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#26 Posted : Wednesday, February 26, 2014 5:41:38 AM(UTC)
Thank you so much for the informative post! I too am very new to Forza and am enjoying it thoroughly. Though I have found myself experimenting endlessly to try and find the right balance for me without really grasping what it was I was looking for. Hopefully, I can use the details here to further enhance my tuning experience with some glimpse of understanding what it is I am actually doing. I think the key for me is to understand how adjusting one item can impact other items I have tuned so that I know what to go back and look at. Definitely takes a lot of practice and is so different from car to car. Keep up the great work!
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#27 Posted : Tuesday, October 18, 2016 1:36:07 AM(UTC)
even though my profile is new, I've been around Forza since the beginning and Gran Turismo before that. My favorite "tuning" game to this day though ironically is Need For Speed Underground 2 lol. Maybe I remember it better than it really was...

anyway, this needs to seriously be stickied to every Forza game's "Tuner's Lounge". It's absolutely brilliant.

I have zero circle track experience, but I've been 9s in the quarter, over 200mph in a mile, and 1:29 at Mazda Laguna SECA in real life. So you could say I have some experience with pushing and tuning cars to their best as well.

this is so well written.
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