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#26 Posted : Friday, August 12, 2016 7:15:38 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: robstopper001 Go to Quoted Post
I've seen, and participated in, some really close, clean, respectful racing in this league. But, I've also seen some truly atrocious driving standards and been wiped out with undrivable levels of damage more than once. Some times, I can see it developing ahead of me, back off, and make up about 4 places in one go, just due to muppets taking each other out.

Seriously guys, learn to brake and respect others lines! that way, you won't cost yourself a good finish, and won't ruin other peoples races either!

If I've been stupid or careless enough to leave my braking a metre too late and have tapped someone out, I always make a point of apologising to them in a message post-race.

My entire racing experience last night depended on whether I managed to avoid the inevitable pile-up or not. It's basically a lottery now...

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#27 Posted : Monday, August 15, 2016 2:22:28 AM(UTC)
Unintentional is better than intentional.

I've stopped playing Forza 6 because the intentional take-outs are so bad. Get to the final turn and get dive bombed by someone behind. Happened multiple times during the RC series.

T10 needs to find a solution because it's just not fun anymore, it's not realistic despite what some people claim.
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#28 Posted : Monday, August 15, 2016 11:29:55 AM(UTC)
Where is a good example of that :\ And is worst with simulation mode on

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#29 Posted : Monday, August 15, 2016 11:42:57 AM(UTC)
I have yet to experience a race in the forza rc hopper that was just the slightest bit clean. It's outrageous.
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#30 Posted : Monday, August 15, 2016 3:25:16 PM(UTC)
With the Mustangs you could get away with some nudges and it didn't matter much... With the Formula Ford... its a complete mess. The cars are so twitchy most drivers seems lack the fine grain control and the cars swing wildly around the track at turn 1(on any track... or the first big high speed turn since people don't seem to realize these thin tires really like to break loose in those if you don't set the car up for the corner properly.
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#31 Posted : Monday, August 15, 2016 10:07:34 PM(UTC)
I appreciate all the responses. I think we may wondered a little off topic with the responses. I felt guilty for ruining everyone else's race for my lack of attention.

My wife asked me something during the intermission. The response took longer than I expected. To paraphrase what some other people have said, "Stuff happens." Ignore your wife and see what happens (sarcasm). I don't feel I was too hard on myself. I screwed up (messed up if moderators are listening) everyone else's races because of my mistake. If I had messed up (I am being polite if the moderators are still listening) a turn for a couple of racers I would have tried to allow those racers to pass me,

I don't want to win a race if I don't feel I deserved it.

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#32 Posted : Tuesday, August 16, 2016 6:45:04 AM(UTC)
Yeah, I had some issues about etiquette as well. If I bump someone off line or put both of us in a bad situation I will usually let the driver by me. However, I do have an issue with this. Say two drivers are racing for position and they have contact so one driver lets the other back by... That's cool and all but DON'T TAKE UP THE WHOLE TRACK, BLOCK EVERYONE BEHIND YOU AND CREATE A BIG WRECK! Basically this is penalizing everyone behind you because you made a mistake. That has happened too many times and it'st just crazy. Don't get me wrong, I give positions back all the time. I always try to let faster racers go, especially in the early laps of a race. When it comes to the end, you're going to have to earn it. Whether you can cleanly get by me or NUDGE me is fine. If you run me straight off the track, no bueno...

Also, I want to know about cutting. I don't every intentionally do it unless I accidentally misjudge the corner, get loose (or pushed) and need extra space or the guy in front of me is doing it. I hate corner cutters as it is but I will not be beat solely because the driver in front of me is cutting. If they are going to do it, so will I. I don't really see anything wrong with that but everyone has their own opinion about things and I would like to see how others think about that. Although it shouldn't really be a topic 6 games later, it is...

This is how I look at things:
1. You can't win on the first turn. Take advantage of what you can but be conservative at the start.
2. If the driver(s) behind you is that much faster, just let them by, especially cars that are going to get lapped or are damaged.
3. If you knock someone off their line, don't slow down the whole field behind you while you try to give the position back.
4. No cutting unless the drivers in front of you are doing it.
5. If you go offtrack, don't immediately turn back on and give room to any cars ahead of you trying to come back onto the racing surface. Don't get me wrong, if I get knocked off the track I am getting back on immediately but I will try to gracefully do it.

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#33 Posted : Tuesday, August 16, 2016 7:38:08 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: fabiodaniel11 Go to Quoted Post
Where is a good example of that :\ And is worst with simulation mode on


That's pretty blatant... Generally if the speeds are a bit closer I always watch for them to come across and then dive the other side, but there wasn't much you could do there...
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#34 Posted : Tuesday, August 16, 2016 7:38:19 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: fabiodaniel11 Go to Quoted Post
Where is a good example of that :\ And is worst with simulation mode on


Thanks for posting, I managed to pause the video and catch the offenders gamertag. He/She is now taking a temp break from online play..
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#35 Posted : Wednesday, August 24, 2016 8:46:02 PM(UTC)
Mother of god... the Open series is such a complete and utter mess with the racing going on... I was in 4 races tonight... 1 of which took about 4 minutes to even launch, when it did we all had assist braking on or something. everyone crashed, 15 of 24 quit. Then the 3 after I didn't get through turn one without someone impaling some side of my car like a cruise missile... So frustrating. I've participated in both other open (and epic) series... but I am going to probably skip this one as these R class cars are obviously WELL beyond the driving ability of most people in the leagues.
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#37 Posted : Thursday, August 25, 2016 11:43:56 AM(UTC)
Here is a fun one that sums up the racing when there is more than 10 people in a race it seems:

The start of the race: http://xboxclips.com/Jib...a-48d6-892f-8c0ac3a1f76c
(which I made it through... barely)

And then about 4 corners later:
(total f'n carnage)
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