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#76 Posted : Thursday, August 18, 2016 9:44:51 AM(UTC)
Thanks for sharing the support ticket from ESL Noobertson. I would think that should confirm for everyone that it is top 50% of the Forza leaderboard, not the other way around where they recalculate the % based on how many registered players just happened to be in your division.
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#77 Posted : Sunday, September 4, 2016 1:14:56 PM(UTC)
The ForzaRC Finals have ended in a tie for points, so they're going for a 1v1 race to determine the winner of the Ford Focus RS


Winner! https://twitter.com/Forz...tatus/772548561149972480

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#78 Posted : Tuesday, September 6, 2016 4:50:00 PM(UTC)
If I posted a time on Monday, will I get the unicorn cars or not? Asking because I found the deadline really vague for some reason.
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#79 Posted : Tuesday, September 6, 2016 5:26:48 PM(UTC)
You had to post a time in the Rivals events named "Qualifying" before they closed on the 25th - the trio of other Rivals are just in the spirit of of the championship and do not offer rewards. See their descriptions.
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#80 Posted : Tuesday, September 6, 2016 5:33:31 PM(UTC)
Thanks, this helped put my confusion to rest. (No unicorns for me though)
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#81 Posted : Friday, September 23, 2016 5:33:33 AM(UTC)
Ok, got the carpass-code and the code for the Porsche-Pack.

I already gave both to a friend who had a tough time.

So now I want to give him the Nascar Code as well but who to contact?

Another friend of mine contacted the ESL and they said its the buizz of Turn 10.

I can prove to be among the 50 % in week 3 as I was in week 1 and week 2.

Please help

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Forza Motorsport 4 -> finally with active aero :D

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