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#1 Posted : Wednesday, September 16, 2015 10:23:56 PM(UTC)
When I view my car paint jobs some of them are wrong. I have one I downloaded which is showing properly. Then I recreated six of the Shelby Competition Ford Focus 2013 in their various colors. Most show properly, however, the first one I did disappeared and I remade it, however, instead of it being black, it's white. And I did a white with red accent paint and a white with blue paint scheme, however, they both show the white and red scheme on the thumbnail and when I load it. The black paint job also shows it's private, but I shared it. In fact I have six downloads, but the paint schemes I have only total up to five downloads, so I presume the sixth is the black paint.

I tried buying a new car and searching for my paints, the white and blue showed up wrong, but the black paint did show up that way.
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, September 16, 2015 11:31:46 PM(UTC)
The colors change, like say you paint a light brown save it then veiw car its like dark choc color, so I go back into paint room to make it lighter then its right, its a lot of messing around it did it in F5/FH2 but it never did this in F4. Before I upload a paint to share I save all sides as a vinyl group, depending how many layers you have you can get the whole car paint into one save, name car model, you have a backup if anything got deleted etc, plus you can refit to another make of car.
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#3 Posted : Thursday, September 17, 2015 7:29:27 AM(UTC)
Wait, you can make multiple sides into the same vinyl group? Uggh, how have I not known that. Thanks!
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#4 Posted : Thursday, September 17, 2015 8:27:59 AM(UTC)
That makes two of us....I have always saved each side individually. Didn't know you could group them into one save file.

I want to know how to delete files once saved. I have a bunch of duplicates in car designs now with all the transferring back and forth from FM5, FH2, and FM6.
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#5 Posted : Thursday, September 17, 2015 9:12:23 AM(UTC)
Once I make a design I group all layers, then do the same for all sides, then delete the side so it can be pasted next to the other one and so on then group them all together to save as one file, depending on size most of them I can get into one file. Before you finish your paint or before you start I name the car design and leave the other one called Forza. Now I change car and delete that one called forza, it will delete it from the car, you just get back in that car again and load your paint back on. I do this becasue I paint all the time I dont want hundreds of doubles of same car. If you going to be painting more than one design to a car dont delete anything till done. In paint section you can paint any car without buying it but you have to stay in paint room with it, good idea that saves you having to buy the mega dear cars and make cr from not owning it.

Painting a car you dont own.

Paint car
Car select
All cars
pick car
Apply decals
Load layer group or t10 logos
View sides of design with logos you made before in editor etc then save it, but save it as you going along, once happy you can share it. This way it save spending all your cr.

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