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#1 Posted : Thursday, September 10, 2015 8:15:40 AM(UTC)
Hi guys, loving it so far, did my opening 4 races then getting stuck into the settings only to find that none of my Forza 5 data tunes or designs will sync with Forza 6.
I have had no problems with Horizon which I was not too bothered about anyway,(didnt paint or tunne on FH2) but being a prolific painter (just short of 100000 downloads on FM5) I am becoming very concerned. after the initial sync failed I am unable to get it to even start syncing again. so far this is the only issue I have had with the game (rumble strips feel awesome, the little things :)
so any T10 staff or community members able to help. really will be heart breaking if I cant get this to work, as put in upwards of 250 hours designing on FM5. thanks in advance :)

also anyone wanting any friendly races later today feel free to add me or invite later today.

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