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#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 19, 2016 12:28:38 AM(UTC)
New to tuning on these games.I need specifics like upgrades and any info I can get.thanks anyone for the help
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, October 19, 2016 2:05:03 AM(UTC)
For FM6, I can help ya. I've got some drag tuning threads, just don't know how to add a link to them here. Sadly, at this point, there is no real drag racing in Horizon. All anybody uses are AWD V12 builds. The tires don't give enough grip to worry too much about adjusting for drag racing.

So, for this, as much as I hate it, you're probably better off going AWD, V12 Twin turbo, Jack the suspension all the way up and stretch the gears a bit.

I've tried a few RWD builds and they're fast for sure, just very much a handful. 1008hp with not so grippy tires on a Syclone is a ton of fun and really fast but tricky to keep on the road. I doubt any of that helped you. Sorry.

Best I can do is have ya check out the FM6 Tuners garage, look for my drag tuning walkthrough. There might be something that'll help.

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#3 Posted : Wednesday, October 19, 2016 11:50:53 AM(UTC)
Alright message me write in the link and I'll check it out.and that's sad I want some real drag racing lol