRX revealing structure through skin
Cars: lights don't turn on in shaded course areas
Mods: STC Off Dare Mod puts STC On and can't be turned off
Game crash: audio stuttering
XBO Screenshots no option to Share
Rivals: Pausing race removes right HUD
Car stats: Miles Driven incorrect
Tuning files: Download and Save sets incorrect tuning settings
Gamesave lost/reset
Launching game: Loading with no result
Tuning files: game freezes when scrolling through search results
Tracks: invisible wall on Lime Rock
VIP not recognized for badge and race credits
Badges: Forza Score badge not updating
Leaderboards: car name incorrect (MINI/Subaru Brat) (9/15/15)
Launching game: not working
Multiplayer connection - "Establishing a quality connection"
Launching game: not working, freezing
Multiplayer: some owned cars not available
Achievement: Record Breaker not unlocking
Rewind unresponsive during Free Play race until pitting
Achievement: Spin to Win not unlocking
Achievement: Going Platinum not unlocking
Wheels: 458 Spider odd behavior
DLC install error message "installation stop"
Mods: track specific Crew mods don't work on other tracks
Simulation damage: Manual with clutch causes 4% damage at race start
Tracks: Road Atlanta glitch hole
Simulation damage: suddenly stops applying damage
Tracks: Indianapolis sky blinking
Cars: Mazda Cosmo headlights don't project to pavement
Cars list: Sorting by class or year doesn't work
Multiplayer: single player damage settings override lobby settings
Audio: unusual behavior in Airfield Hangars
Cars: Lamborghini Diablo taillights unmatching illumination
Tracks: invisible bump at Prague Reverse
Cars: some rpm counters not active in cockpit view
Cars: Lotus E23 reflections incorrect
Split screen: Player 2 can't receive Prize Spins
Forzavista: description boxes off screen
Forzavista: voiceover not playing on BMW Team Forza M4
Cars: Mazdaspeed turn signals always on
Tracks: Watkins Glen pixelation turns 2-5
Cars: Bentley Speed 8 glitching view in rain
Cars: Ford Country Squire lights come on under braking
Assists: Braking assists cause crawl on Daytona
Cars: car accuracy
Cars: McLaren P1 active aero not active on Yas Marina Showcase
Cars: Audi S4 '03 tach not active in cockpit view or Forzavista
Wheels plus wireless controller causes conflict
Stories of Motorsport: B class cars allowed in C class Rally Sport race
Rewind on Le Mans sectors
Cars: Evo X turbo upgrade doesn't alter power
Launching game from standby mode freezes screen
Cars: McLaren 650 winshield texture missing in rain
Cars: naming error in Dutch language
Cars: Alfa Romeo 8C brake lights incorrect color under braking
Rivals: choose color reverts to default color
Tracks: Spa night and Nurb GP night random screen effects
Cars: Range Rover '14 rear wiper not working
Cars: Audi S3 Oakley turbo upgrades reduce power
Game crashes: Stories of Motorsport: GT Volume Race 2
Cars: Aston V12 Zagato supercharger doesn't change boost or power
Multiplayer: race End timer begins and players change lead/time
Pitting causes brake/throttle glitch at Lime Rock
Photo Mode: Big Shots in FM6?
Leaderboards: Region shows Americas rather than Australia
Tracks: Daytona Oval cars sinking below track surface
Multiplayer: #62 Ferrari engine cutoff on Sebring Club

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#4 Posted : Tuesday, February 28, 2017 8:31:22 AM(UTC)
We're aware of an issue with missing free cars & VIP status for purchasers of the Complete #Forza6 Add-Ons Collection and investigating.


Originally Posted by: HeliosT10 Go to Quoted Post
Hi all,
We're aware of this issue and investigating, thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we fix the problem.

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#5 Posted : Thursday, March 2, 2017 12:10:16 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: HeliosT10 Go to Quoted Post
The issue with missing free cars & VIP status for purchasers of the Complete Forza6 Add-Ons Collection should now be resolved. We advise all players affected to close the game and re-launch to make sure entitlements are correctly refreshed from the server.

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#6 Posted : Tuesday, March 14, 2017 10:03:39 AM(UTC)
Spectate issue after February 21 update
Originally Posted by: Mechberg Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: RM KrypticKhaos Go to Quoted Post
The Spectate option is no longer available in public hoppers unless you just joined ant the race is underway. If you have already participated in a race for that lobby, you will not be able to spectate. I sincerely hope this is addressed soon. The ability to spectate the race without having to leave the lobby is really nice if you need to take a 5 minute break for ( insert reason here, ie. Answer a phone call )

Hi all,
I wanted to let everyone know that we are aware of the public hopper Spectate issue that KrypticKhaos calls out above. The team is busy working on a fix now that I hope will be available next week. More information as I have it.

March 14, 2017 content update

96.4 MB

[Edit - If the Spectate button isn't available when you enter a public hopper lobby that is waiting to vote/start the next race, try rebooting your console to make sure the content update has applied]

Originally Posted by: Mechberg Go to Quoted Post
Hi all,
Today we published an update for FM6 to fix issues with spectating public lobby races, which were inadvertently introduced with our 2/21 esports update. While we believe the fix to be in place and verified, we've seen at least one possible report of there still being an issue with spectate.
Please keep us posted if you see additional issues with spectating in FM6 public lobbies.


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