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#1 Posted : Friday, September 18, 2015 9:37:36 AM(UTC)
for some reason my Xbox doesn't play Forza 6 nor does it download the VIP pass, it has downloaded all other things (the F&F pack, 10th anni pack and MX5 TF) but it won't start, Forza 6 isn't the only game, because i can't start up any other games either, wether it's FH2, AC4 or TR... i can't get past the loading screen, even if i wait 30 mins, start it back up, turn the internet on and off,

has anyone got any advice? because i'm dying to start playing and i'm frustrated that theres nothing else to do other than just look at the screen and see how it says: 'in queue' all the time at the VIP and that loading logo just rotating over and over again



(not sure if they worked, just tried to see if it does because this are pictures i imported from my phone, and not picked off of the internet)