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#51 Posted : Thursday, September 24, 2015 8:20:12 AM(UTC)
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So the camber is not like IRL in this game? IRL a car thats setup for the street can easily run -3 front/-2 rear, and thats close to what I set my tunes up to be (usually as much as -3.5/-2.5 and the cars feel great/fast for me?

Correct! In game is not like real life. I run anywhere from -2.5 to -1
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#52 Posted : Thursday, September 24, 2015 9:28:31 AM(UTC)
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Get the optimal temp for your tyres

Do we know what the optimal tyre temperature is yet for Forza Motorsport 6?

In Forza Motorsport 4 it was easier to define as the telemetry showed Green/Yellow/Red when it came to temps but the current UI is a little harder to decipher.

I'm also wondering about Tyre Pressure; I haven't adjusted it yet in this game but in Forza Motorsport 4 a running pressure of 32.0 was seen as optimal.

31.5 - 32.5 PSI
205 - 215 degrees

I came up with these number because they are the highest and lowest I ever get when my tires are warmed up. On straights it sits at 32 PSI and 210 degrees.

Not all cars can get tires warmed up that much. I remember jacking my pressures up several pounds and the temp stayed at 170. I'm not sure if there is a good temperature benchmark in this game. However 32-33 psi when warmed usually feels pretty good.

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#53 Posted : Thursday, September 24, 2015 9:53:39 AM(UTC)
The tire pressure adjustments along with the camber is really something else in this game. Like RPM Swerve said above: I'm not sure if there is a good temperature benchmark in this game. However 32-33 psi when warmed usually feels pretty good. I agree with this and then you tune a front wheel drive car. The rears naturally stay ice cold and then you lose the rear.

In the end just do this: Tune, test, learn, get feedback and repeat. Also if anyone new reads through this thread you will see that there are some veteran tuners in here. They have alos given out a lot of their fast tuning tricks regarding the subject of camber and tire pressures. For example: Make sure that your tire temps stay pretty even across the tire.

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#54 Posted : Saturday, September 26, 2015 7:57:38 AM(UTC)
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And your giving the telemetry so much grief. Why are you trusting it with the loading bug?
And you think I care if you discovered it? You want a cookie? A Golden Star? Big woop, you should become a gaming detective!



Also, *whoop
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#55 Posted : Wednesday, October 21, 2015 11:04:44 AM(UTC)
Apologies for the necrobump but I felt it better to post here than in a new thread.

While doing my first "serious" tune tonight I discovered something interesting.

In previous games when I did Camber tuning I primarily based my final numbers on tyre heat, having the insides about 5-10 degrees warmer than the outsides.

While trying that method tonight I noticed that initially my values were near even with stock settings. Adding more negative camber should have caused a greater temperature shift, but at the end of my next session I noticed the temperatures were pretty much identical to before despite changing by 1.5 degrees.

Instead, I've now decided to tune my Camber based on how the outside tyres behave mid-corner, attempting to get them as close to 0.0 under load as possible without going over. Personally I don't like to spend too much time on camber tuning as I can barely feel the differences but this looks to be how I'll approach Camber tuning in the future.

Granted, it could be a side effect of the specific car I was using (BMW Z4 GTE) but I figured I'd share my thoughts nonetheless.
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