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#1 Posted : Thursday, June 9, 2016 9:39:07 PM(UTC)
I'm running nVidia driver 368.22 and Windows 10 Pro 1511 ( 10586.318)., Forza Apex

Installed this massive 18GB beast today and got to enjoy (without sound) 1 race before it decided it was done :) That alone leads me to believe it's a game-save/profile issue so first, what I can I delete to effectively reset my game profile/settings?

That said, I'm running an i7-5930, GTX 980Ti, 32GB DDR4, Samsung 950 Pro M.2, 4K60 monitor (HDMI 2.0) and am using an Xbox One controller. The game installed fine, but the first race had no audio (other in-game sounds have been working fine). When the race was over and I went through the prompts telling me how many XP (or whatever the term was), I thought I'd hit a final splash before exiting (as if the game only had that one race) because it stopped on a screen with 4 columns of info (text and photos that to me looked like a feature list).

Eventually I killed the game and restarted it. Now I get a turn10/ms splash screen, short loading screen, then a start screen with the new Ford GT. I press enter/A, get another screen with the Ford GT, then back to the one with the columns ("Tours of Motorsports") briefly and last, I get one with a yellow Corvette and "greatest cars in the world". It sits there for a few seconds, then my CPU gets nailed, forzamotorsportsapex process is using 2.6GB of ram and it never goes further. There is no disk activity (I am running 1200MB/sec Samsung Pro 950 M.2 storage anyway).

After letting the game sit and kill CPU for a while, my XBox One controller disconnected and the game said as much so it's definitely not locked, but stuck on that screen and this sounds EXACTLY like what I'm experiencing: http://forums.forzamotor...stops-while-loading.aspx

After multiple attempts, I noticed a toast/message of "RIVAL RECOMMENDATION" just before the "enter/quit" screen with a blue Ford GT.

Deleting GameSettingsBlob made no difference so I no longer suspect it's settings (that and the stack below indicating a runaway conversion loop of some sort).

This thread graph might prove useful. It appears there's a ConvertToBase64 utility running HARD (though again, there is no disk I/O): https://goo.gl/photos/dCi3NitKm6VU86956

More stack info:

Think I need source to attach a debugger to get any further with this :)

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#2 Posted : Wednesday, August 22, 2018 3:28:10 PM(UTC)
Same thing just happened to me! I've played the game and beat it but decided I want to go through it again from start to finish so I went to Apps and Features and reset the game and canceled the cloud save sync in the begging. Then I raced the first race with no sound and froze at the "Greatest Cars In The World" screen. I'm thinking its a corrupt save but windows won't allow me to access the game saves and there encrypted so no one can tamper with them but I want to delete them and start all over..... :(