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#26 Posted : Saturday, September 12, 2015 4:25:46 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: I CJB 93 I Go to Quoted Post
I'm sharing the bugged tune that is beating rival times of very fast people by 5-10 seconds. I am simply sharing it to highlight how broken this car truly is. I do not want to be getting banned or reported for cheating as me and my friends simply came across this stupid build in a lobby when a guy was walking away from everyone and running number 1's on every track. We then worked it out and tried it on a couple of tracks and realized it seriously needs fixing (i ran number 1 Road America Full with a standing start). Its a D class Mini Cooper 65 and 'Broken' is the description. The tune is up to prove how ridiculously broken it is. I think with the right build it can be put to any class and will dominate. If you don't believe me you should test it out and then you will see it will pretty much number 1 every track by seconds. Please fix this car/build asap as it will ruin the game.

Make it AWD and adjust gears toward speed till it shoots upto 160 mph. job done. i think diffs have to be at 100 on accels aswel

This car is very fast but peple are finding cars that can run lap times faster than I can get out of this car when I played it online to see for my self if I could build one and no the diffs were not at 100%. I've allways looked to the leaderbords to find my cars to use online to be competive as the auto upgraded garbage can't compeate with a well tuned car and some cars are faster than others if upgraded one or more classes. Forza 5 had the same issues and forza 6 has 460+ cars it will take some time for people to find out what car is the fastest in a class and or track and as the leaderbords show the 65 mini isn't the fastest d class car on an oval as it can't go fast enough. I've seen that all of this whining about the mini it will be banned from online and leaderbords and times will be taken down as well as tunes. There will be others in other classes when there are more lobbies thad just d class and I like raceing in A ,B and S class online only with fast clean racers.
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#27 Posted : Saturday, September 12, 2015 4:35:50 PM(UTC)
Kudos to the op. For pointing it out and leveling the playing field.

Even if ya do get trolled by moderators
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#28 Posted : Saturday, September 12, 2015 6:58:26 PM(UTC)
Just for science I took it to the Top Gear test track for a Power Lap and as D class it turned 1.18. Hilariously Broken
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#29 Posted : Saturday, September 12, 2015 7:34:15 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: PJTierney Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: HelluvaStingray Go to Quoted Post
This is also ruining the league as well tried to do some earlier & being limited to D class you always had one or two people using the mini so there really wasn't much point in bothering.

This thread is the first I'm hearing of the overpowered Mini but I too came across one in a League last night, it pulled away at the start and had a large lead at the end of every race.

There are threads about this everywhere (as long as everywhere is within this subforum).

The best thing to do is beat the guy in a race if you can. Bet that gets their goat.
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#30 Posted : Sunday, September 13, 2015 12:19:55 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Hieronymus1967 Go to Quoted Post
I have made sure Turn 10 are aware of the issue with the '65 Mini so we'll just have to wait and see what happens from here.

I've also reported to them the much worse problem of all those people running the '65 Mini without my paint on it.

Ah man. Was going to paint the car myself, Guess I'll have to go look for Hiero's paint. " droops head, and kicks imaginary dirt"
And above all else we don't ever, ever let them get into cars.
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#31 Posted : Sunday, September 13, 2015 12:40:46 AM(UTC)
*raises hand*

Yeah, I'm one of the guys who gripes about this car. The problem is that the PI system (and to a certain extent, the physics model) can't account for what happens when a talented tuner gets their hands on this thing. It can far-too-easily be pushed into C or even B class territory with a good tune and skilled driver while maintaining a PI of D400.

True, it won't win on an oval. But it WILL destroy everywhere else. In FM5 they even dominated on power courses like Bathurst and Road America.

Every class WILL have it's LB cars, and some cars ARE going to be better than others around certain courses, but the Mini is broken. Apologies to all the gamers who enjoy this car, but it NEEDS to be fixed.

I don't want to see the D class lobbies and leaderboards of FM6 become the "Who Has the Brokenest '65 Mini Cooper?" show, like they did in FM5. It got to the point where THIS was the typical D class experience: join the hopper, there'd be 4 to 6 players, 3 or 4 of them would be in Minis, I'd say "screw it" and see if anyone was in cycled production.

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"Precision, finesse, and handling will ALWAYS be defeated by shouting, smoking, and POWER."

-Jeremy Clarkson, explaining how an AMG Merc beat a Maserati on TG track.

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#32 Posted : Sunday, September 13, 2015 1:52:34 AM(UTC)
The mini has the same problem with a RWD conversion aswell but to a much lesser extent. But yeh the AWD one is so broken lol

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#33 Posted : Sunday, September 13, 2015 2:32:38 AM(UTC)
Fiat x19 is even worse lol
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#34 Posted : Sunday, September 13, 2015 11:28:51 AM(UTC)
this car is a disgrace.

i started a rivals event in a reasonably fast car only to have my doors blown off by these said glitched minis. i thought i was in an abcs lobby and i was in c class trying to keep up with an s.

i have nor not will try these cars but a certain person(a boy with a mole) is responsible for these tunes and his tunes are getting ever more popular.
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#35 Posted : Sunday, September 13, 2015 6:39:29 PM(UTC)
Oooh, thats why i could not catch that stupidly fast '65 Cooper Mini on rivals earlier, i was in D class too and i didn't even know what was going on, i even tuned my car perfectly, but that thing is just too op.. Well now i know its broken even without trying it myself!

We need a patch for this
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