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#1 Posted : Saturday, September 12, 2015 6:06:33 PM(UTC)
So yesterday I decided to do an endurance race since I had a few 100% XP boost mods. I completed the race in the Corvette and after the race I hit level 25 affinity for Chevrolet. It gives me all my spins for xp and then it gives me a Super Rare mod for Chevrolet. Ok, cool. Then today I do the same endurance race again but with an Audi. Same thing happened at the end of the race I had enough to reach level 25 Affinity for Audi, only this time it didn't give me the Mod. Later on I am looking thru my badges and come to find out I don't have the badge for Chevrolet. So after hitting level 25 affinity with 2 manufactures I only got a badge for Audi and a mod for Chevrolet.

Turn 10 please look into/fix this.
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