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#1 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 12:27:15 PM(UTC)
Something that I read on the forum recently got me thinking, always dangerous, I know.

I think it was a thread from Wondepill, where he said that he only plays the games to take photos.

Personally, I am a racer at heart, and have completed most of FH2, although I still have lots to do. The photomode was a pleasant surprise that has kept my interest in the game when I would normally have gone back to fifa, or whatever.

Starting a gallery was a strange move for me as I have never been active on a forum, and if honest, thought it was for geeks! Well, geek me up, because its been a blast to be a part of this community. I could name several people that I would gladly like to meet up with IRL and buy them a drink....or two!

For example, Vipers, illness hit me harder than I thought was possible. I think its because my daughter is a similar age, but also that he'd been commenting on my gallery for months and you kinda get to know each other. I and everyone in the media pages were, and still am thrilled that he won his battle!

Sorry, the idea behind this post was to ask what you do in the world of Forza?

Do you enjoy solo mode, online, photomode only or the whole shebang?

Also, what would you like to see added to the photomode?

Probably wishlist material, but ah well :)

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#2 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 1:53:24 PM(UTC)
Personally, I live my dreams to the fullest. I buy cars, build them, race them, tune them, paint them, take photos of them, show them off. My fantasy in cars is alive and well in the world of Forza. Racing other people and meeting new friends online (In a safe way). Being part of clubs and groups, swapping tips and advice, as well as tunes and liveries. I do my best to make my world of Forza as big and adventurous as possible. Experimenting with new tunes, taking a car out and take a thousand pictures of it, or just to pick a car that is not too fast, but not too slow, and cruise on the roads known as Forza Horizon. I live my dream in life in a game called Forza. That's what I do.

In all honesty I don't really know what could be added to the photomode. I think it suits me well :)
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#3 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 1:59:13 PM(UTC)
Even though alot in Forza Horizon 2, and the Horizon series in general, I believe it's one of the best freeroam car games every made. You are given complete freedom with what you want to do, tune, and drive. This makes the game unique for me, and that's why I already clocked over 500 hours into the game. It's just the feeling of starting up the game, driving some of the best cars ever produced in their catagory, and just drive or drift around with friends. The photo mode in the game is in my opinion also superb, with the possibility of changing every effect you want in a picture.
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#4 Posted : Sunday, August 30, 2015 12:45:51 PM(UTC)
Great to hear that you both get so much from the world of Forza. I for one, cant wait to see where the next edition of FH will be set. Mostly because I am excited to have new locations to shoot the beautiful cars that Forza have to offer, and as I've mentioned, I'm a racer at heart, so any new circuit is welcome.
As you guys have said, the options available are wide, and can keep anyone interested in cars entertained for quite some time.

I cant paint to save my life but have massive admiration for the amazing work created by so many skilled people active. Tuning is something that I will continue to dabble with, and always enjoy.....With limited success!

However, FM5 has spent a lot less time in my console than FH2. The career mode always felt a little boring, if I'm honest. Not really a fan of the short laps, physics and drivatar system.
I hope that the latest iteration has improved and will be keeping an eye on everyone's opinions before purchasing,

Party on people

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#5 Posted : Sunday, August 30, 2015 8:05:01 PM(UTC)
The main reason I buy Forza games now is the photo mode but let's go back to where it started.

FM3 - I bought it fairly late, it was $30 in a target store if I remember right. I popped it in and hated it... because of the auto braking which I did not know you could turn off at the time. So I didn't play it for a while (I can't really cant remember how long it was, may have been a month or more) Then I put it back in and figured out the braking and loved it, completed every race in the career I believe. I never played it online because I didn't have internet. I only took a few photos in that game and I think they were all stock setting photos of my green Camaro with a black hood and forza spoiler.

FM4 - I bought it the day it came out and played a bunch of career. I played around in a few drag lobbies on le mans but never really raced online. Why? Because I was afraid of running people off the road with my terrible driving. I can't remember when I started taking serious photos but I really have to thank Furia636 here, he was so supportive of me. I would always look forward to his comments on my photos.

FH1 - This is where I really fell in love. This was the first game I pre ordered and it was the LCE too. I loved the story and free roam of this game and the photo opportunities were endless. I finished the career and mainly drag raced online.

FM5 - I didn't really like the career in this one because it just felt boring like Sergi0 said. I dabbled in online and won a few races but I still don't have the achievement for getting 20 medals in races. I doubt I'll ever get 325. I liked the photo mode but it seemed a bit more difficult to get great photos in this game, not sure why.

FH2 - I've completed 51 of the 168 championships but I hope to finish them all one day. I haven't enjoyed the story(there really isn't a story is there?) as much as FH1's. I've raced online here more than any other game because I was trying to get achievements. I absolute love the photo mode in this game.

I can't tune anything and my paint situation is exactly like Sergi0's. I don't drift either. In fact, I still use auto shifting and some assists. Wow, what a noob I am.

I put this in the feature wishlist for FM6, I would love to be able to rotate photos in game. That way you don't pull any neck muscles and vertical shots could win photocomps.

I love being a part of this community and I know how supportive you all can be. Thank you for everything you guys.
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#6 Posted : Sunday, August 30, 2015 8:09:13 PM(UTC)
I only buy Forza for photo mode as well. I also just drive around for fun.

I have not completed a single career mode in any Forza. I was an extremely active member in Forza 4. I was part of an active club and I dabbled into the painting and tuning world with a lot of success. I also did a ton of online races and tournaments and got to be one of the fastest guys around in my club. That is also when I got introduced into Forzatography. I had over 1200 hours into FM4 before FM5 came out. Ever since FM5 was a flop, I have not gone online once in FM5 or FH2. I simply have no interest because I feel that it's broken.

I am obsessed with cars and so Forza fills my void of getting to drive supercars of my dreams. And the photo mode could use some improvement. It's been the same since Forza 3.
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#7 Posted : Sunday, August 30, 2015 8:23:39 PM(UTC)
I've been playing Forza since the first one. Throughout the first 3 games I was mainly drifting, and it was in FM3 where I started attempting to take half decent photos, I even had a gallery, under a different gamertag though. Pebb was really a big influence for me after seeing his work and seeing what could be done with the game in photomode, it was mind blowing to me. FM4 and Horizon I sort of got away from drifting since the drifting community kind of went to hell, so I mainly just played single player, didn't take many photos either. Horizon 2 really got me back into photography and I plan to continue that in FM6. I've really beat Horizon 2 like a dead horse and I haven't really been playing much, just counting down the days to FM6. Now I mostly play these games for the driving experience, I don't really enjoy modifying the cars, prefer to drive them the way they're built, and of course I love the photomode. The Forzatography community is simply amazing and so supportive.

Edit: this is probably the longest post I've ever written.. yikes! sorry!

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#8 Posted : Sunday, August 30, 2015 9:04:53 PM(UTC)
I only ever play solo. I play the core games dead serious, but horizon and fh2 allowed me to do things that were more silly. Been taking photos since FM3 but they're not the reason I buy the games, I just want to have a half decent racing sim, and Forza fulfills that role admirably

FH2 - - FM6
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#9 Posted : Monday, August 31, 2015 12:13:07 PM(UTC)
I have been a long standing member of a forum for an old PC game Return To Castle Wolfenstein, which I played religiously (online) for about 7/8 years until there was no one left to shoot, then I moved on to Call Of Duty 4 for a year or two before I got fed up with PC games and started spending more and more time with the Xbox 360.

I've been a lover of Forza since the first, loved 3 & 4 number 5 being the worst IMHO...which is a shame as I couldn't wait to get into another Forza after playing 4 to death.

Then came FH, I loved the freedom in the original Horizon, but the single player (where I spent most on my time being an unsociable git) was very short, I never really ventured into the photo option and I've never been a big fan of multiplayer racing, whenever I tried the cars seemed to pop in and out and then roared off at about 600 miles an hour, so to me it always felt broken.

When FH2 arrived, I spent many an hour on the career mode, finished the first year and I'm currently only a few races away from finishing the second year. I sort of stumbled upon the photo mode and took a few shots, I did know about it from previous games but never really got into it.

I came here (I signed up here a good few years ago, can't remember why) to view my FH2 Xbox One photos on a computer to see of the quality of the photos where any better, I browsed the forum and noticed a few in game shots that where simply stunning, so I tried to take a few more photos. I found FH2 Forzatography a lot more accessible than previous Forzas...........now continually on the hunt for a masterpiece, although that may never happen and obviously some of the members here are naturally gifted with a camera.

I love taking photos now and I probably spend more time (when I get any free time!!) doing that than playing any other game/console, I also own a PC, WiiU, 360, PS3, PS4, 3DS, Vita and some older consoles, been into games since I was very young and I'm now 43!

If I could ask for something, that would be a little more freedom with the camera, being able to take it higher/further would be useful.
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#10 Posted : Monday, August 31, 2015 1:25:22 PM(UTC)
I mostly buy forza for the photo mode now.

Started in FM3 because I like cars, and forza had a huge selection. Then I progressed into drifting, getting really big into tandems in FM4, then sort of scaling back my racing and focusing more on the photos. Now, I'm still doing the races, but I'm in no way a hard core racer, just putting 95% of my effort into photos.

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#11 Posted : Sunday, September 6, 2015 2:35:30 PM(UTC)
I've been absent from the forums for a while but I still check in every now and then. This was a thread I had to post in.

I've been playing Forza since Forza 4 came out, but only at friends' places. As much as I love Forza, I'm pretty garbage when it comes to racing. Forza Horizon was the first Forza game I owned, but I was a Christmas noob and by that point and time my friends had moved back to FM4 as it suited their realistic racing styles, whereas I love the open world and slightly more forgiving nature of Horizon. So, with nobody to race, I started to explore the other options in the game. I played online but I was pretty **** at that, so I moved onto painting. I created some designs but my in-game artwork mirrors my real-life efforts - I'm so bad, my stick-men don't look right. Instead of creating designs, I just tried to find the coolest one for every car I had. But that got boring very quickly, especially as I'm not the biggest supporter of DLC, so I moved onto completing the game as best as I could. I finished the game with 1010 gamerscore - the extra 10 came from the 1000 Club challenge that you unlock early on. By the time that I finished my gamerscore quest, the Xbox One had just come out and I didn't see the point into sinking a good-sized amount of money into a product that I really wasn't sold on. I discovered the forums and lurked here for a bit, and I saw all the fantastic captures and creations that were being posted in the media centers. Photography gave me a new hobby, something lasting to do. If the link is still around, you can probably find my early attempts at photography on the Legacy forums. I was inspired by the likes of Lethal Drift, iHomie OG, Wonderpill, Morc 57, Nights Viper, Pebb and a whole host of others, who posted fantastic creations week-in and week-out. I never really aspired to be a regular poster here, I just wanted to get better. But it struck me right before the release of Horizon 2 that the only way to get better was to start up a gallery and comment on others. Sure enough, the comments started coming in, and the feedback soon followed. Slowly but surely I got better, and the drive to improve kept me motivated. I've since fallen off the bandwagon, but I'll probably be back shortly when FM6 releases.

TL;DR - I moved to photography since I'm a poor driver, a worse artist and I can't tune anything, even musical instruments.

PS - as nerdy as it sounds, Forza is what made me get into real-life photography. I've just bought a Canon Rebel T5i and for the moment I only have the standard 18-55mm lens, but it's given me good results. For the moment, I've hidden these pictures from my the public until I can find a way to put a watermark on them. I'm absoutely clueless when it comes to editing software. Can anyone help me out? Take a look for yourself:

That's my story. I'll see you guys in FM6.

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#12 Posted : Monday, September 7, 2015 5:20:10 PM(UTC)
Beautiful shots Ace! I appreciate the praise, I never thought my shots would ever really motivate anyone else. Your IRL shots along with your Forza shots are remarkable and look forward to more of both!
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#13 Posted : Thursday, September 17, 2015 2:53:31 PM(UTC)
I would like to bounce this post off from Aces, but I was never big in photography in Forza until the first horizon. I started and I thought I was doing great. It seemed like I was a pro. FM5 came out and i took photos in there, quality was a little bit better and so I did half racing, half photo taking. Then Horizon 2 came out and I really liked taking photos in there. It seemed liked I had the whole photo thing down. Once I stumbled into the media center of FH2 and saw galleries other people, I realized I was long from pro. I saw guys like Lethal, iHomie, Sergio, Apparently God, Snooty, Hooker, Nights Viper, to say a few, and that's when i suddenly got the drive to create my own gallery and try to reach their level of amazingness. I started the gallery and it was quiet for a little bit. I kept uploading pictures, occasionally got a comment here and there. Just enough for me to keep going. Then WHAM! All of a sudden big guys like Lethal, iHomie, Morc, Nights, they all started coming and that put my drive to do better in overdrive. They gave me tips to do better. Put some more aperature here, lighten up a little there, use the better focusing system. Then they started to become regulars for me, over-watching my improvements. Seeing me get better and better, and even they picked some shots that they thought were amazing. I still have a long ways to go, but I'm definitely getting there one picture at a time.

So yeah, I feel kind of bad since I haven't thanked you guys for getting me going. I feel the need to thank you, so here I go:

thank you

Lethal Drift
iHomie OG
The Snooty One
Morc 57
Nights Viper
Apparently God
and everyone else who put up their galleries and continue to do so
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#14 Posted : Friday, September 18, 2015 10:12:24 AM(UTC)
Nice touch, Kyle.