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#1 Posted : Wednesday, January 20, 2016 6:44:16 PM(UTC)
Well long story short I had a bad copy of fm2 where it was all scratched up, but could play some tracks and use the paint shop, so I gave it to my friend while I got a copy for $3... He needed a car to get past a level so I buy a nice VW (which If you know me then you know this is a rare thing for me to do) and upgraded it for him so he could beat a BMW, I hit gift car and select my friends gamertag, it started working on sending but then it said error could not send or something like that, so then I look at my car list and the first VW that I actually tried to make was not in my garage, so.... I ask my friend if he got it but he don't know where to go to get it and.... I don't ether. So two questions one where do we go to receive cars and or where it's my VW! Lol
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#2 Posted : Saturday, January 23, 2016 5:11:50 AM(UTC)
it doesn't matter where to get it now its gone forever, auction house and gift car isn't functional :(