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#26 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:07:18 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Difficulty and Assists

  • This appears to be the same list of options as in FH2. Increasing difficulty increases the bonus factor for event credit payout. Setting Braking and Steering to Assisted will make it easier for inexperienced users to just hit the gas and go.
  • Game Difficulty has preset options or allows Custom settings for each Assist.
  • Drivatar Difficulty affects the skill of your virtual opponents.
  • Assisted/On/Off level settings for Braking, Steering, Traction Control, Stability Control
  • Shifting: Automatic, Manual, Manual w/Clutch (requires sequential button press to shift correctly)
  • Driving Line: Off, Braking Only, Full. Green indicates speed up, while the line will turn yellow, orange, and red to suggest braking for turns.
  • Damage & Tire Wear. (in FH2: None, Cosmetic, Simulation)
  • Rewind.

Are there gas stations? What happens if I run out of fuel?
See discussion thread.
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#27 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:09:17 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Skills and Perks

See discussion thread.

From the in-game Help guide:
"Drive with style and build up a Skill chain. The more Skills you perform in a row, the bigger your chain. Don't crash or you'll lose all your score! Avoid a collision to bank your score, once you have enough you will earn a Skill Point to spend in the Skill Shop. You can unlock loads of great perks, including instant cash prizes, drift score multipliers, or even the ability to fast travel anywhere!"

Why did I only earn 3 points for a million score skill chain?
You earn a Skill Point after every accumulated 100,000 score but this is capped at 3 points per chain, so you won't get any more points for a chain above 300,000.

Tip: Head to the sand dunes near the airport or one of the plant fields, turn your radio to Timeless, and build your chain during a Skill Song. Timeless classical songs are longer than the other stations, and the constant jumping or wrecking fields makes it easy to build up your chain without worry of hitting objects or cars.


gameplay from Gamescom revealed many of the same Skills that appeared in FH2 and FH1. Skills are graded at higher levels for higher scores - Great, Awesome, Ultimate - 100 points for a basic skill, 275 for a Great skill (faster or longer etc), and so on. Combos earn 1000 score for performing two or more skills together.

Below is the list from FH2:

Originally Posted by: ManteoMax Go to Quoted Post
FH2 Skills List

Air - All four wheels off the ground.
Burnout - Accelerate to lose traction while on pavement.
Clean Racing - No collisions in an amount of time?
Drafting - Follow an opponent within a certain distance at over (50mph?)
Drift - Slide sideways for at least (10 meters?) without using the E-brake.
E-Drift - Use the E-brake to slide sideways for at least (10 meters)?
Near Miss - Pass a car you are not racing against at at least (50mph?)
One Eighty - Use the E-brake to spin your car around and accelerate in the opposite direction.
Pass - Pass a car you are racing against.
Sketchy Pass - Pass with damage?
Skill Chain - Accumulate a skill chain multiplier?
Speed - Travel (450 meters?) while doing more than (100mph?) the entire way.
Trading Paint - Scrape a car as you pass (opposite directions?)
Two Wheels - Drive on two wheels (different axles)
Wreckage - Hit something breakable.

Airborne Pass - Pass + Air
Clean Start - Start with no collisions
Crash Landing - Air + Wreckage
Daredevil - Near Miss + Near Miss + Near Miss
Drift Tap - Drift + ?
Ebisu Style - Drift + Air
Hard Charger - Start + Speed?
Kangaroo - Air + Air + Air
Landscaping - Wreckage on (rural items?)
Lucky Escape - Drift + Near Miss
Great Skill Chain - Skill Chain with higher multiplier
Road Open - Wreckage on traffic cones?
Showoff - Drift + Pass
Sideswipe - Drift + Wreckage
Slingshot - Draft + Pass
Threading the Needle - Pass + Near Miss + Near Miss
Trashman - Wreckage on (urban items?)
Triple Pass - Pass + Pass + Pass
Wrecking Ball - Wreckage + Wreckage + Wreckage?


ANNA introduces the Skill Shop after you have selected your second Festival site. The Skill Shop is found under the Progress tab of the pause menu. In each of the three groups, all players start with the ability to buy one Perk with their available Skill Points. Once the first perk has been purchase its tile will display as green, and it will unlock neighboring perks for purchase (white), and the perks displayed as grey tiles are locked. This means you'll need to buy a 1 point perk + 2 point perk + 5 point perk etc to get to a 10 point perk. Perks include temporary XP and CR bonuses, permanent XP and CR bonus factors, playground games advantages, features such as Drone Mode and Fast Travel to any location on the map (as opposed to just Festival Sites), and even three cars not available from the Autoshow.

Festival Boss Perks (points required and benefit)
  • Drone Mode - 1 - Anything you discover with Drone Mode is added to your Map - points of interest, locations, and even Barn Finds
  • Street Racer - 1 - Make open road racing go viral and get 25% extra Credits from Head-to-Head Races.
  • Bounty Drivatars - 1 - Attracts Drivatars to your Festival who will give a huge Credit reward to anyone who beats them.
  • Hot Lap Fever - 1 - Your PR team will run a campaign to attract extra sponsorship, earning you 10% more Credits in Rivals events.
  • Daily Double - 1 - Your Drivatar is famous! Generate double Credits from driving at other Festivals.
  • Expert Curator - 2 - The Horizon Media Team will push your created content so you get 25% more Credits from Tuning and Paint downloads.
  • Community Hero - 2 - Earn 20% more Credits for completing Blueprint Bucket Lists.
  • Horn Import - 2 - Your Horizon Mod team will obtain additional Car Horns for your cars.
  • Influence - 2 - Your Destination vote counts as two votes in Online Adventure.
  • Celebrity - 2 - Your Drivatar is lining up at other Festivals! Earn 50% more Credits for being hired to someone's Lineup.
  • Bounty Hunter - 3 - An Icon appears above Bounty Drivatars, making them easier to spot.
  • Join the Club - 3 - Earn 10% more Club XP for completing online races.
  • Horizon Promo - 3 - Unlock Horizon Promo - take photos of cars for cash!
  • Syndicate - 3 - Earn 10% more Credits from the Club League.
  • Rare Horn Import - 3 - Your Horizon Mod Team has scoured the world and obtained some rare Car Horns.
  • Spin It Again - 5 - Allows you to purchase extra Wheelspins with Credits. VIP Bonus does not apply in these Wheelspins.
  • Double Down - 10 - Earn double Credits from the next Exhibition event you complete.
  • Hot Lap Hero - 10 - Quadruple the Rivals bounty of the next player you beat in Rivals.
  • Pull Rank - 10 - Take advantage of being the Boss, and start at the front of the grid for the next 4 Campaign Races.
  • Champion - 10 - Earn 30% extra Credits from your next championship.
  • Dealership Discount - 10 - Your Horizon Garage Team will sweet talk Upgrade suppliers to give you a 10% discount in the Garage
  • In the Fast Lane - 10 - Permanent 10% increase in Event Finish XP.
  • Headliners - 10 - Your Drivatar Lineup is a hit with the Fans! Earn even more Fans, XP and Credits from your Lineup
  • Fast Travel Anywhere - 15 - The Fast Travel Anywhere Service is added to your Festival. Use the Map to instantly hop around Australia.
  • Exec Wheels - 20 - Drive around with some sweet executive style in the Bentley Continental GT.

  • Horizon Skill Song - 1 - Speak to your Horizon DJs and increase your Skill Multiplier much faster when a Skill Song is played.
  • Me and My Friends - 1 - Get in a Convoy and get noticed. Earn 10% more XP from Skills while in a Convoy.
  • Risk Taker - 1 - Your Near Miss Skill scores are increased by 10%
  • Behind You - 1 - Your Drafting Skill scores are incrased by 10%
  • Seek and Destroy - 1 - Drivatars will look for secrets and help you discover collectables while in a Convoy.
  • Immune System - 2 - You start games of Infected in a ghosted state for 15s unless you start as the first Infected player.
  • Ghost King - 2 - Your ghost state lasts 2s longer when you become King.
  • Addicted to Destruction - 2 - Earn 10% toward your Skill Score for Wreckage Skills.
  • Passing the Pack - 2 - Earn 20% more Skill score for Pass Skills.
  • Escape Artist - 2 - Ghosting in Flag Rush lasts 1 second longer.
  • Love Tap - 3 - Earn 500% more Skill score for Drift Tap skills.
  • Pilot Wings - 3 - Earn 20% more toward your Skill score for Air Skills
  • Drift Star - 3 - Your Drift and E-Drift Skill Scores are increased by 10%
  • Radio Star - 3 - Skill Songs are a hit around the Festival. The DJs will play Skill Songs more often.
  • Wombo Combo - 3 - Earn 10% more toward your Skill score from Combo Skills.
  • Skill Legend - 5 - Keep that Skill Chain rolling! Your Skill Multiplier can go to 6.
  • Hang On - 5 - Your Skill Chain ends 1s later than normal.
  • Skill Shortcut - 5 - Your Skills Multiplier builds twice as fast.
  • It's Not Easy Being Clean - 10 - The Horizon crowd wants to see clean racing! Earn 100% more Skill Score for Clean Skills.
  • Skills Boss - 10 - You earn an extra 25% XP from Skills banked in Freeroam.
  • The XP Bump - 10 - Earn triple Skills XP from the next 3 Campaign races.
  • Taking Requests - 10 - Convince the Horizon DJs to play a Skill Song. This does not include tracks played on Groove Music.
  • Made to Order - 10 - Flash your Horizon Boss badge so that the next car you buy will be discounted by 5%
  • Mechanic - 10 - Your next Upgrade Checkout at the Garage is free.
  • When in Rome - 30 - Rock Australia like it's Italy in the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera

Instant Rewards
  • Fingers Crossed - 1 - Hope you get what you want. Get an instant Wheelspin. VIP Bonus does not apply to this Wheelspin.
  • Magazine Spot - 1 - The Horizon Festival is getting globally advertised in magazines. Get an instant 15,000 XP.
  • Relocation Bonus - 1 - A little something to help you get settled. Say... 25,000 CR?
  • Local Hero - 1 - The Festivalgoeers in Byron Bay are noticing you. Get an instant 15,000 XP.
  • Push Your Luck - 1 - There's no such thing as luck when you're the boss. Get an instant Wheelspin. VIP Bonus does not apply.
  • Australian Hero - 2 - The Australian people have embraced you and the Festival. Get an instant 20,000 XP.
  • Summer Bonus - 2 - The sun is shinging, and Fans are lining the stands. Get an instant bonus of 30,000 CR.
  • I Feel the Need - 2 - You're making a name for yourself on the street scene. Get an instant 20,000 XP.
  • Cash Injection - 2 - You're nailing it as the new Boss. Get an instant 30,000 CR.
  • Radio Spot - 2 - Get the Horizon DJs to takeover worldwide radio. Get an instant 20,000 XP.
  • Household Name - 3 - Everybody Knows your name. Get an instant 50,000 CR.
  • Worldwide Hero - 3 - You are an International Superstar. Get an instant 25,000 XP.
  • Lucky Hit - 3 - You're the Boss, and you get to enjoy spinning the wheel too. Get an instant Wheelspin. VIP Bonus does not apply.
  • Boss of the People - 3 - You can't even take a cruise at 5:00 a.m. without meeting someone who knows your name. Get an instant 25,000 XP.
  • Sponsorship Deal - 3 - You secured a new sponsor for the Festival. They gave you 50,000 CR to sweeten the deal.
  • TV Spot - 5 - Horizon will hit all major international TV networks. Get an instant 30,000 XP.
  • International Superstar - 5 - Fans shower the street with cash as you drive by. Get an instant 100,000 CR.
  • Level Up - 5 - You've reached new heights in your career. Get an instant 30,000 XP.
  • Money Magnet - 5 - Your reign as Horizon Boss is legendary - have 100,000 CR!
  • Annual Bonus - 5 - The Horizon Festival is a certified success. You can't have a vacation, but you can have 30,000 XP.
  • Prize Time - 10 - A little gift from the sponsors! Get an instant Wheelspin. VIP Bonus does not apply in this Wheelspin.
  • Experienced - 10 - Your time as the Boss is paying off. Get 40,000 XP.
  • Small Wonder - 10 - All eyes on you as you cruise around Australia in the 1965 Mini Cooper S.
  • Hot Prospect - 10 - Everyone is looking at you now. Get an instant 40,000 XP.
  • Spinball Wizard - 10 - Of course it's not rigged! Get an instant Wheelspin. VIP Bonus does not apply to this Wheelspin.

See these perks in spreadsheet form at www.ManteoMax.com

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FH3 FAQ: Navigation

"Automated Natural Navigation Assistant, or ANNA for short, will help you navigate the world, and suggest events to setup. You can communicate with ANNA through voice commands or by using the D-pad. She can suggest what you should do next, fast travel you to Festival sites, sets routes, start an online session, communicate with your convoy, and more!"^ See discussion thread.

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FH3 FAQ: Environment, Landmarks, Weather

Regions and Ecotypes
"Just like the real place, the Australia of Forza Horizon 3 is absolutely massive – in fact, it’s is twice as big as Forza Horizon 2’s map. More importantly, Forza Horizon 3’s vision of Australia captures the spectacular natural beauty, the tremendous diversity, and the environmental variety that makes the country one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world."^ There are six ecotypes in the world of FH3.^ See discussion thread.

Why am I stuck at 19/21 Landmarks discovered?
Multiple users are reporting this issue, which may be missing Outback and Yarra Valley, or may be related to the two upcoming DLCs in the Expansion Pass (or other reason) - see discussion thread. Driving through each area will add their names to the map:
Byron Bay
Coober Pedy
Dry Resevoir
Great Ocean Road
Kiewa Valley
Ormiston Gorge
Maroondah Dam
Maroondah Reservoir
Maroondah Waterfall
Parkes Satellite Array
Pink Lakes
Redstone Airport
Redstone Gold Mine
Silver Sands Shipwrecks
Surfer's Paradise
Timber Mill
The Twelve Apostles
Westpoint Tower

There are also 13 Beauty Spots to discover which offer cutscene views:
Byron Bay
Glass House Mountain
Great Ocean Road
Ormiston Gorge
The Outback
Maroondah Rainforest
Maroondah Reservoir
Maroondah Waterfall
Parkes Satellite Array
Pink Lakes
Silver Sands Shipwrecks
Surfers Paradise
The Twelve Apostles

See discussion thread about animals in the game, which include kangaroos, crocodiles, and dingos. Don't expect any roadkill in the game.

Can I change the speed of the Day/Night cycle, or stop it? Can I set the weather?
See discussion thread about Day/Night cycle.

Does night temperature affect car performance?

What happens if my car doesn't have rain tires on in wet conditions?

What happens if I drive too far into the ocean?
You can drive through rivers and into the surf in FH3, but if you go to far into lakes or the ocean then your car will automatically be returned to the shoreline. This also happens if you move the Drone too far over the water.

Are there gas stations? What happens if I run out of fuel?
There are no refill service stations in the game, so if you run out of fuel in the Outback you'll probably have to Fast Travel to a Festival Site. Try also going to the Pause Menu, open Photo Mode, and press Left Button to reset damage. See discussion thread.

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FH3 FAQ: Map

Partial map revealed as of gamescom
Originally Posted by: ConverseFox Go to Quoted Post

FH3 current known map with 1 mile square grid.

Fast Travel
Instead of driving the long way you can purchase Fast Travel from the Map to instantly travel to a Festival site. This will cost 10,000 credits each time you travel minus an amount for each Fast Travel Bonus Board you have smashed. Unlocking the Fast Travel perk from the Skill Shop will allow you to travel to any road point on the map instead of just the Festival Sites.

Treasure Map
The Treasure Map is a DLC purchase that reveals all discovery items on the map: cameras, signs, bonus boards, and hints to Barn Finds.

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FH3 FAQ: Drivatars - Opponents, Hiring/Firing Friends, Convoys

What's a Drivatar?
"Whereas other racing games use a standard and time-tested form of artificial intelligence, Forza actually learns from the driving behavior of actual players. The data it learns from watching you play is saved as a driving avatar – a Drivatar. Since the first Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox, the feature has evolved, and starting with last year’s Forza Motorsport 5 debut on the Xbox One, your Drivatar moved to the cloud, ready to be called upon to race other players. It’s not online play, and it’s not a straight recording of you driving a particular track – it’s something much more complex and interesting. . . . Instead of a whole pack of cars all following pretty much the same line, you see noticeable differences in driving styles. Some opponents will brake earlier, some later; some will corner more sharply to set up for a future turn, others will try to maintain speed with wider turns; some may even use your car to bounce off of in tight turns. The Drivatars of advanced drivers use real racing tactics and even setup strategies multiple corners in advance." - Xbox Wire, 2014^

Can I train my Drivatar to drift?
See discussion thread.

Do Drivatar opponents in races match my car's PI, or do I have to upgrade?
See discussion thread.

Your Drivatar Earns Credits
"A Drivatar version of you then appears in other players' games and earns you Credits!"^ Drivatar payouts are reported daily to your Message Center and indicate how many lineups your Drivatar is in and how many times it has been hired and fired.

Hiring and Firing Drivatars
"With the new Drivatar Lineup feature, you can hire a friend’s Drivatar just be finding them in the world and beating them in a race. Once you’ve got them onboard, you’ll earn rewards based on their performance in the Horizon Festival. With only a limited amount of slots available, you’ll only want to keep your highest-performing friends in your Festival – and you’ll be informed how things are progressing each time you log on to the game. If your friend isn’t getting the job done, let them go and look for another hot shoe to take their place."^ A "D" symbol above cars in the HUD indicates the Drivatars you've hired.^

While driving in freeroam you can use ANNA or honk at Drivatars to have them join your Convoy. You can have up to four Drivatars in a convoy.^ "ANNA can start a race with your Convoy, or disband it. You can also disband your Convoy on the Pause Menu by pressing View."^

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FH3 FAQ: Festival and Solo Career

You're in Charge
"In previous Forza Horizon games, you’ve been a participant in the world’s biggest cars and music festival. In Forza Horizon 3, you’re the boss. That means you’ll be making the big decisions that affect the festival. From choosing when and where to expand the festival sites, all the way down to the music that is played and the events that take place – the decisions are up to you. Your goal is to win fans until your festival is the most popular in the world."^ See discussion thread.

Who are the characters and voice actors in FH3?
See discussion thread about the characters. See discussion thread about voice actors. Daniel Lapaine voices the driver heard in the E3 demo.^

How do I unlock Festival Sites, Festival Expansions and Showcases?
"Earn Fans! Complete PR Stunts, Race events and Bucket List challenges to earn Fans for your Festival. You can see your current Fan goal in the top right of the Pause Menu."^

Build Festival Sites
"You can construct up to four Festival sites throughout Forza Horizon 3. You can build one site at the beginning of the game, and three more as you earn Fans."^ "As you gain new fans, you’ll be able to expand your Festival sites! Each time a Festival site is expanded, more races, PR stunts and Bucket Lists unlock for you to setup. Each Festival site can be expanded to a maximum of four times."^ "Take part in Exhibitions, Championships and PR Stunts to earn Fans. The more popular your Festival is, the more locations you can build and expand. Having loads of Fans also unlocks Showcase events!"^

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#33 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:22:41 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Music Stations and Making Your Own Playlists


Radio Station List
"Once you have opened your first Festival, you can sign radio stations for your Festival! You use the radio in your car to tune into the stations you have signed at any time. Press the D-pad left and right to change radio station, or turn off the radio. As you progress you’ll be able to unlock more and more radio stations."^
"We started by adding more radio stations – featuring new music styles like hip hop, heavy rock and punk – alongside Horizon favorite stations like Bass Arena and Horizon Pulse. Forza Horizon 3 will feature stations from labels like Hospital Records, Epitaph Records, and Vagrant Records, as well as the latest music from cutting-edge Australian label Future Classic. That’s more radio stations, covering a broader range of music, than ever before."^ There are 9 total radio stations in FH3. "All radio stations combined in Horizon 2 came out to around 5 hours of music."^ See discussion thread for the list of channels and songs in FH3.
  • Horizon Pulse
  • Horizon Bass Arena
  • Horizon Block Party
  • Epitaph
  • Vagrant
  • Future Classics
  • Hospital Records
  • Levante FM (classical)
  • Groove Music - set your own playlist

See discussion thread for song wishlists.
See discussion thread for user playlists suggestions.

Skill Song
"Pay attention to the radio DJ, occasionally they will announce the beginning of a Skill Song. During the next song, you’ll earn double Skill Score for all your skills!"^


Groove Radio
"Groove Radio lets players stream their own personal music collection from the cloud – just add your music to your OneDrive, create a playlist in Groove Music on Windows 10, and Horizon 3 will stream that playlist into your game on Xbox One and Windows 10."^ See the Groove and OneDrive FAQ and discussion thread for setting up your own playlist with Groove. You can make multiple playlists and choose them from the in-game Audio Settings.^ See also www.microsoft.com/en-us/groove

Which song formats are supported? MP3, M4A (AAC), WMA ripped from iTunes, Amazon, CDs etc (excl. DRM)
What is the song limit? 50,000
Is there a song length limit? No.^
Can the game shuffle the songs? No, the music will be played in the order listed in your folder.^
Can I skip songs in my own playlist? Yes, switching stations back and forth skips to the next song in Groove. Playlists begin from the top each time you start playing the game.^
Will the volume automatically adjust to game voice overs? Yes.^
Will the name and artist appear in the HUD? Yes (excl. strange characters)^
Is OneDrive Business supported? No, just personal accounts.^
Are Groove Music subscriptions supported? Groove Radio supports both OneDrive and Groove Music Pass subscriptions.^
Is Groove Music Pass required? No, playing OneDrive music is free.
Can I stream music from my Spotify collection? No.^
Can players share their custom soundtrack?
Can Groove songs contain explicit lyrics?

"Additionally, at launch all Horizon 3 players will receive a 14 day free Groove Music trial, with no obligations, just a press of a button from within the game (no credit card required). So...in addition to your OneDrive music, you'll have access to the millions of songs on the Groove Music service to drive to. When this 14 day trial expires, you will still have the option to go to the Groove Music app and use the various trial/subscription options offered there if you'd like to continue using it. You'll still be able to stream your music from OneDrive on the Groove Music station in game regardless. Of course while this trial is active, you can listen to Groove Music and manage your playlists on any device that supports it (Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, etc)"^

Background music on Xbox
The Xbox console apps Groove, Pandora, Simple Music App, and VLC can be used to play your music in the background while you play the game. Background music does not override in-game music stations. See Getting Started With Background Music on Xbox One.

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#34 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:23:44 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Racing Event Types

"Use your map to find a nearby race, and drive over to start it. When you finish you’ll be awarded with Fans, Credits and XP! You can also customise any Exhibition race by selecting Blueprint. You can change the weather, number of laps, car restrictions and more. You’re the boss so you decide!"^

Will we have to drive supercars cross country in events?
"I think this time around you'll find more appropriate car groups assigned to cross country events. That said, you can tinker with any event using Horizon Blueprint, so if you don't like the restrictions, you can change them."^

How does event scoring work?
See discussion thread.

Are there Mod Cards in FH3 like in FM6?
"Mod cards are not part of Horizon 3."^

"Showcases are special races which pit you in a one on one versus a whole different vehicle! They are huge spectacles and will draw huge crowds. Expect to draw in tons of Fans from these events."^ "After racing in every Showcase you’ll be running the greatest racing Festival in the world!"^

"Once you’ve expanded your Festival sites sufficiently, Championships will start to become available. Every race event has a Championship at that location, if you’ve unlocked enough other races. These are a collection races you will participate in one at a time. You’ll score points for your position at the end of each. Have the most points at the end of the championship to win! You can also Blueprint championships just like Exhibitions, and customize the event to your heart’s desire. You need to have unlocked every route that is part of a championship to race in it, so don’t worry if you don’t have many championships to play yet, just keep expanding your Festival sites and soon you’ll have unlocked Championships galore."^

Bucket List
"While in Australia, there are some things you just HAVE to do! Whether it’s; Cause Carnage in a Rally Fighter, or Hit a Speed Trap at 250mph, one thing is certain, it will be an unforgettable experience. Bucket List challenges will appear on your map for constructing and expanding Festival sites, complete them to earn Fans!"^

PR Stunts
"PR Stunts become available as you build and expand Festival sites. Each PR Stunt has targets for 1, 2 or 3 stars. Hit the targets to earn Fans, the more stars you achieve, the more Fans you earn. There are four kinds of PR Stunts, Speed Traps, Speed Zones, Drift Zones and Danger Signs."^
  • Speed Traps - "Speed Traps simply require you to speed through them as fast as you can. Your score is the speed you are doing when passing between the speed cameras."^
  • Speed Zones - "Speed Zones require you to maintain speed within the zone. Drive quickly from one end of the zone to the other, your score is determined by your average speed throughout the Speed Zone."^
  • Drift Zones - "Drift Zones award you score by performing stylish drifts. The faster you are travelling and the better the drift angle, the more quickly your points will rack up. Drift between one end of the Drift Zone to the other to score the most amount of points you can!"^
  • Danger Signs - "Danger Signs are a ramp or cliff-edge that just begs to be driven off of. Smash through the signs at high speed and see how far you can jump! The further you jump, the higher score you’ll receive!"^

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#35 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:24:24 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Blueprint event customization

Blueprint allows you to customize any event on the map with your own choice of cars by Themes, Car Types, or even specific models. You can set the Time of Day, Weather, and Time Progression. You can name the event and as soon as you create the event your friends will see it and be able to play it too. See this gamescom demo gameplay featuring Blueprint settings. See discussion thread.

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#36 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:26:41 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Progress

Horizon Promo
Horizon Promo is a challenge in the Progress menu to photograph every car in the game. (Photos do not need to be saved to count.) It is unlocked in the Skill Shop under the Festival Boss group. Each model photographed earns some credits, and bonus credits are awarded at tiers of every 20 or 10 cars. The full list includes all Autoshow, DLC, Barn Finds, Midnight Battle, Horizon Edition, Skill Shop, exclusive bonus cars (#Forzathon awards), and some traffic cars, but you do not need to own cars or their DLC in order to capture them. The last "Next Bonus" tier will always be unreachable until more cars are added to exceed that number (for example, if you have captured 488/488, the next tier will show as 490).

Tip: Traffic often spawns similar models to the one you drive, and similarly you can use Exhibitions and Blueprint to make it easy to capture multiple cars at the same time.

The 14 traffic cars that can't be owned:

2010 Abarth 500 esseesse (front plate)
2004 Audi S4
2000 BMW 323ti Sport
2011 BMW X5 M
2006 Ford Transit Diesel (front plate)
2014 Ford FPV Limited Edition Pursuit Ute (front plate)
2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec S
2010 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 (front plate)
2004 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG
2009 Mercedes-Benz A200 Turbo Coupe
2009 MINI John Cooper Works
1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
2005 Subaru Legacy B4 2.0 GT
2008 Toyota Yaris S

For new additions and the current Horizon Promo count, see the DLC thread.

Discovery Stats can be found under the Progress menu:
  • 50 Fast Travel Boards Smashed
  • 100 XP Bonus Boards Smashed
  • 488 Roads Discovered
  • 19 Landmarks Discovered
  • 13 Beauty Spots Discovered
  • 29 Speed Traps Triggered
  • 21 Speed Zones Triggered
  • 16 Danger Signs Completed
  • 17 Drift Zones Completed
  • 30 Bucket List events completed
  • 15 Barn Finds Discovered (at launch, plus additions)

    How can I fill the remaining Barn Find slots?
    March and April Forzathon events included Barn Find rumors that will not come up now that the Forzathon events have expired. You can obtain the cars from the Auction House but they will not fill the blacked out spaces in the Barn Find menu.

    Campaign Stats include:
  • 5 Showcases Won
  • 63 Exhibitions Completed
  • 63 Championships Completed
  • 16 Street Races Won
  • 4 Midnight Battles Won

Why can't I reach 100% completion? I've done everything on the map.
The addition of expansion packs has caused some stats errors. If your stats are reduced after playing Blizzard Mountain or Hot Wheels, go back to the main map and set a new personal best time on any event in the the affected stat (Danger Signs etc) and the stat should update to complete. On Blizzard Mountain try completing the Kingmaker event again.

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#37 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:27:23 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Achievements List

There are 64 Achievements for FH3 listed in the Gone Gold announcement on August 30. Achievement progress carries over between Xbox and PC gamesaves as part of Play Anywhere. See discussion thread.

(reordered to group similar actions and increasing point value)

28 Achievements worth 500 gamerscore points added with the Blizzard Mountain Expansion DLC released December 13, 2016:

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#38 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:29:23 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Game Economy and Income methods

Loyalty Rewards and Forza Rewards
Players can start the game with up to a dozen cars gifted to them based on their Forza Rewards tier, previous franchise gameplay, and FH2/FM6 VIP DLC ownership.^ After launch players may receive additional rewards from Forza Rewards. See discussion thread.

Why am I receiving a lower number of Forza Rewards in the game than the number shown in the Forza Hub app?
The Forza Hub app shows the total amount redeemed over the life of the program, often in the millions of credits. The number of credits received in game is the correct figure, a maximum of 500,000 for Tier 11 players as of the release of FH3. See the Forza Rewards FAQ for the breakdown of credits per Tier per redeem period.

Economic structure
The game awards players XP, credits, and Fans at the completion of events. The credit payout is calculated by: the event; a bonus factor for your difficulty and assists; and a lineup bonus for hiring drivatars to appear in your races. You can hire up to 4, and some will earn more than others.^ XP is calculated by: the event; the Lineup bonus; your Skills; and a Clean Racing bonus.^ Credits are used to buy cars for your garage. Fans enable you to build and upgrade Festival Sites. Leveling up with XP triggers a Wheelspin opportunity to win credits or a car (see below). See discussion thread.

Is there a level cap?
After a player levels up to 999, the numbers are replaced by a star. See discussion thread.

Is there a credits cap?
A player's credits total will stop increasing at 999 million. See discussion thread.

When your XP total reaches the next level you will earn a spin for a random award of credits or cars. VIPs earn "VIP wheel spins with extra rewards each time you level up."

Bonus Boards
A counter for Bonus Boards is seen in the gamescom demo gameplay video. Benefits TBA.

VIP Benefits
VIP DLC owners earn "VIP wheel spins with extra rewards each time you level up." VIPs also receive "community gifts,"^ which in past games have been gift cars with custom liveries.

Horizon Edition Cars
"If you’re very lucky, you might manage to find yourself with a Horizon Edition Car! These cars always come with a unique designs and special bonuses. The bonuses could a multiplier for certain skills, Credits or XP! As for how to acquire them, you’ll have to figure that out on your own!"^

Drivatar Credits
"A Drivatar version of you then appears in other players' games and earns you Credits!"^

Shared Designs/Tuning setup Credits
Players receive credits on a daily basis tallied in their Message Center, showing number of downloads, uses, and likes.

Auction House
"The Auction House is where you can sell your cars to other players or bid on auctions yourself! Check out the hot deals, or search for just the cars you’re after. Cars on the Auction House can come with fantastic liveries and/or great tuning. Whether you’re after speed or style, you can get what you need from the Auction House. Also, if you prove yourself as a great painter or tuner, you can sell your cars at a premium!"^

Why is the maximum buy out limit for my auction lower than other players for the same car?
The buy out limit can be set higher for Legendary status painters. See the Storefront post in this FAQ for details on status levels.

Why did I receive fewer credits than the final bid price on my auction?
"By design, Auction House transactions are subject to an auction closing fee that is based on the amount of the transaction."^ A portion is also taken out based on the use of other creators vinyls or designs on the car.

Horizon Promo
"Once you have unlocked it from the Skill Shop, you will be able to benefit from Horizon Promo! Every time you take a picture of a car you haven’t photographed before you’ll receive a Credit prize. See how many cars you can catch on camera!"^

Turn 10 hosts regular photo and livery contests on the forums which in the past have earned credits and even gift cars. Other contests sponsored by Xbox may include DLC, consoles, and branded merchandise. Follow the Contest and Gift List thread for these opportunities.

"Contains in-app purchases."^

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#39 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:30:31 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Storefronts

Are there centralized storefronts in FH3?
"Storefront is the place where players can show off their latest creations – including liveries, tuning setups, photos, and custom vinyl creations. You can easily follow someone whose Storefront creations you like, and you’ll be informed each time they create something new. Best of all, Auction House and Storefront features will work seamlessly across both Xbox One and Windows 10."^

Can I import designs and tuning files from my other Forza games?
Designs and tuning setups can be imported from Xbox One games Forza Motorsport 6, Forza Horizon 2, and Forza Motorsport 5 provided that the car exists in both games.
^ Note however that the PI system has been adjusted in FH3 and your setup may no longer be at the top of its class.

Can I sell designs I've imported from my other games?
Your own designs, Yes.

How do I earn credits or achievements from selling designs and tuning setups? Can I set the price?
When you share vinyls, designs, and tuning setups, you do so without setting a price. Any player can download the items from the curated menu or your Storefront, and you will receive credits for Downloads, Uses, and Likes each day as tallied in your Message Center.

Can I export my FH3 designs and setups to other Forza games?

Can I share unlocked designs and tuning setups with my Club members to work on cooperative projects?
No, although you can share vinyls which others can download and incorporate into their own design. See discussion thread.

Is there a limit to the number of files I can save?
There is a limit of 300 designs (including files downloaded from other players) and 100 photos. If your limit is full and you attempt to save a file, you will see "You have too many saves of this file type. Please delete some from the file manager before saving any more." You can save a design to your car and then delete the file from your save list to free up room.

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#40 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:32:13 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: #Forzathon

"Forza Horizon 3 will include new weekly challenges dubbed Forzathon, Playground Games creative director Ralph Fulton told Polygon today at Gamescom. The feature will include weekly, themed competitions where players can win prizes not available in other parts of the game. Challenges start in October, just after the game's Sept. 27 launch on PC and Xbox One. Of note is the event Oct. 14, when players can win a Nissan Silvia S14, and an unannounced event Oct. 28-30. News on that event is still incoming, though Fulton said players will be able to win and drive a vehicle that "has never been drivable in Forza before, which you will not believe."^ "Currently, rewards include a comedy horn pack and a Nissan Silvia S14 unlock. Forzathon competitions can be single-day or multi-day, and many of the rewards offered will be available only through completion of the challenge (although Fulton was keen to stress that popular rewards would be re-used in multiple events). "[The challenges] might be really simple," explained Fulton, "or they might be really fiendish.""^ See discussion thread.

"From the Garage you can change your car horn. Many are available to begin with, but earn Credits and take part in #Forzathon to get even more!"^

"The M12S Warthog CST will be available at launch for Forza Horizon 3, and will be sent as a free download to everyone who has played either Halo 5: Guardians or Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One. Eligible players will receive codes to download the Warthog via an Xbox Live Message, and codes will begin to be sent out during the week of September 5. In addition, players who have not played an Xbox One Halo game will still have the chance to earn the Warthog via a special #Forzathon event coming to Forza Horizon 3 in October."^

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#41 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:34:06 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Auction House

"With the Auction House, players will be able to buy and sell cars between one another and the Auction House will act as a hub for fans to find the coolest cars, with striking paint jobs and fantastic tunes. The Auction House will feature a new rating system for painters and tuners based on how many downloads, likes, and uses their creations have, so browsers can quickly identify the community’s top creators. . . . Best of all, Auction House and Storefront features will work seamlessly across both Xbox One and Windows 10."^ See discussion thread.

Can you buy DLC cars in the Auction house?
Players who own the DLC for a particular car will be able to buy and sell those DLC cars in the Auction House, but players who don't own the DLC will get an error message when trying to bid on DLC cars. All players can bid on Horizon Edition cars as well as other exclusive cars (Forzathon, Barn Finds, etc). See discussion thread.

Why did I get less than the bid price for a car I sold on the Auction House?
Like real life, the Auction House takes a commission on sales, which increases due to price and other player paints and tuning setups applied to the car.

How is it that other sellers can set a higher Buy Out price for the same car I'm selling?
Users who have Legendary status as a painter or tuner have the benefit of higher Auction House ranges.

Why do I keep getting a Bid Failed message?
The Auction House has a limit on the number of transactions within a 24 hour period. Come back the next day and try again. In unusual cases, rebooting your equipment may clear error messages.

Where is the car I won? Where are my credits?
Make sure you complete each auctioned car by selecting it and claiming the car or your credits so they are added to your garage or account. If you are certain you have done this and apparently lost credits or cars while trying to claim them, first reboot and check again. Report it in the Support forum and to forzafb@microsoft.com with your details so the case can be investigated.

This video via Good Games shows the Auction House and Auctions menu:

Details: Seller, "Legend Painter," "Legend Tuner," Highest Bidder, Highest Bid, Buy Out price, Time Remaining, plus Auction Options and Auction Alerts

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#42 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 2:50:35 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Cars

How many cars are in the game?
Cars have been added to the game every month since launch and as of May 2017 there will be over 500 models that can be driven in the game.
  • 334 standard models in the Autoshow. The list of "over 350 cars" announced at E3 available at launch (including Autoshow, Barn Finds, Skill Shop, and Midnight Battle models) plus launch DLC (VIP, All Stars, and pre-order bonuses) was revealed on August 23.
  • 3 Skill Shop models
  • 4 Midnight Battle models
  • 21 Barn Find models (15 at launch, others added with content updates)
  • 33 Horizon Edition variants
  • 19 Exclusive Bonus models (Forzathon awards - see DLC thread for ongoing additions)
  • 89 DLC models (Pre-Order, VIP, monthly, expansions - see DLC thread for ongoing additions)

See a full list of the cars (with comparison to previous Forza games) at my online spreadsheet linked at ManteoMax.com and the visual online database at www.KudosPrime.com and also see the Confirmed Car List discussion thread for other sightings.

Which Manufacturers are in FH3?
As of May 2017 there are 93 makes in game search filters:
AMG (Halo Warthog) Abarth, Acura, Alfa Romeo, Alumi Craft, AMC, Ariel, Aston Martin, Audi, BAC, Baldwin, Bentley, BMW, Bowler, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Caterham, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Datsun, Dodge, Donkervoort, Ferrari, FIAT, Ford, GMC, HDT (DLC), Hennessey, Holden, Honda, Hot Wheels (DLC), Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Koenigsegg, KTM, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Local Motors, Lotus, Maserati, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Meyers, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Opel, Pagani, Penhall, Peugeot, Plymouth, Polaris, Pontiac, Porsche (DLC/Forzathon) Ram, Reliant, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Saleen, Shelby, Spania GTA (DLC), SRT, Subaru, Sunbeam (content update), Talbot (DLC), TAMO (gift), Terradyne (content update), Tesla, Toyota, TVR, Ultima, Vauxhall, Volvo, W Motors, Zenvo (DLC)

What happened to Volkswagen?
"Unfortunately, we can’t always align our fans’ desires with the interests of every licensor, as is the case with Volkswagen in Forza Horizon 3. As a result, we’re unable to include VW in the game. Naturally, there are tons of VW fans here at Turn 10 and Playground Games and we’re as disappointed to share this update as our fans are to hear it. We hope to be able to restore VW to Forza games in the future."^ See discussion thread.

When will Porsche be added?
Turn 10 and Porsche announced a six-year partnership on April 12, 2017^. The Porsche Car Pack is a paid DLC pack of seven models, while additional Porsche models have been added to the game for free as Forzathon awards. See the DLC thread for pack and content update details.

Why are cars from previous Forza games not carried over into FH3?
"Sometimes it's a choice we made to make room for another car we felt was more important for the title. Game design balance might be a factor. Or disc space: there's only so much room on the physical disc. Project budget or schedule impact another: porting and licensing cars from earlier titles in addition to building and licensing new cars all come with resource cost we have to prioritize. Sometimes we decide that a car has been made redundant by a higher trim version or newer model that otherwise is too similar to an older model to justify both. Sometimes we are unable to license a particular car by a manufacturer, or any car by a manufacturer (or even multiple OEMs represented by the same agency) for one reason or another, even if it was in last year's game. There are quite a few cars in the community top 100 list that fall under this category, but we'll keep trying. There's a reason that no other racing game features so many manufacturers: it's really hard! It takes a dedicated team of professional licensing and legal experts working year-round to maintain strong relationships with OEMs, race teams, and the agencies and lawyers who represent them, as well negotiating ever-changing contract terms, costs, and often changing personal contacts. The desire to have every car that has appeared in Forza to be included in every new Forza is understandable, but to expect that is just not realistic from a game design, licensing, or business perspective."^ "Cars we shipped on Xbox 360 don't take as much time and resource to rebuild for current gen as all-new cars, but they still take a considerable amount of effort that has to be weighed against adding all new cars. We're well aware of the community's top 100 cars for FM6 (many of which carry over into FH3 wish lists) now thanks to ManteoMax's compiled list, and we'll continue to tick those off as well as we can moving forward."^

Why are Chevy SS models spelled out as Super Sport?
"Changes to the Super Sport models In Forza 6 were made in association with Chevrolet in order to align with the brand's global naming strategies."^ See discussion thread.


Are there Unicorn cars in FH3?
The concept of Unicorns - cars only available as a gift from Turn 10 - has changed from previous Forza games. There are multiple types of cars and models not listed in the Autoshow that are available from regular or timed (Forzathon) gameplay. Once the cars are available to players, they can all be sold through the Auction House, and used by all in shared Bucket List Blueprint events.
Types are described below; see the growing list of exclusive models in the DLC thread.

Most car models that are paid DLC can be purchased through the Marketplace tab or any Festival Site Autoshow (DLC Cars or View All and select). Each regular monthly car pack has a 'hero' car that can only be obtained by purchasing the entire pack, while the other models are available as individual DLC. Some individual car models (Pre-Order variants and promotional livery variants of existing models) are not available to purchase from the Marketplace or Store. The player must own the correct DLC in order to bid/win a model from another player in the Auction House, but all DLC models can be made available to other players as Bucket List Blueprint featured cars. DLC cars can be driven anywhere where you can drive regular Autoshow models (main map, expansion modes, multiplayer). DLC cars can be encouraged to appear for the Horizon Promo photo challenge by driving in a similar Type car or customizing a Blueprint race.

Barn Finds
Barn Finds are cars hidden around the map that are not available to buy from the Autoshow. Regular gameplay progress will trigger a barn find rumor (mentioned by a radio DJ and alerted on screen) which will place a purple circle around an area on the map. You must then search the area with your car or Drone to find the barn's exact location, revealing it as a bright purple house icon:

Barn Finds are found in structures with a specific style of door.

Once triggered, a cut scene will play and the car will be sent to your garage, but not immediately: the car will be put through a restoration process which takes time or you can speed it up by paying credits. Now fully restored, the car will be available to use like your other cars, with upgrades and paint. Each barn find model can only be collected once from the map location, but you may be able to buy additional cars of that model from other players in the Auction House. In addition to the 15 Barn Finds at launch, additional Barn Finds have been added with content updates. Some can only be unlocked with a particular Forzathon challenge, but you can still obtain them in the Auction House. See the Routes and Discovery thread for list of models (spoiler!).

Horizon Edition Cars - when will they all be available?
"If you’re very lucky, you might manage to find yourself with a Horizon Edition Car! These cars always come with a unique designs and special bonuses. The bonuses could a multiplier for certain skills, Credits or XP! As for how to acquire them, you’ll have to figure that out on your own!"^ Horizon Edition cars are variants of existing models in the game, usually tuned up and with body kits installed. HE cars also have special bonus factors, multiplying your Skills, Speed Skills, Drift Skills, Destruction, XP, or CR. HE models appear in Wheelspins, and once owned they can be sold in the Auction House for a minimum bid of 200,000 and minimum buyout of 5.5 million CR. Anyone can buy and use HE cars obtained from the Auction House. At launch only 11 out of 33 HE models were available from Wheelspins, and the selection has been rotated in later months. See discussion thread.

Skill Points cars
You must fist progress through the game to unlock the Skill Shop menu, then earn Skill Points from driving, then spend the points on Perks to get to the point of buying each car with points. Three cars are available from the Skill Shop in the Progress menu. You can only collect each model once with this method but may find duplicates available from other players in the Auction House.

Midnight Battle cars
Challenge Drivatars in traffic to a race to unlock Street Races, and complete Street Races to unlock Midnight Battle events. Win a Midnight Battle event to earn the opponent's car for your garage. There are four Midnight Battle models. You can only collect each model once with this method but may find duplicates available from other players in the Auction House.

Exclusive bonus cars - Forzathon
In-game timed Forzathon challenges are rotated on weekends and some Tuesdays. You can see these challenges in the Rewards menu at this site or on the console dashboard under Locked Achievements. Beat the specified challenge to earn the exclusive bonus car for your garage. You can only collect each model once with this method but may find duplicates available from other players in the Auction House. Forzathon models may cycle back for a second try in future events so be sure to look at the Forzathon discussion thread on a weekly basis to see what's coming.

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#43 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 3:02:53 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Car Types and Themes

Each car in the game is grouped with a Type. Cars in the Autoshow and Garage can be sorted by Type, and some events and Rivals restrict cars to a certain type. You can set up this restriction (or Anything Goes for all cars) for events using the Blueprint menu. There are 29 different types:

For a list of car models for each type, see the Routes/Events/Discovery thread.

The Blueprint menu also has the option to restrict car selection by Special Themes. Not all cars have an associated theme, and some cars are included in more than one theme.
  • Barn Finds
  • Reasonably Priced Cars - cars valued 25,000 CR or less
  • Forza Favorites - game box cover cars from the Forza game history
  • Collector's Series - rare and collectible models
  • World's Fastest Cars - historic and modern record holders
  • Evo vs Impreza Race Off
  • Heavy Hitters - cars weighing over 4,400 lbs
  • AMG vs M Sport Race Off
  • High Rollers - cars valued 1+ million credits
  • Tuner's Choice - European and JDM favorites among tuners
  • Ferrari vs Lamborghini Race Off
  • Ford vs Holden Race Off
  • Iconic Movie Cars - James Bond, Dukes of Hazard, etc
  • Homologation Heroes - race bred cars for the street

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#44 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 3:07:32 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Performance Index and Classes

Classes, Performance Index and Ratings
"Every Car has a Performance Index (PI) that indicates the overall performance of the vehicle. PI is a number from 0-999, the higher the number the faster the car. PI determines the class of the car, from D, C, B, A to S1, S2, and X class."^ However, the PI number is a single assessment of the car's lap time around a virtual test track (see description below) and does not indicate guaranteed performance on every route or surface. Cars are also given a rating from 3.0 to 10.0 in Speed, Handling, Acceleration, Braking, and Launch. These numbers are more about the potential of the car, changing with the installation of upgrade parts but not changing with tuning.

How is a car's Performance Index (PI) calculated? How realistic are the driving characteristics?
Originally Posted by: JONK1969 Go to Quoted Post
Forza uses a classification and “Performance Index” scoring system to fairly balance cars across the game. This PI system refers to a ranking number based on a car’s best lap time around a simulated test track. The slower the lap time, the lower the PI number; the faster the lap time the higher the PI. This test track is mathematically generated to be representative of the all race tracks in a specific game. We call this a “PI test track.”

PI ranking, however, is different for each game. It is relative to each game’s car list and race routes. Each new Forza title gets another revision of this test track to be a good representational average of all tracks in the game. This, in addition to the changing and growing car list with each title, is why class boundaries and PI #s are not the same with each new version of the game, or between Motorsport and Horizon.

Forza Motorsport titles use an entirely different PI test track than Forza Horizon titles, because race tracks (like Silverstone, for example) are not representative of the types of race routes found in Forza Horizon’s open roads. Horizon’s roads tend to have longer straights, faster turns, and less hard braking and cornering in general. For this reason, the actual class letters and PI values for a given car are not the same between Horizon and Motorsport games. Additionally, Forza Motorsport has Formula 1, Indy, and modern prototype race cars at the top of its PI system, while Horizon 2’s top-end cars are “hypercars” like the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. This means a PI of 998 in Forza Motorsport is a much higher level of performance than a PI of 998 in Forza Horizon. It also means less granularity is needed in Horizon’s car classes than we have in Motorsport. Again, it’s relative to each game’s cars and race routes.

Once we have PI test track lap time data for every car in the game, we analyze it to determine class boundaries. Most of these land exactly where we would expect, based on the fact that all the performance data for each car is based on extensive real world research, including data provided to us directly by car, tire, and aftermarket parts manufacturers as well as race teams.

We rarely hand tune PI, and if so it is to maintain fair game balance across career, multiplayer, and leaderboards, or to keep cars of similar type and performance in the real world in similar PI ranges or classes, and never to a degree that a car’s performance characteristics are significantly compromised compared to its real world counterpart.

Lastly, of course we allow players to upgrade and tune their cars to be competitive with cars that have a much higher PI in stock form, within the bounds of real-world limits. In multiplayer or rivals competition, it’s not uncommon to see cars which, in stock form, would have no chance of winning, but with a great tune (and driver!) can smoke the competition.

Does FH3 use the same physics as FM6?
"same physics, but with surface friction tuned to be more forgiving."^

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#45 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 3:15:44 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Forzavista

See discussion thread.

Can I switch on/off headlights, horn, windows, convertible tops, or turning indicators while driving?
See discussion thread.

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#46 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 3:18:26 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: Autoshow

"Choose Horizon Recommends to be recommended cars based upon your personal tastes, or choose view all to see all the cars on offer."^

What is Upgrade Heroes?
The Upgrade Heroes menu allows you to browse cars that have preset upgrade packages available.^ See Upgrades.

Can I buy cars with microtransactions?

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#47 Posted : Friday, August 26, 2016 3:19:28 AM(UTC)
FH3 FAQ: My Cars

Selecting a car gives the option to: Get in Car, Add to Favorites, View Car, View History, Remove Car From Garage

How does the garage work? Can I sort and group cars I own?
Cars can be sorted by Manufacturer, Class, Year, Value, Championship, or Country, and Filtered by Upgrade Preset, Class, Car Type, and Drive Type. Selecting a car will also allow you to add it to Favorites.

Is there a limit to the number of cars I can own?
See discussion thread.

Can I import cars I own in my other Forza game garages?
No. Loyalty Rewards based on Forza Rewards Tier and previous games/VIP will gift up to twelve cars from the FH3 roster to your garage after you have chosen your second Festival Site.

Is there a bonus in FH3 for the number of cars I own in previous game garages?
There is no credit bonus for previous garage numbers as seen with FM6 Loyalty Rewards. See discussion thread.

If I purchase a DLC pack will the cars go directly to my garage?
No, you will need to find the included cars under each Manufacturer in the Autoshow where they will be listed for Free to add to your garage. After you have collected a DLC model for your garage, you can buy additional cars of that model for credits.

Can I sell cars back to the game or to the Auction House?
Cars can be sold through the Auction House with a maximum buyout slightly less than the car's value. Cars can be Removed from your garage but no credits are given there.

Can I gift cars to friends?
No, though cars can be shared with your teammates in Co-op mode. See discussion thread.

Can I share cars with Clubs?
No, but cars can be shared with your teammates in Campaign Co-op mode.

Can I rent cars I don't own?
Online modes provide a selection of Rental cars that cannot be upgraded and do not earn credits or XP.

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FH3 FAQ: Upgrading and Customizing Cars


Forza's upgrade options allow you to change the look of a car and improve its performance within its class or in a higher class. In general reducing weight improves performance but sometimes a heavier part can provide stability that helps acceleration, or reduces the overall PI in the car class to make room for another part. Some cars have fewer options but in general the upgrade categories and groups are the same for all cars, will varying specific impact on each car model. To tune gearing, suspension, brakes, or aero the car must have an adjustable (Race level) part installed. Parts cost credits to buy buy once owned they can be removed and reinstalled for free. Bought parts are assigned to each specific car, so if you had two Vanduras you would need to upgrade the camshaft etc. for each. Installing a conversion will uninstall some related parts in the Engine or Drivetrain (differential).

Engine upgrades
Change your horsepower and torque, engine response, and overall weight with these parts: Air Filter, Manifold, Fuel System, Ignition, Exhaust, Camshaft, Valves, Displacement, Pistons, (charger if installed), (intercooler if installed), Oil, Flywheel. Installing a turbo or supercharger on a naturally aspirated engine or vice versa will remove some installed parts as applicable.

Platform and Handling upgrades
Brakes, Springs, Anti-Roll Bars, Roll Cage, Weight Reduction. Changes to these parts at Race level have a visible effect on the car. Brakes, Springs, and ARBs allow for tuning.

Drivetrain upgrades
Clutch, Transmission, Driveline, Differential. Sport and Race transmission allow tuning gears. A new differential will have to be bought and installed after an AWD or RWD conversion.

Quick Upgrade
For a fast upgrade you can have the game decide which parts to install to bring the car to the top of the target class.

What tire types are in the game? How does transitioning from dry to wet work?
The full range of tire compounds are Street, Sport, Race, and Rally. Street through Race give progressively better grip (in lateral G's) while Rally tires have better traction on loose surfaces but only offer a street grip level between Street and Sport compounds. Some high performance cars will only have the option to upgrade to Race or Rally compound. There are no Drag slicks as in Forza Motorsport games.

Are there any new engine swap options?
A motorcycle engine is among a handful of new options, list TBD.

Is there Nitrous in FH3?


In this E3 video interview Ralph Fulton describes new visual customization parts: new rally parts, new offroad parts, over 30 new wheels with a refreshed list, and widebody kits from Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk. See discussion thread. Fulton and Graeme Boyd presented an example of the Nissan 240SX with widebody parts in this gamescom gameplay demo:

Do all cars have widebody kits?
"As many of them as we could. We added new visual upgrade parts for close to 100 cars, broadly grouped into these themes:
- Wide Body Kits, mainly those by Rocket Bunny/Pandem and Liberty Walk, but also some vintage flared bolt-on fenders. Total number of cars is somewhere between 20-25
- Rally and Offroad: things like light clusters, mudflaps, roof vents, bull-bars, 'roo bars, winches, etc. - these were added to a pretty large number of cars and trucks, somewhere between 45-50.
- Visible blowers: a lot of classic muscle cars now have a new hood option which includes a visible supercharger - somewhere around 20 cars.
- Roof Racks: not as many cars as the above got special roof racks, but there are some pretty unique roof racks that have been added, and a few unexpected surprises in store."^

Are parts required to go together?
"You can install these parts individually as usual, or use the new "upgrade presets" option to apply a complete upgrade package that also comes with additional performance and handling tuning by Playground's car handling gurus. The CARS tab in the menu now has an "Upgrade Heroes" tile that lets you browse cars which have the new upgrade presets available. You can also tinker with your car as usual after you install a preset upgrade package, changing performance parts, bumpers, wings, etc. if that car has multiple options. "Upgrade Heroes" covers about half of the cars that have new parts added - there are still a lot cars with new visual upgrade options that didn't get equipped with a preset package."^ "A positive displacement supercharger will come with the visible blower upgrade presets by default, but you can remove the supercharger performance upgrade and still keep the "prop" blower if you want to maintain the look. Alternatively, you can skip the upgrade preset with tuning and just install it as a hood option, which is basically just a cool prop like most visible blowers in the movies (just for looks)."^

Can we change exhaust tips?

What are the new rim brands?

Can we change rim offset and lower/lift cars for stance?
Rim offset can't be changed but cars with widebody kits will widen the car's track width, and some rims have deeper set hubs than others which increase with wider tires. Choosing Race Springs will unlock the ride height setting and allow the lowest drop while choosing Rally Springs will allow the highest lift.

License Plates
"Personalise your car with a new license plate in the Garage. Use up and down and change each letter. If you need a space, go all the way to the bottom letter. Be creative, other players can see your license plate online!"^ A single license plate setting is used for all cars. The plate can have up to 8 characters of letters, numbers, dashes, or Australian icons. All cars have the plates on the rear of the car but not the front.

"From the Garage you can change your car horn. Many are available to begin with, but earn Credits and take part in #Forzathon to get even more!"^ See the Car Horns discussion thread for the list of horn options.

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FH3 FAQ: Tuning Settings

Are there any new tuning options (boost pressure, per-wheel suspension etc)?
In this E3 interview Ralph Fulton states there are no new tuning options (other than the visual customization upgrades) in FH3. The list of FM6 options is below. Players can change the tire pressure for all cars from stock setup. Some cars have parts that can be tuned as stock (such as race cars) while most production cars require Race part upgrades be installed to allow changes to tuning settings for that part. See discussion thread.

All cars can change tire pressures without installing any parts. Adjust pressure to create the right contact patch and affect tirewall flex; pressure increases with heat.

Gearing (Transmission: Sport, Race, or Rally)
Sport transmissions allow for setting the Final Drive ratio while Race transmissions allow for setting each gear individually. Lower numbers allow for higher speed, higher numbers provide more acceleration. Watch the benchmark data for 0-60 and Top speed for these effects.

Alignment (Springs: Race or Rally)
Set Front/Rear Camber, Front/Rear Toe, and Front Caster. These affect turning and stability.

Anti-Roll Bars (ARBs: Race)
Set Front and Rear separately. Lower numbers allow more body roll, higher numbers are stiffer.

Springs (Springs: Race or Rally)
Set Front and Rear stiffness, and ride height.

Damping (Springs: Race or Rally)
Set Front/Rear Rebound and Bump stiffness.

Aero (Aero: Forza Aero parts and some Race wings)
Set Front/Rear downforce. Downforce creates more grip and improves steering but more downforce reduces top speed.

Brake (Brakes: Race)
Set brake balance and pressure. These are used to control when wheels lock up, and how much weight transfer loads each end of the car.

Differential (Differential: Sport or Race)
Adjust the wheel lock of the drive axle. This can improve acceleration and cornering. Converting to AWD provides adjustable differential for front, rear, and split.

Wheel Offset
There is no ability to change wheel offset, though different rim choices may have an impact on appearance.

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FH3 FAQ: Painting, Designs, Vinyls

What are the paint options in FH3?
When selecting a car from the Autoshow, players will be presented with a selection of Recommended Designs from the community, with preference for Featured Item (contest winners), Popular,
Friends and Followed creators. In this menu you can also Search for designs by Keywords, Creator name, or Description. Choosing a design and buying the car will put that design on the car for free, and it can be removed in the Garage menu. If you don't want to choose a design, you can instead press the button for Colors; this will present Manufacturer Colors (number of options varies by car from 1 to over 30), or Normal, or Special Colors. Normal allows you to select from a grid covering the spectrum of 20 colors, each with 9 levels of saturation, in glossy finish. Special Colors offer different patterns and surface types:
  • Semigloss or Matte
  • Metal Flake
  • Two-Tone (Polished, Semigloss, or Matte)
  • Prismacolor (White or Black)
  • Carbon Fiber (Polished or Matte)
  • Carbon Kevlar (Polished or Matte)
  • Spyshot (Twirls or Triangles)
  • Blob Camo Desert (Polished or Matte)
  • Blob Camo Snow (Polished or Matte)
  • Blob Camo Woodland (Polished or Matte)
  • Digital Camo Desert (Polished or Matte)
  • Digital Camo Snow (Polished or Matte)
  • Digital Camo Woodland (Polished or Matte)
  • Realistic Camo Snow (Polished or Matte)
  • Realistic Camo Woodland (Polished or Matte)
  • Aluminum (Polished, Semigloss, Brushed)
  • Steel (Polished, Semigloss, Brushed, Galvanized, Damascus)
  • Brass (Polished, Semigloss, Brushed)
  • Copper (Polished, Semigloss, Brushed)
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Zinc
  • Diamond Plate
  • Wood (Light, Medium, Dark)
To Fine Tune Normal or Special colors, go to Garage tab / Designs and Paints / Paint Car / Paint Body / Normal or Special Colors tab and select Fine Tune to change Hue, Saturation, and Brightness (including for base and highlights in Two-Tone and Metal Flake colors). Note that painting a car with a different color will usually remove factory stripes or decals (race cars etc) to make the whole body the color you choose. You can always Exit Without Saving or Erase Paint/Decals in the Designs menu to return the car to its factory color. You can separately apply these paint colors to the side mirrors, hood, wing, and rims, and tint the windows. To add stripes, logos, and custom designs to your car, go to the Garage / Designs / Apply Decals menu to enter the Livery Editor.

Can I import image files to add to my designs? Is there an app to make designs outside the game?
No, neither the console or PC version of the game allows for image import, and there is no way to remotely access the game. All vinyls and designs have to be created with the in-game Livery Editor. See discussion thread.

How do I use the Livery Editor to make custom designs?
From the game description: "Each side of the car consists of several layers. A Single vinyl or decal represents one layer. The layers are numbered and the higher-numbered layers always appear on the car over the lower-numbered layers. For tims and advice from skilled Forza Horizon 3 designers, visit Forzamotorsport.net. By decorating this car, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the decoration, that you have all necessary rights to make it publicly available, that it complies with all applicable laws, that it does not violate the rights of any person or entity, and that it does not violate the Xbox Live Terms of Use." (For example, don't paint "Free Candy" on your van. You know why.)

Select an available layer slot and OK, then choose from Apply a Vinyl Shape, Apply a Manufacturer Decal, Load a Vinyl Group, [Insert All from Right/Left Side], or Delete all Layers. The Manufacturer Decal list includes over 45 logos for the Forza franchise, Xbox, FH3 radio stations, and familiar automotive companies. The Vinyl Shapes menu includes 40 shapes in each of: Curated Groups (from the community), Primitives (basic geometric shapes), Community Vinyls 1-4, Gradient Shapes, Stripes, Tears, Racing Icons, Flames, Paint Splats, Tribal, Nature, Upper/Lower Letters 1-11 (various fonts and special characters). Once you select a vinyl shape, you choose its color (Normal/Fine Tune Hue/Saturation/Brightness), then its position, Size, Spin, Skew, and Transparency. Once placed, you can select multiple layers and Group them to either move or change color, and Create New Layer Group which can be loaded in other designs. Back out for the option to save the whole design to the Current Car or Design Catalog (to be loaded for the same model). You can come back later to change the layers in the design on your car.

For tips and guides, see the Paint Booth discussion forum. You can also enter your design in the periodic official Livery Contests posted in the Community Events forum.

Can I use different surface types on each layer?
No, all vinyl layers are single color glossy, but you can paint a car in a Special Color and then use vinyls to mask over most of the car, creating the appearance of a special highlight surface type.

What are the layer limits for each side?
Each car has the following zones: Front and Rear Bumper (1000 layer limit each), Left and Right Sides (3000 each), Top/Hood (3000), Wing (1000). Note that some cars have unusual panels that can't be painted.

Can I paint brake calipers, engine bays, two-tone rims, and add stickers to windows?
"Nope, still not able to do that, which is unfortunate, I know. That and painting bumpers/exterior trim and selecting manufacturer interior trim colors are things I would personally love to add to Forza, but we can't do it all in every game, durnit."^ Upgrading the brakes from Street to Race will change the color of the calipers automatically.

Can I change the interior color, materials, seats, or steering wheel style?
Same no as calipers above, see interior customization discussion thread.

Can I paint the driver helmet or customize the racing suit?
In this E3 video interview Ralph Fulton mentions 14 different avatar types who are diverse in terms of ethnicity and gender. There is no customization such as clothing or appearance. See character customization discussion thread.

How does license plate design work?
License plates cannot be painted in FH3. Instead, go to the Garage tab and License Plates tile to customize your 8-character plate. The options are alpha-numeric, blank, or Australia icons. Your customized plate applies to all cars you drive, but can be changed as often as you like for no cost. Horizon Edition cars have a different plate frame color than standard cars. Only the rear plate is shown on game cars (some traffic cars have front plates).

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